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Logs for December 2012

Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
2nd Ashes to Ashes Ash, Cedric, Decker, Freddie,Lex, Ritter, Yuki A chance gathering runs into a non-chance situation.

Logs for November 2012

Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
2nd This Flock of Drunkards Cedric, Jack, Mattie, Teresa, Yuki Touched take some time out after work to get tipsy.
4th House and Home Jack, Mattie Mattie gets a chance to see a section of closed off London history.
5th Remember, Remember Imogen, Jack, Mattie, Naz Mattie gets a history lesson, Jack gets to blow things up, and Naz gets a very brief introduction to the Watch.
Millennial Visitor Cedric, Crispin, Ash, Yuki Talbot An unexpected visitor out of the Gloom is a little hard to communicate with - but the effort is worth the reward.
6th The Shadows' Price Cedric, Ash, Talbot An information-sharing session turns into a nightmarish discovery - and a whole bucketload of paperwork.
This Blade Slays The Snake Wynn, Crispin Wynn wakes up with a very strange urge. Under the influence of the viking he connected to, he carves a message into the floor.
10th To Be or Not To Be Hilary, Jack, Mattie A chance meeting with Hilary doesn't go any better than the planned one for Mattie and Jack.
18th Just Because They Swear Hilary, Teresa In the aftermath of Moira, Hilary runs into Teresa, who accompanies him to Midnight Mass and sheds a little light. Literally.
20th You Broke It Ash, Cedric, Nadya A meeting to compare notes and examine the artifacts relating to the Declan MacNamara case results in an interesting and slightly smoky discovery.
27th This Thing of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine Jack, Mattie Dark conversations about the past.

Logs for October 2012

Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
1st A Fish Best Served Cold Decker, Yuki Decker's performance attracts the wandering Yuki's attention. The two escape the freezing rain in a nearby diner, and enjoy a revealing conversation over fish and chips.
3rd When in Doubt, Bring Flowers Griffin, Huruma, Yuki Huruma meets with Griffin for a lunch date. Yuki stumbles on the meeting by chance. Huruma gets flowers from Griffin, and Yuki gets words of advice from them both.
5th People Like Us Benjamin, Mattie In a chance encounter at a bus station, Benjamin asks Mattie for help with a recent acquisition that is more than meets the eye.
A Tale of Two Beers Decker, Yuki On their second meeting, Decker returns the favor by treating Yuki to dinner, beer, and another engaging conversation.
6th In Rock, Paper, Scissors... Teresa, Tucker Tucker comes around to Teresa's flat to get her help in burning something that isn't a vampire.
7th That's Lovely Hilary, Huruma, Teresa Three people. In a fish & chips shop. Enjoying their fish and chips. And broadway. Okay, maybe not enjoying broadway.
Life is Like a Hurricane... Cedric, Lex, Mattie, Yuki Ducks attack, one man screams a lot, and two people are introduced to a modicum of safety.
8th Tom Foolery and the Shenanigans Denton, Imogen Must love dogs, and dogs must love jazz.
Livin' In The Fridge Jack, Mattie, Yuki Jack and Mattie interview Yuki formally. Will she make the cut? Find out inside!
9th No Exit Cedric, Lex, Yuki An experimentation session turns awkward.
10th Courtroom Drama Christian, Gwyneth, Naz Could a misstep by another local MC's member and the punishment dished out call down retribution on the Devil's Court? Time will tell.
11th A Bet You Can't Lose Cedric, Christian, Gwyneth, Naz, Yuki Potential alliances are formed, potential enemies are made, and much drinking is done, all for a good cause.
My Dear Lady Disdain Jack, Mattie The road to Mattie's ire is paved with good intentions.
12th Beastly Manners Jack, Mattie, Rory The local graveyard experiences some rather ill-appetited creatures rooting about.
14th Busy, Busy, Busy Cedric, Mattie If coffee could talk among itself, it would hear some of the strangest tales.
Footprints Mattie, Cedric,Hilary A little bit of slime helps the day go by.
15th The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Jack, Hilary, Mattie, Yuki Yuki learns how not to approach an unaffiliated Touched when the Watch investigates someone who harmed one of their own — if indirectly.
Visiting Hour Cedric, Jack, Mattie, Yuki Cedric's illness after a run-in with Hilary is investigated further with a chat with the victim.
17th Notting Hill Run-In Ashley, Hilary, Yuki Ashley gets lost in Notting Hill, leading to a chance run-in with Hilary and Yuki. Greetings, pleasantries, and unpleasantries follow.
22nd A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal Cedric, Jack, Levi, Mattie Sunday afternoon breakroom chatter.
The X-Files Stuff is Real Julian, Mattie Julian finds himself inexplicably in 2012 and Mattie takes the disoriented FBI agent under her wing.
25th Fish or Cut Bait Levi, Nadya Levi and Nadya go down into the sewers to try and deal with a mist-demon.
26th The Love Bug Yuki, Bonnie, Alister, Christian, Tessa A late evening in The City drives a few people buggy.
27th O True Apothecary Jack, Mattie Jack practices his sewing skills when Mattie needs a helping hand.
30th Something of the Terrible Alister, Christian, Gwyneth, Jack Trouble brews when masks at the masquerade hide more than the usual.
31st Boys And Their Toys Cedric, Zvi, Levi A child running around the stacks in the library has something that's not really a toy….

