One of Marylebone's public sanctuaries.


Marylebone has the charming feel of a small town atmosphere despite being in the middle of a large city. The streets are small and pedestrian-friendly, with red-brick buildings trimmed in white. Small shops, flower stalls, and backstreet pubs add to the old-world charm as little has changed over the past century. Though most tourists don’t venture this way, there are streets that have been made famous: Wimpole Street was home to many famous people including Arthur Conan Doyle, Paul McCartney, and Elizabeth Barrett, the last paid homage by a sandwich shop named Barrett's on the corner of the street. Baker Street, residence of Sherlock Holmes, is now a busy thoroughfare and boasts the landmark department store Selfridge's. The University of Westminster and the Royal Academy of Music are both located on Marleybone Road.

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