The London Library
The London Library
Outside the London Library.


As can be expected of such an old library, this building has the old high shelves with ladders in many sections, while being modernised in many others. The old feeling has been retained and well tended, and though this is a busy library it's also kept quiet except for the shuffle of feet and the turning of pages.

One can almost get lost amongst the shelves, but everything is brightly illuminated by large lamps that hang high in the ceiling or sconce-lamps in nooks and crannies. The main room also has a glass ceiling, letting in plenty of light on the below reading desks, framed by shelves that go up high, with a balcony built around so the next level can be easily reached for those hungry for knowledge.

The checkout desks are near the exit, always manned with helpful librarians. There's also an information desk where you can get help from the expert staff.

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