Accidental Run-in

Cast: date: '23 August 2012'
place: Marylebone
participants: 'David, Teresa, Wynn'
synopsis: 'David and Wynn run into Teresa while on a supply run for the safehouse.'
log: "The mid-afternoon finds David helping Wynn with a supply run for the safehouse. He's dressed for the weather which, thankfully, doesn't include any rain. The two men are on foot and David offers some idle chit-chat to the man after they have left their parked car. The two of them are on their way to the next stop of their adventure. David's eyes scan over the area, looking for anything out of the ordinary. \"So, what are we picking up at this place?\" He asks Wynn as he moves down the sidewalk.\n\nWynn angles the pair of them towards a kitchen supply store. \"Cheap and cheerful kitchen knives. A few stainless steel bowls. Five or six spatulas. Of all the things that disappear, you wouldn't think it would be spatulas.\" He looks down at his mobile and runs a thumb over the touchscreen to check the list. \"Oh yes. And a can opener. A really sturdy one. They keep breaking. Not buying the cheap ones anymore. They're rubbish.\" He glances to David. \"Thanks, by the way. Lugging kitchen supplies and thirty rolls of paper towel around is probably not your idea of a fun afternoon.\"\n\nWynn and David aren't the only ones who are in need of kitchen supplies. There's the blonde who dips into the store ahead of them, on an errand for her mother what with no class - and no mind at the moment to focus on study - to keep her at home. Jeans and boots, white shirt, camera on a strap and slung over her body like the bag she has, Teresa's got her own list on the smartphone in her palm that she's consulting.\n\nDavid offers a soft chuckle to Wynn, missing Teresa as she slips into the store ahead of them. \"Don't worry about it. The store was slow today, so I don't mind getting out of the place for a while.\" He says as he looks over to Wynn. \"Not the usual stuff I shop for though. Maybe I'll find something that I could use.\" He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders as they near the shop. As they reach the entrance, he pulls open the door, letting his companion head inside first as he takes one last scan of the surrounding area.\n\nThe store is a mid-range affair. It's not chef-inspired, nor is it for people who buy expensive gadgets and never really use them. There are a few higher ticket items, and the stuff is of good quality, but for the most part, the merchandise is affordable and of decent quality. \"I've been meaning to come by your shop, but I've avoided it partially because I know it's going to be a real blow to my wallet.\" He snatches up a stainless steel bowl set after checking the bottom for a price tag and deciding the price is fair. \"D'ya see the spatulas anywhere?\" he asks as he gets up on his toe-tips and looks around the store. There's no one else in the store except the pair of them, Teresa and the staff.\n\n\"Behind you\" THe spatula's that is, Teresa pointing to the row of them attached to their cardboard backs, a handful of them in a mesh bag, a wide variety of them offered in many materials both nature and man made. Teresa herself is going up on tiptoes to reach for a slotted spoon, not noticing who it is that was there already and is now behind her.\n\nDavid steps into the shop behind Wynn and looks around the area, taking in all the supplies that they have for sale. \"Hrm. Nice place.\" He says before he follows Wynn into the shop, letting him get what he needs and to carry stuff when he needs him to. \"Well, if you come by, I'll be sure to give you a special discount. Maybe then it won't be so hard on your wallet.\" He offers with a soft chuckle before he looks around to look for the spatulas when asked about them. \"Umm…\" Then he hears a very familiar voice and freezes slightly before he looks towards the sound of the voice and sees Teresa. He then immediately looks around for a place to block her view of him so that she doesn't get spooked by the presence of him.\n\n\"Oh, no. Y'see, the problem is, if you give me a discount, I'll just be tempted to buy more.\" Wynn grins. When Teresa gives him directions, he turns and lifts a hand. \"Ah. I'm blind. Thank you.\" He tests a few by holding them up and wobbling them. Then he glances sidelong when David ducks out of view. His eyebrows raise questioningly.\n\nDavid, is tall. But lucky for him, so are the shelves and while Teresa looks for Wynn's companion, catching a glimpse of him disappearing around the corner but not enough to actually see that it's david, there's no flames. There is recognition though, in that brief glance given to the man and his spatula's when he's looking away. \"You're… Wynn Bevin…\" As if she's just not quite sure. \"In the corner of your eye….?\" David for now, is still safe.