Tessa St. Thomas
Tessa Marie St. Thomas
Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick as Tessa Marie St. Thomas
Name Tessa Marie St. Thomas
Status Alive
Age 22
Occupation Uni Student
Place of Origin Bristol, England
Date of Birth April 10 1990
Player Cobalt
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Tessa Marie St. Thomas

Tessa St. Thomas is a very green paper-pusher. Recently introduced to The Gloom and The Others. By day she goes to the London School of Economics by night she assists the London Watch with organization and paperwork.


Born in 1990 to two very busy and very rich parents. Her father runs a very large shipping company out of Bristol. They import and export goods from all over the world. It requires almost 24/7 attention. Leaving little time for a child. Her mother works as a fashion editor for an international magazine, which requires just as much attention— at least as far as her mother is concerned —as her father's shipping business. Neither parent had much time for Tessa.

Tessa wasn't raised with love or care. As soon as she could be shipped off to a boarding school she was. She grew up with all of the material she needed, but very little of the immaterial. If not for the staff at the boarding schools she went to she might have turned out to be a bitter, selfish person. However, the people she had contact with at school helped shape her into a "good" person.

When she finished primary school she decided to enroll in the London School of Economics to earn a degree in (business) Management. So she could take over the family business from her father when he is ready to retire. She didn't really spend a lot of time with other people, she had only one or two friends, and she didn't really contact her local family either.

However, one night she decided she needed some excitement so when she was invited to a party by one of her dormmates she decided to go. It was perhaps the worst night of her life. She took drugs— not her normal thing, but she had a moment of weakness. Drugs, alcohol, and OTHERS.

She isn't quite certain what happned that night. If it was real or not. The lights seemed to dim and the world seemed to blurr, and she saw… /things/ moving through the crowd, unseen by most of the party goers. And they were… syphoning the life energy off of people. The rest of the night was spent in terror, attempting to get out of the party. But she seemed trapped inside of the building with the party goers, and the /things/. Every passage she took brought her back to the main room. Every passage way she took brought her face to face with those /things/. Until the sun came up…

She mentioned it to someone, who mentioned it to someone… and she was contacted by a member of the Watch. With her talents in management and organization it has been suggested that she be assiged to work with the senior field agent Levi, to help him keep things organized.


Somewhat shy and withdrawn. Tessa grew up without a lot of 'love' or 'socialization' from her parents. Despite that she has values and ethics. She tries to be a good person, but she has her moments of bitchiness and pettiness. She can be a little quirky at times as well. While she isn't cripplingly shy she doesn't really do well with big groups, or with first meeting people.


  • Organization: Everything must be in its proper place, and used at the proper time. Tessa was born to organize. She can go through a messy office or room and put it in perfect working order in half an hour or less. She knows where everything is, she knows where to put it. She knows how to best utilize programs, materials, resources, or other people.
  • Music: A hidden hobby that she doesn't let most folks in on. Tessa plays the violin, and has a passion for mixing tracks.
  • Self Defense: Not a warrior or a particularly good fighter, but Tessa has taken up learning self defense since the night she was introduced to The Others. It doesn't really help against things that can suck out your soul, but it makes her feel better.
  • Filing: A subset skill of organization, but Tessa is a wiz at filing. Chronological, or alphanumeric, or any other sort of filing system she can do it.
  • Eidetic Memory: Tessa has almost perfect photographic memory. It isn't supernatural but she can remember the details for most things— assuming she was paying attention to them. It is what makes her so good at organization.

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