Paddington station.


This area is largely defined by Paddington Station. A structure built with a mix of classic stonework and more utilitarian ceilings letting in light from above ground to the stops, it acts as one of the most important transport hubs. All of London becomes mere minutes away once you walk inside. Don't forget to stop by the Paddington bear statue.

Being the major draw to the area, the station has influenced the streets above. Spreading out from the hub, the streets are a mess of shops mostly concerned with feeding the travelers. Those looking for department stores and kitschy shops will have to go elsewhere. It isn't a pretty area, the mishmash of to-go eateries, but it serves its purpose.

Outside the influence of the station, though, Paddington's thrown-together hub gives way to elegant residential spreads and garden squares. Out here, the focus is more on the settled, with higher quality restaurants, supermarkets and the off launderette sneaking in among the quiet homes.

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