\n\nDavid busies himself with looking over some random kitchen supplies and to try to avoid Teresa seeing him and the situation… exploding. He remembers how upset the woman was the last time the two met when he and Mattie tried to recruit her and doesn't want to exasperate it any further. He doesn't even know if the shop has fire insurance. When Teresa recognizes Wynn, David's eyebrow raises slightly and he glances towards the two.\n\n\"Bevan, yes,\" says Wynn. \"You've read my books?\" He doesn't smile all that much, but he smiles at that. \"Cheers.\" He wobbles another spatula. It flops too much. He checks the price. Hm. That's why. He picks up another. He glances back over towards David and purses his lips. Hm. Ex? Soured friendship? He'll ask later.\n\n\"Just… just a few times\" Teresa replies, looking at the spatula and not so much Wynn himself. If she does, she tends to stick to looking at his mouth. \"More than a few times really. But\" A slight shrug of her shoulders. \"I wish I had it on me, so that you could autograph it. Well, both of them\" She has both of them. \"Oh, but, sorry, you're shopping\" The American to his English, she steps to the side so that he can get access to all the spatula's, gesturing to a silicone headed one with a plastic handle. \"It's pretty good. Cheap too. From experience\"\n\nDavid continues to watch the two for a moment before he pulls out his phone to shoot Wynn a quick text, 'She's a fire starter. Be careful. Do not spook.' He sends it before he slips the phone back into his pocket. He sets the item he was looking at down before he attempts to move to another isle, unsure if he'll be able to slip by Teresa without her noticing him.\n\nWynn has been doing this business with the Watch long enough to realize who the text is probably from when his pocket vibrates. So he doesn't give up the game and check it right away. He'll give it a minute or two. \"Nah, nah. It's all right. Not often I get recognized. Most people who read my books don't pay much attention to the picture on the jacket. It's not like I'm Stephen King.\" He tugs his phone out and checks the message. Huh. Then he quickly types back, 'I take it you spooked her.' Send. Then he returns his attention to Teresa. \"Ah, well, if you're ever in Bloomsbury, stop by the Hollow Tree Hostel. I'm the manager.\"\n\n\"If and when I have time. I didn't realize that you lived here\" She thinks nothing of the text, this day and age it's a common thing, despite the fact that she's not friends with anyone enough to be on the receiving end. \"Thank you though. I'll be sure to remember that. I should be going though, and not take up so much of your time\" There's a smile, hint of one at least, and she's taking her own kitchen stuff, turning away from Wynn to fulfill the rest of her errands.\n\nDavid checks the phone as the reply comes in and reads it. Before he can reply, Teresa heads off to finish her errands and David moves from his hiding place to return to Wynn. He offers a nod of his head as a reply to the text. \"Mattie and I attempted to recruit her.\" He says, his voice lowered. \"Didn't go over well.\" He says as he glances away from the direction Teresa went to look to Wynn again. \"Didn't want to risk surprising her here.\"\n\n\"Nice to meet you,\" says Wynn as he lifts a hand to the departing woman. He returns to looking at spatulas until David comes back. He purses his lips as the explanation comes. \"Mhmm. Some people just aren't ready. Why'd she react that way, though? What was her objection?\"\n\nDavid shrugs his shoulders slightly as he looks at the direction she went once more. \"I don't know. She thought we were trying to threaten her or something. So, we left a card with her and left. I didn't want to risk her getting spooked and setting fire to the place. She doesn't have control.\" She says with a slight frown on his lips. \"Hoping she'll contact us soon. Before she hurts herself or someone else.\"\n\nWynn glances after her and frowns. \"Mhmm. Well, I'd say re-evaluate your recruitment approach. Not that I'd know. Not really my area. I just deal with 'em after you've convinced them to trust us.\" He grabs up a few more things, then carries the awkward armload towards the counter. \"Sounds like someone who doesn't much trust authority or doesn't actually want to accept what's happened to her.\"\n\nDavid nods his head as he follows Wynn to the counter. \"Yeah. My thoughts are that she didn't want to accept it. She really didn't seem to want to acknowledge her gifts despite the number of extinguishers we found.\" He pauses as they check out before starting again once out of the employee's earshot. \"She seems to like you though. Maybe we can bring you along if we approach her again.\"\n\n\"I don't know that she likes me. She's read my books. Which is interesting in and of itself, considering I write about the supernatural.\" Wynn pays for the stuff and hands one of the bags over to David. Then he turns and heads for the door. \"And if she's hostile to us, me being there isn't going to do any good.\"\n\nDavid takes the offered bags and carries them out of the shop. \"Perhaps, but I think we're just going to keep an eye on her and wait for her to contact us before we try again.