View of the floor from the coffee stand's sitting area.


Tesco is about what one might expect from the world's third largest grocery chain, but this location in London's Camden Town manages to maintain a sense of old world charm, having leased out the interior of a building with a crumbling brick facade away from the neighborhood's busiest streets.

Like any supermarket, it is divided into sections with plenty of signage to help shoppers navigate the often crowded aisles, which are narrower than the management prefers, on account of it being located in an old building where every square foot of space counts. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are sorted into boxes and bins in the market's produce department, where the air has an earthy sort of funk in comparison to the cleaner linoleum smell that saturates the rest of the store.

The deli provides a wide selection of cured meats and cheeses, but closes earlier than the rest of the store, which is open late into the evening and has its own coffee stand adjacent to the checkouts.

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