Virgil Lynch
Virgil Lynch
DJ Qualls
DJ Qualls as Virgil Lynch
Name Virgil Lynch
Status Alive
Age 17
Occupation The Watch
Place of Origin London, UK
Date of Birth September 1st
Player lynch mr lynch
Timezone Central
Notes Notes for Virgil Lynch

A geeky kid dealing with recent trauma and the physical needs and changes that come with being one of those who have been Touched by the Gloom.


Born in London, Virgil's family was less than traditional, yet completely normal in the modern UK. His father, James Lynch, was a former Captain in the Royal Navy and had several tours under his belt before Virgil was born. Meanwhile, his mother, Catherine Doherty-Lynch is and was, an outspoken mercenary lobbyist who has made a career by ruining the careers of others. Together the power couple pushed James from the military into politics using Doherty family businesses in the shipping industry to build a fledgling shipping company into one of the leading shippers into and out of the United Kingdom. The hallmark of his parents success being their moving from a small two story affair to something out of the movies, a three-story monstrosity more fit for royalty than for the modestly sized Lynch family.

Growing up in London, Virgil went to private and secondary school like most upper class kids and had your regular assortment of friends. He started as a rather normal kid, but as his parents progressed both financially and politically they expected more of their children and their constant focus on Virgil slowly drove him to rebellion. By the time he was thirteen it wasn't abnormal to find him standing around in the bathroom smoking when he should be in class, or sneaking away with a girl when he could find one willing to let him feel her up.

As time went on, he developed an assortment of habits meant to embarrass his parents who had to develop even more extravagant methods of keeping their son's personal and public life from coming up in polite conversation. Not the least of which was a school function he attended in full drag, the fact that he would wear slippers as an alternative to loafers and that he never once failed to hit on an attractive teacher, if he could at all manage it. His brothers and sisters, both older and younger, seemed to find Virgil something of a catalyst. Inspiring them to similar rebellion or pushing them further towards total conservatism.

Virgil's friends were little help in curbing his habits and mostly egged him on, living vicariously through his outlandish behavior which never seemed to have an end. He never failed to come up with something to do for any event the school planned, and heaven forbid there was a social function being held at the Lynch household. He has managed to date regularly and had an active social life outside of the abnormal, attending concerts, urban exploring, photography, playing football and even participating at a local soup kitchen (in the hopes of catching a certain girl's eye.)

A few weeks ago his best friend, Mark, found out about an abandoned asylum in a small town not more than an hour's drive from town. They made plans and soon took to the road to do a little urban exploring. Upon arrival, things all seemed to be going well until their flashlights refused to stay on and they found themselves wandering in the twilight of the deep corridors, wandering further and further into the complex when they thought they'd been escaping.

They were found.

The Gloom perhaps, if you want to say it has intelligence, better perhaps to say that one of its denizens found ripe souls for the plucking and over the course of the two days that followed reaped its harvest of their terror. Pushing them from corridor to corridor, snatching them away when they had nothing left to offer. But with each encounter, things slowly changed for Virgil, and with the dawn of the second day. The darkness peeled its way from his eyes and he knew—

—Virgil knew that he could fight back. He did.

Nobody else lived. He doesn't remember how a few of them died, and is thankful for the memory blocks that have formed.


A skinny counter-culture nerd. Virgil gets along plenty well with most, though tends to chafe with those who have no sense of personal life or ability to separate their life from their work. His second biggest 'chafing group' would be those who tend to think that everyone should operate the same all the time, and he will deliberately go out of his way to make such people squirm. If only just a little. Unfortunately, his style of humor is a bit undeveloped and he tends towards making silly jokes that make sense to a select few nerds and few others, but he'd also be the first to admit that he isn't usually as funny as he likes to think he is.

Paranormal Abilities

Changed on a fundamental level, Virgil's changes are always there. He can't be weak, he can't relax, he can't breath, and he can't just live like a normal person. In a basic sense, he is very much not a person anymore, all the more obvious in his new hunger for blood, which has lead him to believe that whatever the Gloom might have made him might have had something akin to a vampire in its 'mind.'

