St. James's
St. James's
View from St. James's Park.


Streets lined with palaces once were the homes to the British aristocracy, but have shifted into fancy cases for the new aristocracy: corporate headquarters and grand hotels. One of the wealthier portions of London, St. James's is where CEOs and generals, bankers and media moguls network in back rooms of the district's gentlemen's clubs over cigars and brandy. The shops cater to expensive tastes, be they boutiques or delicatessens. Even the theatres are no less than grand. Those who are not familiar with the area would never know that Haymarket, one of the district's streets, was once the best known center of prostitution in London, though no trace of it remains now.

St. James's holds one of the most beautiful Royal parks, St. James's Park. Its gardens are populated with only semi-tame animals, including a resident colony of pelicans, which has been a feature of the park since the first gift of the birds from a Russian ambassador in 1664. The bridge that crosses the park's lake offers a perfect view of London, with Whitehall on one side and Buckingham Palace on the other.

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