Tower Cemetery Administration Offices
Tower Cemetery Administration Offices
View of the offices from the cemetery.


Tower Hamlet's administration offices sit across the street from the cemetery itself and are a small but solid cluster of brown brick buildings surrounded by a twelve foot wall, which might seem a little much for a structure that's dedicated to maintaining thirty-three acres of city parkland. The truth is that this is only one of the responsibilities of the organization that calls the compound home - the administration offices also double as headquarters for the Watch's London branch, although this is on a strictly need-to-know basis.

An iron gate build into the wall admits visitors in and out of the compound and is controlled from a small security tower that's staffed twenty-four hours a day by dedicated members of the Watch. Inside main building, the floors on the ground level are made of cement - so are the walls, for that matter, and the stairwell that leads down to the basement where the organization does most of its illicit business, or upstairs, which resembles an ordinary (if dated) office space for its support staff.

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