\" He says as they head out of the shop. He glances up and down the sidewalk, checking to see if Teresa is anywhere in sight.\n\n\"Probably wise. My first year in, we cornered this guy, this kid. Seventeen or so. Spooked him. He grew tentacles. Lashed out at us. Then he disappeared.\" Wynn goes around to the boot and pops it. \"Took us three weeks to find him again. And another three for him to trust us enough to let us help him.\"\n\nDavid smirks and chuckles softly at the story. \"That sounds like Jack.\" He offers as he doesn't notice Teresa anywhere. \"My first one we had to chase down just to get the chance to talk with them. She thought we were the FBI trying to get her. Last time I wore a suit to a recruitment.\" He offers another chuckle as he heads down the sidewalk again. \"Where's the next stop?\"\n\n\"There's a few bits and pieces, but they're just small. I can go out tomorrow. Doesn't need an extra set of hands. If you could help me offload though, I'd appreciate it.\" Wynn slides into the driver's seat. \"I'm not a recruiter for that reason. Too hard to figure out how to approach someone without them going off.\"\n\nDavid chuckles and nods his head. \"Sure thing.\" He says as he puts the bag in the backseat with the rest of the bags before he climbs into the passenger's seat. \"Yeah, it is a pretty tough job to be the first contact these people have had, especially when they're young, but it's also part of the job that I like.\"\n\n\"How many have you brought in, then?\" Wynn starts the car and slips it into gear. He steers out into traffic and heads back towards the hostel. \"See, I see them after the difficult part is overwith. The explanation. Then I help them adjust, after they've accepted it.\"\n\nDavid thinks for a moment about the question before he finally gives an answer. \"I think I've brought in about twelve or thirteen personally over the past seven years. Mostly I'm out on the front lines against the Others, but when I'm able to go out on the recruitment jobs, it's when I feel like I'm really making a difference.\"\n\nWynn purses his lips and shakes his head. \"Front lines. I'm happier being behind the lines. I see enough without going looking for it.\" They don't have far to go before they pull up to The Hollow Tree. He parks around the back, where there's a service entrance. \"Rare books and monster fighting. That's quite the combination.\"\n\nDavid smirks and nods. \"I think that's the point.\" He says as he gets out of the car to help unload the bags. \"You'd never expect for a person at a bookstore to be able to kick your ass.\" He offers a soft chuckle at that as he starts to grab some of the bags from the backseat.\n\n\"Oh I dunno. You don't exactly look like your typical bookseller.\" Wynn grins and heads around to gather up his share of the bags. \"Then again, I don't look like someone who could toss you across the room without touching you, do I? Though I don't imagine anyone knows what that looks like.\"\n\nDavid smirks and follows him up to the hostel. \"I'd imagine that it was someone with a huge ass head like in those old '50s sci-fi movies. The ones that can move stuff around with their mind.\" He chuckles softly as he pauses to let Wynn take the lead since it's his safehouse. \"But you don't look like that, so I wouldn't suspect you.\"\n\n\"Aw, brilliant. Good to know I haven't got a giant head. Would've been a shock the next time I went through a revolving door,\" dry, that. But Wynn caps it with a bit of a smile. He sets one set of bags down and fiddles with the latch. \"I won't keep you. You can just set all this in the hallway. I'll sort it through.\"\n\nDavid returns the smile and chuckles at the joke. \"Would be a shock for a lot of people, I'd suspect.\" He says as he sets the bags down in the hallway before he heads back out to grab the last of the bags and does the same with those. \"Need anything else?\" He asks as he stuffs his hands in his pockets and looks around the area.\n\nNot much to see in the back entrance of the hostel. Just a narrow hallway and an equally narrow stair. The hostel is spread over three Georgian town homes, and this is the old servant's entrance. \"No, I think I've got it. Thanks again,\" Wynn offers his hand for a shake.\n\nDavid nods his head and moves over to shake the offered hand, giving it a firm shake. \"Anytime. If you need anything, give me a call. I'll see you around or whenever you stop by the shop.\" He says with a chuckle. \"I'll charge you double so you don't buy so many books.\" He releases his hand and stuffs his hands into his coat pocket.\n\n\"Interesting strategy, but it just might work,\" says Wynn. He runs his hands over his hair and grins. \"I uh, I'd ask if you'd like a cuppa, but I don't want to keep you.\"\n\nDavid smiles and nods. \"Thanks. Another time. I should get back to the shop. I'll take you up on the coffee soon.\" He says with a smile before he offers one more wave and then heads out of the building.\n"

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