A pub in Fitzrovia.


Fitzrovia is a bit of a mish-mosh in a myriad of ways. A mix of housing, schools, shops and businesses, it can neither be called a residential block nor a commercial one. There's an air of the bohemian to it, given to one-of-a-kind shops and cafes, but right alongside are dentist's offices and a Subway. The architecture too is eclectic in style, with the regal, terraced streets and mansion blocks hidden behind the bustle of shops and pressed up against more institutional style buildings. Gower Street’s eastern side of university buildings creates a boundary from the neighboring Bloomsbury. Residents here are just as diverse as the setting, ranging from students and artists in small studio flats to their neighbors in million-dollar townhomes.

Fitzroy Square is a circular park surrounded by a roundabout and several buildings, home to some of London's most rich and famous over the years. Nearby on Charlotte Street is the Fitzroy Tavern, a pub popular with the nearby University's history and English students.

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