Kebab House
Kebab House
The Kebab House's exterior.


With its dimly lit interior and cramped dining quarters, the Kebab House less than a mile down the road from the Whitechapel Laundromat embodies the term: hole-in-the-wall. It is not a fairly well-known one, either, due in part to the secret-keeping abilities of its most prolific customers, who prefer that it remain off the map. The smell of the food cooking in the rear kitchen makes the air taste thick, and stepping into the restaurant from off the street can sometimes feel a little like entering a sauna. Pitchers of water provide some relief, one stationed at each of the Kebab House's five tables, although customers are expected to pour for themselves – the staff here is stretched thin between taking orders at the front counter and preparing them in the back. Traditional music played over a cheap, sputtering speaker system strains to be heard above their shouting voices, buzzing conversation, and the distant roar of city traffic audible on even the loudest day through the storefront's grimy windows.

Menus printed on thick paper have seen better days - if their corners aren't crinkled or folded over, water stains make some of the items illegible, but part of the Kebab's House appeal is taking a chance. The restaurant offers a wide selection of curries, other iconic dishes, and less unusual fare, including the shop's specialty: grilled lamb chops.

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