Hook's Fish and Chips
Hook's Fish and Chips


Hook's Fish and Chips is a small, dingy little eatery in Brixton - one of Lambeth's seedier districts, and although the neighborhood has undergone some gentrification in recent years, this shop has not changed much since it opened in 1956. (Or at least this is what the signage in the window claims.)

Cod and haddock are the two main items on the shop's menu, which also includes steak and kidney pie, pickled onions and eggs, and side orders of mushy peas, sausages in batter, and huge, greasy helpings of the chips for which the shop is also named. Orders are placed at the front counter, which is separated from the dining portion of the restaurant by a thick sheet of plexiglass erected to deter robbers, but the barrier does nothing to stop the reek of the kitchen from leaking out onto the floor where it sometimes deters the faint of heart from eating here.

Not that Hook's lacks customers. Open until 2 A.M., the shop always has at least a handful of people scattered around the tables and booths that hug the windows, their seats in need of a thorough wipe-down.

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