A Slow Night

Cast: date: 'August 27, 2012'
place: 'Random Alley'
participants: 'David, Ruth'
synopsis: 'While on a stakeout, David and Ruth catch an unusual light show.'
log: "Who doesn't love a good stakeout? Earlier in the day, word came in down the wire of odd happenings on the east end — little flashes of light behind a small bodega, almost like lightning strikes that seem to happen throughout the night. There've yet to be any injuries, by all accounts, but apparently it still warrants a bit of looking into. It just so happens that this particular alleyway isn't far off from the one Ruth herself was discovered in, having clumsily left a trail of sickly people in her wake after emerging from the Gloom. Ah, memories.\n\nShe doesn't appear to enjoy them. But, called to duty, she's here all the same; back against the bricks, seated atop an overturned plastic crate, knees drawn up, arms draped across them loosely. Her expression is somewhat flat - not entirely a scowl, but there's a hint of displeasure there as hour three approaches and there's yet to be a single flicker of… anything. Shifting uncomfortably, she mutters into the shadows, \"My arse's gone numb,\"\n\nThe memories of the night that Ruth was discovered are still fresh in David's mind as well, especially considering how close to that alley the two are currently in. David leans against the hood of the car they rolled up in, parked in the shadows of the alley. His arms crossed at his chest and his legs crossed at the ankles, he watches the bodega with at least mild boredom. Nothing has happened since they've arrived and the disappointment is starting to show.\n\nHis gaze finally breaks from the building when he hears his companion speak, offering a soft chuckle to Ruth at her comment, a smile playing at his lips. \"Stands up. Move around. It'll get the blood flowing and your arse will get the feeling back in it.\" He offers to her as he unfolds his arms and rests the palms of his hands against the hood of the car. \"I'm starting to wonder if they're even there anymore.\" He offers as he returns his gaze to the their target building.\n\nRuth grunts out something unintelligible and stretches her neck, head tilting left then right, the movement producing a quiet series of clicks. Still, it's not a bad suggestion, so she hauls herself up off of the crate with a grimace and slides a gloved hand into her back pocket. \"Seems like.\" she sighs out, drawing the tip of her tongue across her lower lip as she gives their surroundings a scowling once-over. \"Go sit in 'n alley, wait for the bleedin' light,\" oh, more muttering. Nothing like a dark alleyway to put Ruth in a piss poor mood, really. Bright lights, that's her happy place.\n\nShe stalks over to the car, chin lifting a degree. \"Budge up some,\" with a half-assed wave of a gloved hand paired with this sort-of request for him to move over a bit. Then she leans back against the vehicle as well, arms folding. \"Thinkin' one more hour and I cut out. Smells back here.\"\n\nThe alleyway remains, well, dark. There's not a damn thing going on that either of them can see. How very dull.\n\nDavid glances back over towards Ruth as she moves from her crate towards the car, his eyes quickly giving her form the once over. Look, but don't touch. She's poison. He slides over enough to give her enough room to lean up on the car next to him as she makes her request. He continues to look at her for a moment more before he returns his attention back at the building they've been watching. He nods his head in agreement with her statement. \"Yeah. If nothing has happened after four hours, I don't think it's going to. We'll call in the next team and head back to HQ.\"\n\nRuth slants a look back towards David, faded blue eyes settling on him for a long moment. Yes, she caught him looking. Her lips quirk, just a twitch of a smirk before she's looking away and asking, \"What?\" —then it's back to the building. Which remains a boring-as-fuck building. She absently rubs a gloved palm along the sleeve of her jacket, giving a faint nod at his words. \"Good. I'm knackered. Let somebody else play 'watch the alley', yeah?\"\n\nThere's no light. But there is… something. An odd feeling, like a static charge stirring along the skinstrong enough to make the hairs along the back of one's neck stand on end, and it's accompanied by a queer ozone smell.\n\nDavid doesn't seem to be phased by getting caught looking. Maybe he doesn't care he got caught or perhaps he wasn't trying to hide it. Either way, his attention is back on the building as the atmosphere begins to change. He feels the hairs on the back of his neck starting to stand and the smell of the alley alter. \"Do you feel that?