Talbot Richardson
Talbot David Richardson
Sean Bean
Sean Bean as Talbot David Richardson
Name Talbot David Richardson
Status Alive
Age 42
Occupation Former soldier/current Watchman
Place of Origin York, UK
Date of Birth November 1, 1970
Player Errant
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Talbot David Richardson

Former SAS sniper, current Watchman.


Talbot Richardson grew up poor on the edge of York in northern England, the son of a factory worker. With few prospects for his education, and few ways out of the borderline slum he was raised in, he joined the army right out of school and spent the next fifteen or so years bouncing around the globe, wherever Her Majesty's Army saw fit to send him. He trained as a sniper, and eventually was asked to join the SAS.

He might've spent the rest of his career that way - in the field, and then training those who'd succeed him - like anyone else in the armed forces. Fate, if it can be called that, intervened in the form of the Gloom. He wasn't even on a mission, but on leave, hiking in Ireland….he got lost in a bank of fog that seemed ordinary enough, but was a portal to that other side. And found himself in the midst of a battle between ghostly figures in glinting armor and monstrous beings. The former at least appeared human…and it was only the latter who spotted the mortal present and came after him. Unarmed, he survived by hiding, by using the hard-earned stealth he'd learned until he was able to make his way back to the mortal world. But Touched he remained, and that terrible desperation marked him. He can fade from a mortal's perception, only to light up to the eyes of Others…..or reverse the process, fading wholly from the perceptions of Others only to be a beacon to mortal eyes.

The former ability proved very useful in his career….but many a mission was ruined by the sudden appearance of Others infuriated somehow by that talent. And so it was that the Watch founded and recruited him. His nominal cover is as consultant for a PMC, semi-retired and working for the Imperial War Museum - but it's just one of the front organizations, a cardboard cutout created by the Watch.


Enthusiasm - Despite his age, despite all he's seen, Hugh's enthusiasm for life in general and his job specifically remains almost childlike. He genuinely loves what he does, and it bleeds over into everything else. He's hard to dismay or deter, and only some hard-earned dignity keeps him from being positively bubbly.

Persistence - Once he has a hold of something, he doesn't easily let go. Ever. Ideas, people, things. It serves him well, this bloodyminded determination, and has dismayed many a foe to find that this guy just -keeps coming-. And also infuriates some of his less direct and literalminded colleagues.

Tough - It's partially physical, partially mental. But while he's not particularly strong or clever or intimidating, he's got an unyielding quality that lets him bear far more pain, privation, and distress than one would ever expect of him.

Not the Goon You're Looking For - He makes a point of being smarter than he looks. Mainly by coming off as bluff, cheerful, and rather reflexively mindlessly violent. This isn't the case, though. He's actually a cool thinker, even in the heat of battle, not a berserker.

Even tempered - He's extremely hard to anger or offend. He takes very, very little personally. And after his experiences overseas, most of the stuff that civilians deal with on a daily basis seems really sort of penny ante. So he doesn't let it get to him. To the point that it bewilders some who assume he's a pushover because he refuses to get steamed. The one thing that does get him irritated is people refusing to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Improvisational - He's used to thinking on his feet, and making do with what's at hand. While he loves the technological toys as much as the next man, he also adores finding a solution that doesn't demand such things.

Curious - He's not all that deep a thinker, but he is widely interested in the world around him. He reads a great deal, makes a point of keeping up on the news. Not to the point of foolhardiness.

Paranormal Abilities

He came out of the Gloom with an ability to cloud the minds of men and Others…just not simultaneously. Not a literal physical invisibility - he still shows up to cameras and sensors when he's using it. But when he exerts his will, it's as if he doesn't exist to normal mortal minds, and it's nearly as good as the ability to vanish for real. However, while he's invisible to ordinary human minds, he lights up to Others like a veritable beacon. And on the other side of the seesaw, when he vanishes from Others' sight, he's all too clear to humans. As if there were some sort of alarm attached to him. A seesaw.


Gun - Though he prefers to get up close and personal with hand or blade, he's more than well versed in the use of guns. Everything from a concealable little pistol to machine guns and assault rifles. He's a trained sniper, and that, in fact, is one of his primary skillsets.

Climbing - He's a good climber, and can freehand his way up nearly any surface, from wild cliff edges to the faces of sky scrapers. Climbing's actually one of his off-duty hobbies, as well.

Spycraft - He's not entirely just a blunt instrument. He's also had training in the spookier bits of the intelligence trade. How to follow without being seen, and tell if you are being followed in your turn. The leaving and retrieval of messages from dead drops. Bugging and being bugged. From the stuff that was old hat in Caesar's day to some of the more modern 007ish tricks.

Tracking - While he can't exactly track a falcon on a cloudy day (thank you, Princess Buttercup), he can track down nearly anything else, even in urban environments. People, animals, if it sets foot to the ground, he can trail it. Hunting's his stock in trade, after all.

Survival - He's used to surviving and fighting in harsh climates, and well capable of living off the land with only the most minimal tools. Nothing short of a desert or Siberia is going to be a real challenge.

Endurance - The physical standards for the SAS are very high, and even since leaving the army, he's made a point to keep in training. He's not especially fast on foot, but he's capable of long stretches at a fairly swift pace, while carrying a decent amount of weight as equipment.

Knives - Guns are useful, but knives take a certain finesse that Tal secretly adores, in his heart of hearts. He's skilled with them.

Languages - He's got a bizarre and mostly untapped ear for languages. He speaks excellent Pashto and Dari from his time in Afghanistan. And Arabic and Farsi from Iraq, the former with a very distinct and low-class Baghdad accent.

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