By A Finger

Cast: date: '21 August 2012'
place: 'Park in Lambeth'
participants: 'Joseph and Teresa'
synopsis: 'Bad luck, ill timing and a bit of Paranoia make great bedfellows.'
log: "The sun is starting it's descent in the sky - Not that one can see since it's a lovely cloudy day. Fresh from the dim underground and off the subway, Teresa in her jeans, layered tank top, lace up boots and canvas pack are a common sight here. Finished with school for the day and a promise to help her father inventory some new items that came in and that someone won't be coming back for, she's got a head down and watching the ground instead of the people around her. \n\nDoesn't tend to bode well if one is in a crowded spot, or there's people who are doing the same. But it's by a park, and it's ticking on round to half past three, so she has little worry there. But she does lift her head now and then, glance around, just in case. She was just visited after all.\n\nWalking through the streets is an event as of late for Joseph. He also tends to keep his head down so he does not have to meet the gaze of those around him. Though their gazes tend to follow him. He is wearing his clericals, the normal black slacks, black shirt, and clerical collar and reaches up to pull at his collar as for some reason it feels a little tight.\n\nSo it is - inevitable really - that two people who both keep their gazes lowered are going to bump into each other if not a little more than that. Priest and woman collide, Teresa bouncing off the other and stumbling back. Habitually, she's looking up to see who it is that she's run into, wobbling on her feet as balance threatens to give and leave her on her ass. \"I'm sorry\" Uttered by rote.\n\nWell bollocks! Joseph bumps into her and bounces back into a passerby who knocks him to the ground, and continues on as if nothing at all had happened. He looks over at the girl he bumped into. \"Think nothing of it, my own fault most certainly. I should watch where I am walking.\" Seeing her in danger of falling herself he rushes to his feet quickly to make an attempt to steady her.\n\n\"I wasn't watching either\" Teresa offers, taking half the blame for the run in even as she's grabbing onto his arm to steady herself. \n\nAnd then she's tensing up, a glance to his face having been all she needed to know. Touched, just like her. It doesn't make her let go. Quite the opposite, the blonde with the pert nose leaning in. \"Why are you watching me?\"\n\nSeeing she is steady, Joseph lets her go and looks at her utterly confused. He then looks at her oddly feeling like he knows something about her, but can not place his finger on it. \"Watching you, ma'am? If I had been watching anything but my feet I hardly would have bumped into you.\"\n\n\"It's just a co-incidence that a touched person, runs into me? A few days after the lot of you show up in my shop?\" Teresa - of the American accent - points out, forefinger out and pointed, nay, touching his chest. She seems to take the collar for a joke and not the real thing. \"You turn into a poof of smoke like that one that was at the back? Or are you friend with that Mattie woman? Convenient that you just bumped into me wouldn't you say? Waiting for me to just light the park on fire or something? Well?\"\n\n\"Madame, at this moment one could hardly say I am being touched by anything but your finger.\" Joseph takes her finger between his own forefinger and thumb and removes it from his chest. \"And I do not go poof, nor do I know anyone named Mattie. And no matter how convenient anything seems to you, sometimes a coincidence, if this happens to be one, is just that, a coincidence. And if you are worried about people watching over your shoulder because you have a tendency toward arson, maybe you should get some help from a psychiatrist to help you with that.\" He takes a step back away from her and looking himself over and noticing his slacks have a little dirt on them, he begins to brush the dust off them. Whatever that feeling that he knows something about her is, he does not know, but right now he is worried he may have to call for the Bobbies.\n\nIt occurs, to her that this could be one of two things. \n\nOne. This really is a coincidence and she just might be making a fool of herself in front of what apparently, quite possibly, likely is a priest of some kind. If so, well, isn't this just on the left side of awkward. Just a little. \n\nOr, two. That these people who are watching her, are pretty good actors and like to wander around in priest garments. Either way, guilt chases around the blonde - and not just for getting in the mans face - and at the mention of propensities for arson and the need for potential psychiatric help, she's turning abruptly on her heel and starting into the park. Someone touched a sore spot. Or two.\n\nThe Vicar watches as she turns around and lets out a breath. That was the oddest situation he has been in for a while. He begins to turn to walk in the opposite direction, but then thinks better of it. If this woman is a nutter, maybe someone should be watching her. He begins to follow after her into the park to make sure she does not get into any trouble or more importantly hurt anyone.\n\nTeresa sticks to herself, avoiding people in as much as she can. Elbows in, holding tight to her bag and cutting through the park. There's no arson happening here, he can be thankful for that. But she does look over her shoulder, catching sight of him at one point which only prompts her to scowl. Eventually though, there's no park and only street, into a nicer part of Lambeth that seems to serve the middle class if it's stores are any indication.\n\nWell the fact that she made it through the park safely is a good sigh. Not knowing if he should continue to follow or just pull out his cell phone and give the police a ring to tip them off about her, he stops for a moment, and as it would happen it is just a moment after she turns to look at him. Blast it, could he look any more obvious? As she continues on into Lambeth, so does he.\n\nIt's a few more minutes, the opportunity to follow as she's turning down streets - likely on purpose to try and loose him without needing to scream for those same police about the priest who's taken it upon himself to follow. Eventually though, there's a fumble with keys, a pause at a green door located between two shops that promote fresh baked goods and some little specialty clothing boutique. Soon enough though, she's got the door open, slipping in and locking it behind her. Out of sight of Joseph, out of reach, and out of range of the insta guilt trip.\n\nTry as he might, Joseph can't seem to keep up with her and just as her door closes behind her, he turns the corner. He shakes his head. \"And she accused me of being able to disappear mysteriously into thin air.\" He takes one last look around and walks down the street, passing obliviously past her door and continuing on a little ways before giving up and backtracking his way back through the streets, through the park, and back toward his original destination.\n"

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