Lambeth at night.


Lambeth is a sprawling patch of south London, narrowing towards its bustling centre. It's tightly packed with people of all creeds and races and inclinations, and a similar diversity in what is on offer. There are old buildings and narrow roads, wide public spaces and parks, modern underground railway systems, suburbia, metropolis, cultural diversity and economic variance listing towards the poorer end of the spectrum. Murals paint walls; the youth wander the streets, as do the police in their yellow jackets and black caps; cars jam through grey streets in splashes of colour and impatient horn honking.

Its history is consumed by its busyness. Political tension of the working class and immigrants can be seen in faded graffiti, the occasional broken window. This is a place where riots happen and have happened, where cars might explode or a brawl might break out in the street no matter the hour. Its danger is not quiet or constant, simply a potential written into its own liveliness.

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