I.P. Kazlov's Emporium
I.P. Kazlov's Emporium
Purveyors of Oddities and Esoterica


"I. P. Kazlov's Emporium" is written in an elaborate, somewhat archaic script on the sign arching above the dark wooden door and single, wide shop window. A reddish-brown two-headed goat bears a simple cardboard sign around it's thick neck signifying that the shop is open. The window is crowded, but the goat - standing on top of a two-sided curio cabinet filled with an assortment of oddities undoubtedly designed to snare the interest of passersby - enjoys a place of prominence. While one of his heads appears to be looking out into the world beyond the shop window, the other stares almost curiously into the bell of an old phonograph.

Inside, the strangeness continues. The shop is cluttered, with items on the walls as well as displayed in glass cabinets in low aisles, or else arranged on the bookshelves that line the lower perimeter. Antiques share space with strange figurines, bits of freakish or imagined taxidermy, and the occasional print or photograph from the early days of manipulation techniques. A ladder on a track has been rigged to reach past the shelving, all the way to the ceiling, adding to the height of the space. Antique and eclectic lamps and chandeliers either rest among artifacts or hang from the ceiling, casting odd shadows but making the items for sale visible enough for inspection.

An ornate wooden counter sits near the back of the shop, flanking a doorway obscured with heavy drapery. On it sits an ancient register sits. Beside it is a terrarium - a simple glass vessel overturned on a piece of wood with an elegant edge. Inside the glass is an arrangement of flora around a small dish of water, which ripples slightly with the movement of a minute turtle.

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