Strength from Beyond the Grave: It's not uncommon for those who have been touched by the Gloom to be strong, but Virgil's strength is something beyond even that. Easily capable of punching through a concrete wall or lifting a car over his head, he has yet to fully learn the extent of his power but he should never have a problem with not being strong enough. In fact, he often has problems being too strong. Grabbing a man by the shirt to pull him clear of the line of fire and instead cracking his ribcage with the force of his hand touching the man's chest, ripping a car door off its frame in his haste, or cracking his coffee cup when he goes to reach for it. He has no idea how strong he is, and has yet to really have the ability to test himself. He only knows that people get hurt if he isn't very, very careful.

The end result of this 'heavy touch' being that he can very gingerly touch people without hurting them, but if rushed might tend to do more damage than good.

Head like a Tombstone: Lifting a car is no easy feat, but it is literally impossible without the physiological changes to the superstructure of the body needed to support that weight. Virgil's body has hardened and in a sense petrified into a sort of living stone that tends to chip and crack when struck with extreme force rather than lacerate or bleed. The end effect of which is that he is all but immune to anything short of heavy armor piercing rounds, and even the most traumatic of damage causes no pain. The changes to his body seem to be ongoing, but the 'solidification' of his skin has slowly caused him to lose all sense of touch over the past week, which makes the fact that he tends to rip things apart all the more difficult. It has also rendered his personal life obsolete and his connection to mankind will almost certainly dwindle as his heart hardens with time.

Unholy Speed: The trinity of physical changes are only complete with his increased reaction and 'vampire speed.' He can't move faster than the eye, but he can run extremely fast for short periods and leap great distances (as a combination of his strength and speed) with casual grace. The drawback to such bursts of extreme speed is that it amplifies his need for blood.

There Will be Blood: Virgil always hungers for blood. There are no days off, and nothing ever fully sates his need for the essence of human life. In fact, it would be strange (in time, as he acclimates) to find him without a few bags of O-neg in his backpack. If he doesn't receive enough blood, regularly, his body only hardens further and faster, moving him further away from mankind and driving his bloodhunger into a state of near insanity.

No Rest for the Wicked: Insomniacs have nothing on Virgil since he was touched. He has been unable to sleep thus frequently feels like he is living in a sort of semi-twilight as his mortal mind comes to grips with the fact that his body no longer requires the same sort of sustenance it once did.

Golden Touch: Some strange connection to the sun, perhaps? Virgil can no longer bear the touch of gold and his skin boils and burns in intense pain at even the slightest brush of gold.

Mirrors in Their Eyes: Virgil can see in the dark as if it were a twilight state. Colors are drab and ugly, he can't quite make out fine details at a distance; the downside is that his eyes reflect light like an animals (marking him as a predator) and he suffers from the same drabness and lack of detail when in bright light.

Reflection: Virgil's reflection looks much like he might, if his skin were solid marble instead of the living breathing version it is, black lines where his veins would be, ebbing slowly under his skin. Flowing the pulse of his unnatural life.


Secondary School Graduate: Technically, Virgil shouldn't have graduated for another few months, but as part of his being pulled into the Watch his graduation date was accelerated and he is now officially just a random statistic with no government body trying to find him. He has all of the skills that come with going to private school.

Driving: Virgil has had a car since he was old enough to have a license and is an above average driver.

Anime enthusiast! Virgil has lived half his life in the world of anime since he was in his very early teens, and is not only well versed in practically every form of animation, but speaks some fairly good Japanese mainly so that he can watch the undubbed/unsubbed versions of the shows.

Cosplayer: Among the many other outfits he wears, Virgil frequently cosplays as both male and female members of the various anime shows he adores. He is so good and frequent with his costume making that he has developed some skills as a tailor and knows how to make rather convincing looking pieces for any number of favorite subjects. Including a fully fleshed out replica of a Starship Trooper outfit, his own personal My Little Pony outfit (of his own creation) and replica guns based on Judge Dredd. He does it all.

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