But How Does It Poop?

Cast: date: 'September 8th, 2012'
place: 'Research Lab'
participants: 'Daniel, Mattie'
synopsis: 'Daniel reassures Mattie, and tries to enlist her help'
log: "The corpse on this slab is like nothing in the mundane world. Humanoid, it's clearly not human. The skin is a sickly white mottled with black veins. The closed eyes, if open, are entirely black and large enough to fill a third of the thing's face. There is no nose but a mouth that's still agape as if in a silent, eternal scream — no teeth or tongue inside, there is just gray, bloodless flesh within. Deep within, a bullet is lodged in its throat. \n\nAbout five feet long and seemingless sexless, the thing has clawlike hands with gnarled fingers. Its arms and legs are too long for its torso, disjointed and arthritic looking, though capable of inhuman angles. \n\nTwo gunshots mar the left shoulder, where black blood has clotted, and along its lower back and along its right haunch.\n\n A small handheld recorder sits nearby on the metal table, its red LED flashing insistently. Daniel is hunched over the corpse, in full mortician mode. Lab coat, gloves, apron, even a face mask and clear eye protectors. A light shines brightly down from directly above, and though his face is in shadow, his eyes are bright with curiosity and excitement.\n \"September 8th,\" he says, his voice tight with excitement, as he glances up at the clock, \"11 hundred… 10 hours. Initial observation of the body is beginning.\" Muttering quickly, almost to himself, he starts going over all the physical characteristics of the body in great detail. \"Pale skin and black eyes suggest adaptation to lack of light. No teeth or tongue… no immediate hints on its diet, if it even has one… Fascinating!\"\n\nThere's a knock on the door but just a moment's pause before it swings open anyway, and Mattie steps in. She probably was about to say something to Daniel first — introduce herself, at the least — but her gaze catches on the thing on the slab. Any new Other is an arresting sight, even for an experienced agent. \n\n\"That's the Hyde Park Other?\" the American manages, voice flat and eyes narrowing as she studies the corpse.\n\n Daniel barely glances up at Mattie when she enters, and she can see his eyes smile over the face mask. He holds up a finger to her to wait. Leaning over, he hits a button on the recorder before tugging his face mask down with a sigh. \"Hello! Yes, this is the one. I was just about to autopsy it. Sorry, and you are? I don't think we've met.\"\n\nShe notices now the recorder and grimaces a bit, a silent 'oops, sorry!' sort of expression. \"Mattie Dahl.\" She doesn't offer a hand for a handshake, but then he's been touching disgusting dead creatures. \"I'm a field op. I wasn't on this case, but I'm trying to figure out what might have happened to one of the agents that was. If there's something else down there that needs to be taken care of, you know?\" \n\nShe turns back to the thing on the table, scowling at it. \"Doesn't look like much, does it.\" It's not a question, really. She's seen worse, apparently.\nHair dyed a deep, vibrant, and very unnatural red falls around the face and shoulders of this young woman in long, shaggy layers; the face underneath it all is rather delicate in comparison. Pale green eyes would be lost in a paler face if they weren't rimmed in dark liner most of the time. Her face is on the long side and sharp, with a straight nose and pointed chin that are rounded out by a soft and full mouth. \n\nAll of the color seems to have been saved for her hair. Her attire today is black skinny jeans, black Doc Marten boots, and white t-shirt covered with a black pinstriped vest. A black trench hangs open on her slim frame. Around her neck a silver chain tucks into her shirt, the contents usually out of sight — though one might get a glimpse of two rings and what looks like a house key. At 5'7\", she is certainly not short, but small bones and scant weight give her a waifish sort of figure.\n\n Daniel peels off one of his blue gloves, offering his hand out to her first. \"Dr. Daniel Regal. House mortician and physician, I suppose. Don't worry, I was my hands between jobs.\" He chuckles at his own mildly gross joke. \"Ahem. Hmm… Well, I haven't completed my study yet, though after reading the case report, I'm not sure there's much I can say.\" He gestures towards the corpse. \"I'm not feeling particularly lazy, apathetic, or afraid in its presence. So if it had any empathic abilities, they halted when it died. Depending on the viability of its brain, I might try some electrostimulus and see if we can get any results. Oh that would be /amazing/ if we could actually generate fear from a dead Other's brain, wouldn't it?