Regency Cafe
Regency Cafe
Outside the Regency Cafe


The Regency Cafe sits prominently in its black tile and art-deco lettering at the corner of Page and Regency streets. A window sign proclaims "Est. 1946," and stepping inside, it's easy to imagine one has gone back in time several decades. A large menu board gives all the typical "greasy spoon" options of British cuisine. The line to place an order is often long, even overflowing out onto the street, and whoever's working the till shouts their orders in diner lingo to the fry cook in the back.

A favorite venue of street sweepers and construction workers, often the predominant color here is bright orange, thanks to their safety vests. The decor is simple and unpretentious, with cream walls bedecked with black and white sports photos. Green-check curtains, red linoleum flooring, and formica tables are more utilitarian than aesthetic in nature.

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