The Crow and The Caper
The Crow and The Caper
I use stairs now. Stairs are cool.


Pressed between two colorful store fronts is a wide, red building. The sign stands out in black, proclaiming the entrance below it to belong to The Crow And The Caper.

Inside, a desk greets the passers by, for those interested in checking into the Inn. It generally has a helpful employee behind it. To to left of the desk is a set of stairs that lead up to the rooms for rent, but to the right is a archway to a common room that is used for dining, drinking and mingling. The common room is a mix of color, each wall covered in a different paint, and they seem to change frequently. If you catch it on the right day, you might even have a say in what the next choice is. Apart from the walls, there are tables and chairs, couches and rugs and a fireplace and none of them seem to bother to match one another. But the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the staff keeps the food hot and the booze within reach.


Rooms Taken:
The Clock Room - Mattie

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