Tommy Tiernan
Tommy Tiernan
Ryan Hurst
Ryan Hurst as Tommy Tiernan
Name Tommy Tiernan
Status Alive
Age 29
Occupation Mechanic
Place of Origin New York, United States
Date of Birth 05/18/1983
Player Moridin77
Timezone Eastern
Notes Notes for Tommy Tiernan

Prior to his abduction by a denizen of the Gloom, Tommy Tiernan was something of a bad seed. The black sheep of an Irish-American family, he fell in with an outlaw motorcycle club in his teens, and did not look back. His time in Gloom was harrowing, being pursued constantly by Others who resembled nothing more than shadowy predators who were roughly feline in shape. Truly, he never got a good look at them, nor did he truly know how many of them there were; he was almost constantly too worried about keeping away from them, and when they caught him, he was always too distressed at being partially devoured and then left to heal to count them. With the introduction of new prey to the hunt, however, hope for escape is found where none existed before.


Tommy was the fourth of five children born to a middle class family in the New York suburbs that could trace their lineage back to a small village in the south of Ireland, and knew exactly when each of their ancestors passed through Ellis Island. Being one of the middle children, he always seemed to have trouble with the concept of seeking positive attention; he was the child who would steal, get into fights, bully and get into whatever other trouble he could find.
His parents, older siblings, and the nuns at the Catholic school he attended when he was young were almost constantly in some state of exasperation with him, and it got no better when he got into high school. Drinking, smoking, pot, he got into them all, though it was also here that he discovered probably the only honest skill he might possess: a strong knack for taking apart, putting together, and repairing most anything of a mechanical nature. This skill also put him in touch with the sort of crowd he was at home with, bikers and drag racers. The former, in particular, struck a chord with the young man, and soon he was falling in with a motorcycle club that he quickly began to see as closer to family than his natural family was.
As the next several years passed, he got further and further involved in the club, including their illegal activities, and even spent some time in prison as a result of getting caught running illegal guns across state lines from Jersey to New York. It was not long after he got out from that stint that the club was on a run one foggy night, and he found himself separated from them. Before he could find his way back to them, he was suddenly knocked from his bike by a large black beast that looked like some twisted combination of panther and wolf, and then dragged off into the Gloom.
The beast was part of a pack of other creatures like itself, and it had brought him to their home, a nearly endless forest where they stalked and hunted him. Days gave way to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years until he lost track of how many sunrises or sunsets he had seen there, trying to evade the pack of Hunters. Evading them was the best he could do…the only end he ever came across to the woods was at the edge of a deep, wide chasm that he could not see the bottom of. Eventually, of course, the Hunters did catch him, and when they did, they took turns in devouring pieces of him, always careful never to eat bits that he needed in order to keep living. Once they had eaten everything they could while leaving him alive, they simply left him, one would expect to die. But he did not…apparently, the energies of Gloom would not allow it, and he healed, growing back lost body parts in a way that a human being should not be able to. This began a cycle, for as soon as he was healed well enough to run, they began to give chase all over again. A cycle that continued for what he could only guess was years, until finally new prey was added into the mix, and the pair of them found a way to escape back to the natural world.


Tommy is a quiet man, for the most part, typically preferring to be observe and listen in social settings. This is not to say he is a complete introvert; since returning to the natural world, he has re-discovered his enjoyment of going to parties and concerts. He is just less outgoing than many others, preferring to engage in conversations with one or two people at a time. He will also not hesitate to contribute ideas if a problem needs to be solved, though he will typically keep such contributions as succinct as possible. Though he can have an anti-authoritarian streak when it comes to strangers, once someone proves themselves as being worth following, he tends to fall in line behind them quickly enough.

Paranormal Abilities

Heightened Senses: Sight, scent, and hearing have all been enhanced. This includes being able to see better at night than a normal human, and being able to differentiate unnatural beings by scent.

Increased Strength and Agility: Due to the need to climb and jump through trees while being hunted, Tommy is much stronger and more agile than any human has a right to be.

Stealth: As a result of his time in Gloom, he is capable of blending in with his surroundings, though it does take a short time to do so, and moving about ruins the effect.

Natural Weapons: His time in Gloom essentially transformed him into a sasquatch-like creature with wicked claws on his hands and feet that are not retractable, and sharp teeth in the manner of a carnivorous creature. This is what those who can see Gloom-touched beings will see when looking at him.

Grisly Diet: Those teeth serve a purpose, as Tommy can now only eat raw meat. Trying to eat anything else leaves him physically ill, and he will eventually have to vomit it up.

Predator's Mark: There is something about Tommy that puts off normal people who have not been touched by Gloom. They don't necessarily run screaming, but they are exceedingly uncomfortable and only the strongest-willed will spend more time around him than necessary, as it can press them into a fight or flight mentality.

Massive Size: Tommy was never small, but at just over seven feet tall now, he cannot shop for clothing in normal stores, with most of what he wears needing to be tailored to fit.


Mechanic: It has taken him some time to get up to date with advances made while he was in Gloom, but he retains his mechanical aptitude from before his abduction.

Driving: More than just getting from point A to point B, Tommy can drive, or ride a motorcycle, as easily as many can walk.

Athletics: Due to all the running, climbing, and jumping he had to do during his captivity, he has become quite an athlete.

Woodsman: Again, because of the time spent in captivity, Tommy has learned how to navigate woods, track, trap, and hunt effectively enough to fend for himself.

Brawling: Though he is far from a trained fighter, he has been in enough bar brawls that close combat is something he is not a stranger to, including improvised weapons such as broken bottles and pool cues.

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