Sam Whitaker
Samuel Boyd Whitaker
Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw as Samuel Boyd Whitaker
Name Samuel Boyd Whitaker
Status Alive
Age 29
Occupation Indie Filmmaker
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth December 12, 1983
Player HelloKali
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Samuel Boyd Whitaker

Sam creates things: games, stories, films, the occasional bar fight. But it's all in good fun.


Sam was raised in a single-parent home not far from London. Da left when Sam was eleven. Mum raised four kids on benefits. It probably didn't help that Sammy had a knack for getting in trouble and got picked up a few times on trespassing, disorderly conduct, truancy, vandalism, public indecency… He liked to stay busy.

Because — despite it all — he is frighteningly intelligent, he ended up in college instead of prison. He disappeared into academia around age seventeen and whatever trouble he made after that was on the down low. He's one of those types who never really left school. While his mates went on to have careers and families, he's just hung on. Gaming, hitting the pub, disappearing for swaths of time, studying whatever it is he studies. It never seems to come up.

He's got a few mates from school he hangs out with, and a band he's in that plays the occasional club, but he's lost touch with just about everyone he's ever met. It's not so bad, though. Sam meets a lot of people. Some of them are even Important People, but he doesn't name drop much. Who would believe him?

God only knows how he gets his money. Then again, he dresses like he's homeless, lives on pub grub, drives a piece of shite Citroen that's falling apart, and shares a tiny two-bedroom flat above a bar with a man ten years his junior who he can barely stand. How much money could he possibly need?


Sam is generally a decent guy most of the time. He's nice to strangers, kind to animals, the sort to help little old ladies cross the street. He would gladly give a friend the shirt off his back.

It's just that he's got a sense of humor that borders on wicked and crude. He can't help it. 'Funny' trumps 'Wise' and 'In Good Taste' every time. Sammy has lost many friends, but the ones he keeps are sharp-witted and thick-skinned. Birds of a feather.

He's also got a streak of intensity that wanders into mania or depression. He self-medicates with alcohol and drugs. There are times he shuts himself away and doesn't talk to anyone. Then he'll emerge again, all smiles, as if nothing happened.

For someone who puts himself out there, he's rather private. Not many people know what he's studying, or if he's even in school still, or what he's working on. He rarely talks about his associates in the field of… what does he do again? Does it matter? The next round is on him.


Despite being easily mistaken for a homeless deadbeat, Sam's got a lot going on. He is, in a word, brilliant. In more words, he's…

  • Educated: Sam has BAs in Humanities and Theater Arts (with a minor in Creative Writing), an MA in Film, and he's working on a Doctorate in Sociology with a focus on the role entertainment plays in societal development. So, yeah. Still in school.
  • A Born Performer: Sam plays guitar and sings in a band that plays the occasional club. He dances. He can act, write, direct, and produce. He does accents: American, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French and German. He's not bad at impressions either, and he has been known to pull the occasional sleight of hand.
  • Multilingual : Italian, French and German. He can communicate in a smattering of other languages at least enough to find a loo, order a sandwich, and ask where to find the train station.
  • Not Stupid With Computers: He's taught himself some basics, enough so he can do most of the computery parts of production and social media with fair competence.
  • Well Connected: Sam meets a lot of people, some of them are big names in their field. Most of them have forgiven him. Eventually.

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