St. Thomas' Hospital
St. Thomas' Hospital
The fountain outside the hospital.


Bordered on the west by the river Thames, across from the Houses of Parliament, sits Saint Thomas' Hospital in its white-walled, glassy splendor; like many London landmarks, the hospital has been present for hundreds of years in different incarnations. Saint Thomas' is wedged between the river, Westminster Bridge Road, and Lambeth Palace Road. Parking can be found in garages underneath of the complex, or within the area nearby; there are two drop-off points- the emergency room on the east side, or the outpatient area at the south. There are five interconnected wings, not including the emergency wards and the Evelina Children's Hospital. Saint Thomas' is also a teaching hospital, and many medical students can be found working alongside doctors and nurses on active duty, or taking classes within the grounds.

There are approximately eight-hundred forty beds to the hospital itself, which rises to at least twelve floors on most wings; each room is prepared to accommodate. The Saint Thomas' complex offers other services such as that of several cafes, shops, banks, and restaurants. There is a free, hospital-oriented cinema for use by patients and visitors, as well as nearby accommodations in the form of hotels. Archbishop's Park, technically situated in Lambeth, is directly to the south of the hospital grounds, and those facilities include games areas, a children's play area, and wildlife-friendly areas.

Visiting hours at Saint Thomas' begin around two in the afternoon and end at roughly eight o'clock in the evening; patients can be admitted at any time of day.

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