Camden Town
Camden Town
A canal in Camden Town.


To the uninitiated, one area of London looks like the next; Camden is an exception to the stodgy crescents and terraced homes. Located on the canal network in the north of London, this area is colorful and vibrant. Here, the blocky brick buildings are not adorned with cornices or gables but instead painted in a myriad of bright hues, bedecked with murals or colorful signs. If the rest of London is sepia, this is Technicolor.

The area is known for six open-air markets, the eldest being the Inverness Street Market, a small food market with a few fruit and vegetable stalls amongst those selling touristy goods. The markets draw large crowds every weekend, selling almost every good imaginable, from clothing and books to antiques. The business in the neighborhood cater to a youthful, alternative crowd, and tattoo and piercing parlors and alternative clothing shops abound.

In addition to road and foot traffic, people can travel in boats along the Regent's Canal, while pedestrians can walk along the towpath. A waterbus ferries passengers westward at regular intervals. Below the streets are the Camden "Catacombs," once used as stables in the 19th Century; the arching brick tunnels lead to canal basins in some parts.

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