Logs for September 2012

Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
1st Must. Love. Tentacles. David, Gideon, Ruth, Tucker The Watch are dispatched to Camden to take care of a little alleyway issue. Watch 1, Gloom 1.
A Small World Griffin, Huruma Two people walk into a bar…
2nd Lost Boys Cedric, David, Gideon, Jack The Watch (and Gideon) take to the tunnels to discover the cause of some disappearances among the homeless population; unfortunately, they lose one of their own in the endeavor.
Wash & Tumble Amy, Nathaniel, Teresa, Tucker There are loose wires and live fires at the Whitechapel Laundromat.
Sick Party, Mate Decker, Imogen, Mattie The Notting Hill Carnival gets crazy.
3rd Just Yer Knickers Teresa, Tucker Tucker delivers Teresa's clothes to her, helps himself to some chips and otherwise invites himself in.
Strongbow, Weak Bow Cassandra, Sandraudiga Cassandra, searching for her violin bow, meets Sandraudiga; they chat, and Sandy decides to bring Cassandra to the Watch's attention…
Bump in the Knight Ruth, Zvi Zvi bumps into Ruth and lives to tell the tale.
Nesting Edith, Huruma, Jack, Mattie Too late to the scene, the Watch investigates what remains of the previous team and make plans.
Those Bloody Squirrels Cedric, Ruth, Rose, Rose pops in on the Watch HQ and does not make herself popular with the inhabitants thereof.
Those Bloody Newbies Cedric, Rose, Cedric takes Rose to dinner to learn more about her. It doesn't go well.
The Deal Decker, Teresa Decker and Teresa strike a deal over a necklace.
4th The Truth Will Out Cedric, Ruth Agents of the Watch mourn the disappearance of one of their own.
Not the Best Ambassadors Jack, Mattie, Teresa Mattie and Jack inadvertently play good-cop, bad-cop while scoping out Teresa at college.
6th Gloom and Doom or Hope and Balance Mattie, Phoenix The cheery shopkeeper brings tea and sunshine to the dreary break room at the Cemetery.
7th Worry Teresa, Vasya A client to Murdoch's just before closing provokes questions on top of a purchase.
But How Does it Poop Daniel, Mattie Mattie comes looking for answers while Daniel autopsies the corpse of a fear-mongering Other.
Please Take a Number Cedric, Decker, Ruth, Seth There's no such thing as an off-day - or not being in the field - for members of the Watch.
8th Come, Civil Night Mattie, Jack Jack and Mattie come across one another in tunnels.
Cloak and Dagger Amy, Edith, Ruth, Tucker The trouble with having been in the Gloom: thereafter, everything's just a bit spy vs. spy, and fraught, even casual things like shopping.
9th Devil's in the Details: Someone's Watching Tucker, Cedric, Daniel, Amy Watch agents are dispatched to investigate a paranoia-inducing "gas leak."
Define Research Assistant Mattie, Teresa Teresa calls Mattie over to give her a gloom touched item and inquire about someone.
11th Pizza and Beer Imogen, Mattie The girls get together for a late night snack.
Finding Shade Undercover Mattie, Jack Mattie and Jack meet up for too-early morning discussion before class.
13th Got A Light? Huruma, Imogen, Jack, Teresa, Tucker A couple of vampires looking to score find more than they've bargained for.
14th No Such Thing as Ghosts Edith, Jack, Mattie Interviewing nine-year-olds yields a few answers and uncovers a few lies.
Watch Your Heels Griffin, Huruma Some quiet research is interrupted by a fellow seeking answers.
15th To Market, To Market Griffin, Mattie, Petra Petra's less-than-legal errands run her into some trouble with Griffin.
17th You Must Love Shark Week Teresa, Tucker Awkwardness is smoothed over with talk and laundry. Also, Tuckers is bigger.
Elephant in the Room Huruma, Jack, Mattie, Rory The new guy in town gets vetted.
18th One Wrong Turn Daniel, Ruth Daniel takes a wrong turn that leads to a nasty surprise.
19th In the Corner of One's Eyes Denton, Mattie, Jack The police and the watch converge on the same witness's house. Unfortunately for Denton, the unsub is not someone he can put behind bars.
Casual Encounters Decker, Emma, Melanie Decker, Emma and Melanie have a casual encounter at a park.
23rd The Greatest Skin Flick Ever Made Tucker, Cedric Food, business scheming, and other manly talk. Oh, and monsters.
24th Common Whore of Mankind Huruma, Mattie, Jack Someone's got to pretend to be a hooker.
To Lie In Cold Obstruction And To Rot Huruma, Cedric, Mattie, Rory Investigating a missing train proves more than the Watch can handle in one trip.
26th Coffee Zombies Griffin, Wynn Two telepaths cross paths in a local coffee shop…
30th Between a Rock and a Safe Place Mairwen, Sandraudiga, Yuki Mairwen and Sandy get to know Yuki and make sure she's got a safe place to stay for the night.