\" He asks as he finally pushes himself off the hood of the car and starts to look around the area for any signs of the possible source.\n\nThere might've been a faint grin. Ruth tips her head back and squints up at the hazy sky, running her tongue across the points of her teeth. She draws in a breath to say — something, but then there's that smell. Her upper lip curls slightly as she lean off of the car, arms dropping to her sides. \"Yeah, smell it.\" she affirms with a nod, head turning left and right, eyes narrowed.\n\nThere's a crackling sound, quiet and electric, and it is coming from… the back wall of the bodegaat first there's nothing at all to see, but quite suddenly blue-white tendrils start to fan out from the wall, arcing along the grooves in the brickwork.\n\n\"Well. Fuck.\" states Ruth, rather eloquently. So much for calling it a night.\nDavid continues to look about the immediate area until the crackling sounds reach his ears. He looks towards the bodega as the tendrils of electricity make their appearance. \"Well, there it is.\" He says as he watches the electrical arcs move along the bricks. \"Let's go.\" He says before he starts to jog towards the end of the alley and crosses the street towards the electric light show, making sure he's clear of cars. Don't want to get hit and taken out of commission before any of the fun begins. As he reaches the entrance to the other alley, he slows down and waits for Ruth to catch up.\n\nRuth is, unsurprisingly, drawn towards the electric flash of light like a moth to a flame. There's a bug zapper joke to be made in there somewhere. Wait for her to catch up? She keeps pace alongside him, one hand lifting to tug her hood up over her head as they cross the street. \"The fuck issit?\" is hissed out under her breath as she approaches the wall, left hand raisingthen dropping, as if she were fighting the impulse to touch it.\n\nIt's quite pretty, all told! The tendrils of electricity arc across the wall, twisting and writhing - it's not unlike one of those plasma ball lamps that were so popular a decade or two ago. That ozone smell gets stronger, accompanied by the buzz and crackle of the energy currents. There's no one else in the alley, however. Just the two Watch agents and an electrified(?) wall.\n\nDavid moves into the alley as Ruth is at his side. He continues to watch the arcs dance about the wall, his head shaking at her question. \"I don't know. Hopefully just a bad electrical job or busted transformer.\" He offers before he reaches towards a shadow near their feet and physically taking hold of it. He stretches the small piece of shadow into a blade the size of a dagger, just in case. As he finishes molding the shadow, it takes on a solid and rigid form and leaves him holding an ebony blade. He keeps it low, tucked away behind his leg as he carefully moves down the alley towards the source of the electricity.\n\n\"Been a while since school, but I don't think bricks fuckin' do that, even when the wiring's cocked up,\" Ruth remarks under her breath, rubbing gloved fingertips together at her sides. She clears her nose with a quiet sniff, grimacing anew at the ozone smell growing ever stronger in the small space of the alleyway. There are no weapons drawn by the dark-haired womanshe's always been piss-poor with guns, and she doesn't even carry a knife. Her hands clench and unclench restlessly at her sides.\n\nAside from the odd arc of electricity that reaches a few centimeters out from the wall, there isn't a whole hell of a lot else going on. The electric current ebbs and flows, neither expanding nor contracting, just flashing erratically. It's taken on an odd circular shape, however, and a keen eye can spot things… moving just behind it, shadowy figures.\n\nDavid continues to move down the alley, his eyes moving from place to place as he takes in the area around them. \"This definitely isn't right.\" He says as he continues to slowly move forward, spotting something out of the corner of his eye. He pauses for a moment, brow creasing before he glances back towards Ruth to see if she noticed it too. \"Keep alert. I don't think we're alone here.\"\n\nRuth's expression shifts to something a shade more wry as she slants a look towards David that reads, 'no shit'but she doesn't say that, of course. Then her attention settles on the wall abuzz with electrical energy. Maybe she didn't catch the faint hint of movement - maybe she's just too damn distracted by the flashing lights. \"Portal or somethin'?\"\n\nMaybe it is a passageway of sorts, though it appears to be in a definite state of flux - it blinks in and out of existence with a quiet 'bzzzt' sound, but each time it flashes anew, David can see them; those coiling black figures, inching ever closer to the alleythrough the wall, it seems. The next time it flashes, the light burns exceptionally bright, painfully so, and as it starts to die down… something reaches through, a shadowy black hand with impossibly long fingers.