Smithfield Market
Smithfield Market
A selection of meats.


The Smithfield Market is an old staple of London life, having existed in various guises in the same area since medieval England. What was once a field of auction is now a covered complex of a tall, Victorian magnitude, of wrought iron architecture and intricate patterns. Though several of the old buildings are now closed off, the main market consists of three which are currently open to the public; one is a poultry market, while two are filled with stalls of the other essentials of London carnivores.

Two green-domes towers sit atop the market's main gate along Grand avenue, which itself is that same painted iron decor. The main gate covers an avenue, which offers routes to the heart of things on either side, facades of smaller gates open wide during the morning hours to let in patrons and cooling air all the same. Smithfield is the most modern wholesale butcher facility in Europe; every worker is clad in white aprons or coats and hard-hats, every stall has an area within the coolers where the meat is stored until the morning, and all tenants of the market offer a vast array of items.

Smithfield offers products of various origins, in terms of both location and the animal in question; the market offers beef, pork, lamb, veal, venison, mutton, poultry, sausages, game animals and offal, as well as meats which have been cooked, minced, or cured. Many stalls also provide kosher and halal meats.

At roughly one-third the price of outside, non-wholesale grocers, purchasing meat at Smithfield is an affair of haggling, bargaining, and finding the best deals out of all the stalls. The smells of blood, offal, and cool air permeate the premises, as any butcher; customers both private and public are also treated to the sights and sounds of Smithfield's working man- a figure that struggles in a new world of political correctness and customer service.

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