Logs for August 2012

Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
20th Didn't Get Blown Up David, Jack, Mattie, Teresa A team is sent to determine the status of Teresa Murdoch; she takes their offer of help as a threat. On the bright side, no one even got burned.
21st By A Finger Joseph, Teresa Bad luck, ill timing and a bit of Paranoia make great bedfellows.
Chance Encounters Edith, Jack, Mattie Mattie and Jack conspire with their supervisor on the subject on Teresa Murdoch.
22nd You Gotta Look Em In The Eyes Long John, Teresa Long John pawns some things while Teresa burns him when he gets a little too touchy.
23rd Accidental Run-in David, Teresa, Wynn David and Wynn run into Teresa while on a supply run for the safehouse.
The Only Thing In Common Jack, Mattie Jack gets to eat twice after a disagreement with Mattie.
24th Welcome to the Watch Daniel, Imogen Daniel finds his way to Imogen's safehouse. She is totally comforting and encouraging.
25th Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch... Cedric, David, Mattie, Wynn The Headquarters is a busy place with Watchers from every department stopping in.
26th Unsolicited Advice Long_John, Mattie Mattie gives Long John some unasked-for advice regarding his etiquette in pawn shops.
So Damned Touchy Dante, Teresa, Tucker A group of touchy - and maybe one not - people circle each other in the Library.
27th Pocket Watch Gideon, Imogen, Mattie A very early morning meeting in the coffee shop leads to an interesting wager.
Such Things As May Be Found Benjamin, Edith, Gideon The supervisor of the London watch tails Gideon Parish into a shop of oddities and macabre curiosities. Everybody learns something new.
A Slow Night David, Ruth While on a stakeout, David and Ruth catch an unusual light show.
Crickets and Daz Gideon, Ruth, Tucker Gideon goes to the laundromat to ask a favor from Tucker and Ruth.
28th We Come in Peace Benjamin, Cedric, Ella, Ruth Ella, Cedric and Ruth take on an assignment and goes to see Benjamin Turner in an attempt to see if he's truly touched and offer up a point of contact to the Watch.
The Girl That Kicked the Turtle's Nest Gideon, Rose Rose teaches Gideon that lying to children and punting reptiles can be heroic.
Between Science and History Benjamin, Gideon Gideon, who is not a member of the Watch, explains a bit more about the organization to Benjamin, who is also not a member.
O, the Humanity Amy, Crispin, Rose, Wynn Rose arrives at the Watch safe house and ruffles some feathers with her opinions about humanity — specifically who is, and who isn't.
29th Excellent Purchase Benjamin, Jack, Mattie Jack goes to see Mattie at work, delaying Benjamin's delivery of tea. In exchange, they see the curiosity shop's most recent acquisition.
Penelope's Death Fu-Chung Fu-Chung Lee and Penelope Althea Dane spend their last night together.
What Not to Do David, Sandraudiga, Teresa, Vasya A surveillance mission goes wrong quick.
Excellent Purchase Benjamin, Jack, Mattie Jack goes to see Mattie at work, delaying Benjamin's delivery of tea. In exchange, they see the curiosity shop's most recent acquisition.
30th Your Apologies Suck David, Teresa David attempts to make reparations for his partner that night and explain himself, despite Teresa wanting none of that.
Two Times Is a Co-incidence Cedric, Gideon, Teresa Two times is a co-incidence, but three times is on purpose. Thank god it's just the second time when Teresa spills coffee again.
Mimosas At Three Gideon, Rose Gideon calls Rose and the two of them cobble together a date of sorts.
Play Time David, Ruth Two Watch agents catch up with a pair of violent Touched. Goes about as well as you'd expect.
31st When We Go Missing Cedric, Gideon, Jack, Paddy Members of the Watch (and an associate) are able to make sense of a homeless man's madness.
Look What Dragged in the Cat Cedric, Gideon, Nathaniel, Ruth, David Members of the Watch (and an associate) escape the rain for a bit of coffee shop time, and Nathaniel draws attention he doesn't necessarily want.
First Date David, Mattie David and Mattie have their first date.
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