\n\nDavid looks around once more for the shadow before he focuses on the lights where she's looking. He slowly and meticulously starts to move towards it until he notices the flux, his head tilting slightly to the side as he studies it. The flash causes him to turn his head and try to protect his eyes with his arm. \"The fuck?!\" He says as he blinks a few times to get his eyesight back to normal once the flash is over. \"Ugh. There definitely needs to be a warning next time.\" He says before he looks back to the flux and sees the hand start to come through. \"We can't let it out.\" He says right before he holds up his dagger and attempts to stab the hand with it.\n\nRuth's eyes don't narrow at the bright flash - rather, she stares directly into it, pupils contracting ever so slightly. She takes a halting step forward towards the light, then jerks her head back at the sight of the protruding hand. \"Aw, fuck, wuzzat?\" gets slurred out as she yanks her hands up and edges back a half-step. \"Portal. Great.\"\n\nDavid successfully attacks the darkness, as it were. In the instant before his dagger strikes home, the hand rotates, long fingers curling inward - beckoning. Then David's blade pierces through its palm, and the resulting otherworldly screech is loud enough to make their ears ring. Black ichor oozes from the wound as the hand rips free of the blade and withdraws back intothe wall.\n\nThe scream's cut short by a loud crackling sound, and suddenly the wall is simply a wall once again - quite ordinary. Save for the black ooze dribbling down it, that is.\n\nDavid forces the dagger down with as much strength as he can, feeling it strike home. As the creature lets out it's scream, he pulls the dagger out through the fingers rather than pulling it out. He takes a few steps back from the portal, readying himself for another attack. As the wall returns to normal, he nods his head slightly. \"Yep. Definitely a portal.\" He looks back to Ruth, keeping his weapon at the ready. \"We need to call this in.\"\n\nRuth blinks twice as the light, and the portal itself, just - disappears. She takes another step back, gloved hands still clenched to fists at her sides. She squints at the wall, nose wrinkling distastefully at the black ooze dribbling its way down to the pavement, and mutters out an eloquent, \"Fuckin' hell.\" with a quick nod. \"Phone's in the car. Think they'll want a sample've that shit?\" One hand lifts, a finger extending towards …whatever it is that's on the wall. Blood?\n\nDavid nods his head slightly. \"Yeah. Probably they will.\" He says in regards to the blood as he looks at the wall again. \"Go get the phone and I'll collect a sample.\" He says as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief. He folds it into quarters before he moves towards the wall and wipe up some of the black ooze up onto it. \"Hopefully this will be enough for them.\" He takes a few steps back as he looks at the ooze on the fabric, trying to figure out what it is.\n\nIt's straight up gross, is what it is; a thick black ooze that seems to stick to the wall like old chewing gum as he wipes at it. Clearly if it's blood, it isn't remotely human. Ruth's gone, she turned on her heels and started sprinting soundlessly back across the street at David's order of sorts. She's back within a half a minute, phone in hand, muttering into it: \"Right, well. Saw somethin', dunno what. It's a portal. Maybe get a few labcoats over here?\" More muttering into the phone, affirmations to various questions — no, no one's injured, no, no one saw them, and so on, and so forth. Then she disconnects the call and tosses a plastic sandwich bag over to David. \"Twenty minutes.\"\n\nDavid continues to study the goo while Ruth goes to get the phone and return. As he hears her voice again, he finally looks up from it and gets the bag from her. \"Okay. We'll secure the scene until they arrive.\" He offers while he puts the handkerchief into the bag and seals it up. \"I'm sure Wynn will want to take a look at this stuff.\" He says with a small smirk playing at the corner of his lips. He watches her for a few moments before he speaks again. \"You did good. Kept your cool. Good job.\"\n\n\"All I did was stand around,\" Ruth points out mildly, rubbing at her nose with the side of a gloved finger, not entirely concealing a faint grin. Arms folding across her chest, she puts her back against the wallnot the one that was just alive with electrical currents and shadowy figures, mindand… secures the scene. Mostly this involves leaning against the wall, head cocked off to one side, watching for passers-by. \"Be glad to get the fuck out've here. Too dark.