Outside the Cumberland Hotel.


Mostly commercial, Mayfair is a hub for shopping and entertainment. At one corner is the famous Piccadilly Circus, London’s own "Time Square" with its blinking neon lights and popular retail stores. All day long and especially at night, this major traffic intersection is bright with splashes of vibrant color and alive with the people out on the town and on their ways to shows at the nearby theatres. Fine clothing, jewelry and antiques can be found in shops converted from townhomes, and auction houses such as the world famous Sotheby’s makes its home here as well.

The neighborhood boasts several small parks and gardens to offer the city's inhabitants glimpses of green behind wrought iron fencing. The US embassy can be found in one such escape. Another popular spot in the area is the Shepherd's Market: a small square known for its boutiques and smoky Victorian pubs.

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