South Bank Skate Park
South Bank Skate Park
The park is largely underground.


Located underneath Queen Elizabeth Hall on the River Thames, the South Bank Skate Park is either an eyesore or a valuable cultural addition to the neighborhood, depending on who you ask. It is a multi-level structure made of steel and concrete, covered in graffiti in spite of the city's best efforts to keep it painted over and in a more presentable condition. Although there are no gates to park to keep people out after dusk, the area is regularly patrolled by the authorities after dusk, as it otherwise makes an excellent place to meet and engage in illicit activities.

During the day, it's visited by teenagers in low-slung trousers and their skateboards, although the park has become more popular in recent years among BMX bikers, attracting large crowds of onlookers and amateur filmmakers whose craft focuses on sport.

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