\"\n\n He clears his throat, looking at Mattie like he's really just now really seen her, his eyes flicking down her body once, settling briefly on her red hair. \"Sorry, getting a little overexcited. Ah, not it really doesn't. This is only my second Other to dissect, but already I'm seeing similarities. Blackened blood… lack of any discernable genitalia… I'm eager to crack it open, to see if it even has a digestive tract.\"\n\nShe accepts the hand with her own smaller one; her shake is not particularly dainty. Both hands slip into the pocket of her trench coat as she listens. One brow lifts at his enthusiasm. \"That would be something, all right,\" she replies, though with less zeal than Daniel, by far. \n\n\"Just your second? New to us, then?\" She must have missed that memo, but then she's been busy lately. But then, she's usually busy, and rarely stops by the research labs unless she needs to. \"The bodies of the two homeless men… Mitchell's report said they looked like they'd been dead a while, so probably not long after they went missing. How'd it kill them?\" Mattie begins to move around the table, studying the creature and tipping her head at the claw marks.\n\n \"Hah, fairly, yes. I've only been here a few weeks,\" Daniel says, smiling sheepishly. His smile dampens as she circles the autopsy table. \"To be honest? I don't know. Just on a simple examination of their bodies, it looks like they just sat down and died. The /very/ curious thing was the lack of stress evidence that is usually present in the body after starving to death. Cortisol and norepenephrine levels were normal. Pituitary, pineal, thyroid… all as normal as you can get while being dead.\" He starts to pull his glove back on, gaze turning inwards. \"I didn't see any evidence of fat or muscle depletion. The only hint of anything odd was severe dehydration, and septic sores around their thighs and lower abdomen, from sitting in their own feces for days. It's almost as if their bodies just stopped caring.\"\n\nMattie peers at the mouth of the beast as he goes into technical terms, glancing over her shoulder with a raised brow. \"Maybe if I have to keep going to college on the Murdoch assignment I'll be able to understand half of that,\" she says dryly, before backing away from the table. \n\n\"Don't worry, I'm not after your job, Doc,\" she adds, lifting her hands out of her pockets to gesture to the corpse. \"It's all yours, I promise.\" \n\nBacking up, she leans against a counter. \"So it didn't take Dav… Darkholme. Something else did. Not its MO.\" This is more addressed to herself than to Daniel, and the thoughtful scowl returns to her face.\n\n Daniel bites at his bottom lip, blinking as Mattie's question derails his own train of thought. \"Wha? Hm? Oh, umm… nnnno, I would suppose not. Mmm, sorry for all the technical terms, they sort of…\" He sheepish makes a twirling gesture at his head. \"Start to take over.\"\n\n When she backs away, he looks a little disappointed. \"Not interested in anatomy, then? I was hoping for maybe an assistant to help me dissect,\" he offers, hopefully.\n\n\"I've never even dissected a frog. I don't think you want me helping,\" Mattie says dryly, shrugging a shoulder and sliding her hands back into her pockets. \"No need to apologize. It's good that you're, um. Passionate and all about your work.\" \n\nShe studies the claw marks again, this time from afar. \"Me, I'm better in the field. I don't have much school behind me, thanks to… well.\" She shrugs again. \"Those marks were from Moseley? Damn.\" There's a touch of respect for the damage done by the man's beast form.\n\n \"Oh, it's nothing, really. You just have to retrieve tools, maybe hold ribcages open for me…\" Daniel tries to smile temptingly at Mattie. He looks down at the marks on the thing's hip and blinks in surprise. \"Were they? Hmmm! Now I want to be able to examine his form even more.\"\n\nHold ribcages. Mattie raises both brows at that. \"As tempting as that sounds…\" she says with a smirk, \"I've got a few things to work on plus what little of my separate life there is to lead.\" Which mostly entails sleep and the part-time job at the cafe slinging coffee, bangers and mash. \n\n\"I'll leave you to it. I can see if I can wrangle up someone upstairs who's willing to hold its bones for you, though.\"\n\n \"Ah. Well, that's fine then.\" Daniel tries not to show too much disappointment, though he does flash a smile at her before pulling his face mask up again. \"I would appreciate it, thank you. It gets a little lonely down here, at times. Dead bodies aren't as talkative as real live people, you know.\" He chuckles.\n\nAs she heads out the door, Mattie chuckles at his last comment. \"I'm probably not the best person for that, either, Doc. Chatty Cathy, I'm not. Maybe you can get Murdoch as an assistant if she decides to come to the dark side. She talks a mile a minute, though most of it's how horrible we all are.\" With that, she slips back out into the hallway, leaving him with his tape recorder and the very curious corpse."

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