\" The low light levels don't seem to agree with her.\n\nDavid chuckles softly and shrugs his shoulders slightly. \"Yeah, but at least you didn't run away. That's a plus.\" He says as he stands against the wall next to her as they wait for the calvary to arrive. He watches the few people that pass by the opening the alley with mild interest before he looks back to her after a moment then speaks again. \"You feel like getting something to eat after this?\" Burger for him, bugs for her.\n\nNo one really pays them much mind — two people in dark clothing in a dark alleyway don't stand out all that much. Anyone who makes eye contact with Ruth in passing is treated to a withering glare. Her lips purse, then quirk with a hint of amusement at the question. \"Maybe,\" she allows, leaning off of the wall to step into a sliver of light shining from a streetlamp. \"Let's tag in the replacements before we try'n suss that out,\" because she's ready to get out of this fucking alley.\n\nDavid stuffs the bag with the goo in his pocket as he waits for their relief to show up. He smiles as he watches her move into the light, nodding his head once as he keep his eyes on her. \"Sure. They should be here shortly.\" And, on cue, a line of black vehicles turns into the alley, the lead vehicle stopping just past the two who are waiting. The last car to arrive is their replacements. David pushes himself off the wall and approaches one of the people who step out. \"Portal was on that wall.\" He points it out. \"I stabbed a hand that was coming out and the portal closed. Left behind some residue.\" He pulls the bag out of his pocket and hands it to the person he's talking to. \"That's the sample we got from it. Came from the creature I stabbed.\"\n\nRuth's helpful contribution to the report is: \"It was pretty fucked,\" and that's… it, really. She nods along with David's words and steps aside, more than willing to let the relief take over in favor of basking in the harsh light of the van's high-beams. A contented sort of sigh escapes, but she blinks out of her light-induced reverie in time enough to see David passing off the evidence. That appears to be her cue to start edging out of the alley, towards the brighter street. \"Have fun,\" she suggests to the newly-arrived agents, who don't appear to find that very funny.\n\nDavid finishes giving the debriefing to the newly arrived agents before he starts to make his way towards the exit of the alley, passing by their replacements. \"Watch out for the light show. It's a doozy.\" He offers to them as he passes by and follows Ruth to their car in the other alley. He jogs a bit to catch up to her, walking next to her. \"You wanna drive?\" He asks as he looks over to her.\n\nRuth pushes her hood back down and slides gloved hands into the front pockets of her jacket, slender shoulders lifting and dropping in a twitch of a shrug as she makes her way across the street. \"Kind've zonked,\" she admits with a wry grin. \"Best if you do it.\" Another quiet sniffno more unpleasant ozone scent lingers in the air, at least—and she steps up over the curb, approaching the vehicle. \"Just once I'd like a boring night,\"\n\nDavid nods and fishes the keys out of his pocket as they cross the street and onto the curb to approach the vehicle. \"Yeah, but you're in the Watch now. There's no such thing as boring nights anymore. It's like the military, just with no leave time.\" He offers as they approach the car. He moves to the driver's side door as he presses the button on the key chain to unlock the doors. \"All you can hope for now is a slow night.\" He pulls open the car door and climbs inside. He makes himself comfortable and puts on the seat belt before he turns the car over and the engine comes to life.\n\n\"S'right, I am.\" Ruth mutters, popping her door open after she hears the click of the lock. She settles into the passenger side and tugs the seatbelt across her chest, fastening it into place. \"A night where nothin' drags us through a portal to hell or something.\" So - that makes tonight a slow night, by that definition! Sighing out a breath, she settles back into the seat comfortably and squints over at David, a faint smirk evident for a second or two. \"Let's go get your bloody burger.\"\n\nDavid puts the vehicle in gear as soon as she's settled and pulls out into traffic. He chuckles softly at her comment before he glances over at her. \"We can stop by a pet shop or something. Pick you up some crickets or beetles or something.\" His tone is obviously showing that he's joking, but he keeps a serious look on his face. He offers a quick wink before he heads off down the street, in search of an awesomely tasty burger."

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