Dr. Kirby Atlee

fullname: 'Kirby Atlee'
age: '38'
occupation: 'Psychiatrist/Consultant to the Watch'
origin: 'London, England'
dob: 'March 2, 1974'
actor: 'Kate Beckinsale'
player: psychlady
tzone: ADT
image: 'file:kirbyatlee-1/kirbyatlee-1.png'
concept: "Kirby Atlee is a psychiatrist, who once worked at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London and the Institute of Psychiatry of King's College London. Dr. Atlee once saw her colleague, Dr. Laurence Alexander, driven insane by the Gloom, attempt to kill her and three other colleagues one late evening at the hospital in a wing that is no longer used. It was a team from the Watch, who were investigating at the hospital, who saved her. \n\nDr. Atlee works for the Watch after having been brought into the fold as a field consultant. She performs intake and assessment of prospective agents and profiling of 'DAs'—'Dangerous Afflicted'—to assist with the ongoing investigations. In her private life, she is a divorcee who retains sole custody of her six-year-old daughter, Madison, and sometimes finds it difficult to juggle time between the office and being a mother. She tends to be glaringly professional about her work, but is perceived as a mild and kind woman with an understatedly dry wit when out from behind her desk."
background: "Kirby Elizabeth Atlee is the youngest of three siblings born to Sam Atlee, a retired teacher, and Sharon, an artist. Her parents owned a little townhouse in London, in Bloomsbury, and have remained there ever since. She has two older sisters, Jessica and Sylvie, who now live in other parts of the globe. They were a happy, decent family, by all accounts, although raising three girls in such a small house caused calamity on more than one occasion. Kirby, like her sisters, was given the gift of hardworking values, and so when she went through school she had a plan from a very young age.\n\nShe studied and initially qualified as a doctor at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and then went on to practice basic medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge; following this, she pursued training and designation in psychiatry, obtaining a position with the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London. Then, after obtaining a Master of Philosophy over the years, she became a lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry of King's College London, with a well-diversified range of experience.\n\nShe married in her late twenties to a man named Michael, and the couple had a child, Madison, who was born when Kirby was in her early thirties. Things did not last, however, and Kirby divorced from Michael and wound up with sole custody of Madison.\n\nIt was two years ago when Dr. Atlee was first exposed to the effects of the Gloom. It happened one fall evening when she was at the hospital. It happened through a colleague.\n\nKirby cannot say for certain when Laurence's mental state began to decline, as he hid it so extremely well. There were probably times that he looked sleepy, and she or their colleague, Ann, unknowingly offered coffee. There were probably times that he said something unusual at first, but then recovered in the next sentence. There may have been harried looks that she couldn't precisely explain but chalked up to the stress of a caseload. As a colleague, he was partly above speculation. For all his torment, he kept it secret out of fear of losing his job. It was only when he finally snapped under the pressure that the warning bell went off for Kirby, but by then it was too late. After a late after-hours meeting that they had all agreed to hold, Laurence had trapped her and the three other members of staff, and before long, she found herself separated in the empty corridors. And then the walls themselves began to twist into something nightmarish, and she could swear that she even saw things, inhuman things, as she ran and hid in one of the supply closets. She expected that she would die.\n\nInstead of Laurence, it was a group from the Watch who came through the doorway, and she almost cried in her relief. The days after that are a blur. She remembers multiple meetings with members of the group. She remembers asking as many questions as they asked her. She remembers, after going away from them, coming back and requesting to get involved. There were things that she could not reconcile in her mind, worries that would plague her if she would return to normal life, if she could even return to normalcy after everything that she had seen. How could anyone? It seemed simple: become one of the Watch. Help. Do anything to make things seem right again. Not for her: for Madison.\n\nThe Watch agreed and accepted her on a trial period, from which she emerged a full-fledged member of the team. "
personality: "There are two sides to Kirby; there is the professional who can rarely be torn away from her papers and research, and there is the woman who is not nearly as much of a stickler as she appears to be. She enjoys pizza and beer as much as the next person. She cracks jokes. She even reportedly loves a good rugby game.\n\nInitially the appearance that people learn is her work face. This is the attitude that Kirby presents at the office when she is required to keep a fact-seeking, thorough mind. While not unkind, it can be intimidating. Outside of the desk area, the attitude that she shows can reveal her milder and more easygoing personality.\n\nHer work is one thing she takes seriously. Then there's her daughter.\n\nKirby loves her daughter and, as any good mother, wants to protect her. When Kirby had been rescued from Laurence and the Watch explained what had happened, she was filled with concern over the thought of what could happen next, how the other world might affect someone else, how it might make a victim of her, or threaten Madison one day.\n\nBy the end, when all things had passed through Kirby's shaken and exhausted head, she made her decision to help in the fight. It was not one that she chose lightly, and it would not be unreasonable to think that she wrestles with it on occasion, but it is something that she has stuck by. \n\nKirby is human, even if psychiatrists are misconceived to be without worries or issues. She is occasionally self-doubting, too concerned with her charges, or overworked. She can be mistrusting of relationships (her marriage having failed) and is something of a stress cook when her concerns do get the better of her."
paranormal: None.
skills: "Psychiatry: Kirby is a trained psychiatric professional, and she comes highly recommended among her peers.\n\nMedical Knowledge: Kirby trained as a medical practitioner prior to obtaining her training in psychiatry. This grants her practical knowledge of medicine, and she can employ it in the field as often as required. \n\nCooking: She boasts of being a capable cook with the ability to produce all manner of meals with higher success rates than failures."
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