Freya Sandraudiga
Freya Berkana Sandraudiga
Aria Giovanni
Aria Giovanni as Freya Berkana Sandraudiga
Name Freya Berkana Sandraudiga
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation Field Operative
Place of Origin Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Date of Birth 8 October 1984
Player Sandraudiga
Timezone CST
Notes Notes for Freya Berkana Sandraudiga

Sandraudiga is a mid-level Watch operative with some minor paranormal abilities acquired from the Gloom during her tour of duty as a marine in the Middle East.


Freya Berkana Sandraudiga was born into poverty in Cincinnati, Ohio - her father was a mechanic and member of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club, while her mother waited tables at a local roadhouse to help support the family, which included her disabled grandmother and two older brothers. She and her siblings grew up regaled by stories about their father's wartime experiences in Vietnam, and as soon as her brothers were old enough, they enlisted in the Marine Corps. Freya had similar intentions and was not deterred when her eldest brother was killed by an IED while deployed in Afghanistan, sending their mother into a spiral of depression from which she never recovered.

Freya dropped out of high school during her senior year to help care for both her mother and grandmother, but her father, seeing how unhappy she was, encouraged her to follow in her brother's footsteps and enlist. Because women were not allowed to serve in combat positions, Freya set her sights on becoming a mechanic with the Marine Corps. She excelled in her basic training and was deployed to the Middle East within a year where she used what her father had taught her at the garage as a teenager to fight the good fight in her country's War on Terror.

Several months into her tour of duty, she was sent with a detachment to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned village on the fringe of a combat zone where the empty houses and streets gave the impression that their inhabitants had disappeared overnight, leaving all their possessions behind. Although she does not remember what happened next, she vaguely recalls hearing a child crying for its mother and entering one of the village's houses after dark to seek it out.

She was found by locals several months later, wandering the countryside in the same clothes she had disappeared in. The Marines made arrangements to have Freya immediately sent home and assessed by a military psychiatrist, although she was unable to provide any coherent answers about what happened to the rest of her detachment.

The psychiatrist, who was an associate of the Watch, alerted the organization to Freya's situation, and she was brought into the fold after receiving an honorable discharge from her service with the Corps. She worked as a field operative for several years in the United States, but has recently been transferred to the Watch's London branch where the organization hopes that her military training will be put to good use.


Freya had a strict upbringing. Although her father belonged to the Iron Horsemen, he also spent much of his adulthood in the military; he instilled a sense of discipline into all three of his children, held them to high standards, and was not opposed to taking his belt to them when they disobeyed. As a result, Freya grew into a stubborn, prideful adult who is prone to anger but has learned, by necessity, how to curb it. When her temper becomes too difficult to tame, however, she either lashes out or goes into seclusion, sometimes disappearing for hours or days at a time.

There are rumors that her stint in the Gloom has left her not quite right in the head.

Paranormal Abilities

While most people who have been Touched are able to see each other for their "true selves" with some effort, this comes naturally to Freya. What she has to put the effort into is seeing what normal people see when they look at her colleagues, or others affected by the Gloom.

This constant over-exposure to the paranormal world does come with some benefits, however; she is immune to most forms of mind-control, an unaffected by Others whose presence might otherwise cause temporary insanity or delirium. Freya can read the minds of Others that are on the lower end of the intelligence scale - the more powerful or intelligent an Other is, the more difficult it is for her to gain insight into what they're thinking or what it is they might want, to the point that she cannot read the mind of an Other that is more intelligent than the average human being.

Shortly after Freya emerged from the Gloom, benign tumors began appearing along her spine, causing decreased sensitivity to pain, heat and cold, as well as paralysis that occurs in varying degrees and in different parts of her body. She has required several surgeries to address the problem, although they always reappear. Doctors working in conjunction with the Watch speculate that the Gloom is somehow responsible, and it's likely her condition will continue to worsen.

Freya's "true self" appears much the same as her regular self, but misshapen by large cysts that occur all over her body. Her eyes and mouth have been sewn shut in this form, and all the hair shaved from her head. She appears to be in the earliest stages of decomposition.


Although Freya didn't serve in the Marine Corps for very long, she completed basic training and spent several months serving as a mechanic overseas in the Middle East. She knows her way around an engine, how to operate and maintain most types of firearms that are available to the Watch, and the fundamentals of rudimentary first-aid; however, she is most at home on the back of her motorcycle, which would make her father proud.

Her physical condition might make engaging in close quarters combat difficult for Freya, but she is in no way incapable of defending herself - or her colleagues - when push comes to shove, whether with guns, fists, or improvised explosive devices (a little trick she learned from a demolitions expert during her tour of duty).

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