The Hollow Tree Hostel


The Hollow Tree Hostel is spread over three Georgian town homes. Each area of the hostel is coded by the color of the facade. The common area and the largest dorm room is located in the Yellow Building. The rest of the dorms, the private suites and the laundry facility are located in the Green Building, while the Red Building is primarily for overflow and also houses the manager's suite, storage and the administrative area. The age of the buildings (dated around the early 1800s) make travelers feel more like they're guests at someone's home rather than a typical hostel. The entryway opens onto a large sitting room with mismatched furniture, a large dining table and several smaller ones. There is a flat-screen television over the fireplace and a pair of computers for free internet access. All patrons can access WiFi.

A small bar is located at one end of the room that is only staffed from 4 pm til around midnight. There is no food on offer, but guests are welcome to take their meals prepared in the large communal kitchen to the sitting area and enjoy a pint. The reception desk is opposite the bar and is staffed 24 hours a day. The hostel gets its name from a large medieval-style freco mural that takes up one wall, and depicts a large, tangled tree with a thick trunk. The mural is faded (likely distressed to look old) and flakes off in places. If one looks closely, detail of magical creatures can be seen poking out from the knots and branches.

In all, The Hollow Tree has 120 beds split between 6-10 bed dorms (all single beds, no bunks, each with their own footlocker) and 10 one and two bed private rooms. There are well-appointed bathrooms and plenty of showers, though only two private rooms have toilet facilities en suite. All rooms are accessed by magnetic keycard.

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