Coffee Zombies

Cast: date: 'September 26, 2012'
place: 'Prufrock Coffee'
participants: 'Griffin, Wynn'
synopsis: 'Two telepaths cross paths in a local coffee shop…'
log: "It is a rather miserable evening. The temperature of summer has gone, and has left with chilly weather that is quite pleasant for heavier jackets or light coats, but certainly less pleasant to walk around in. All of this adds up to make the coffee shop a somewhat popular destination, especially for those who have just finished their shopping in Camden market. It is warm in here, and the smell of good coffee and tea wafts out of the doors as one enters, only to be hit square in the face with the delightful scents.\n\nGriffin is one such patron who has decided to take up a perch within; it's not too crowded for his tastes, and he has found a nice happy medium of being far away from people and being close to the door, both of which are his preferred places for sitting. As he sips at his coffee, he quietly reads an old book, his eyes lifting briefly each time a new person walks through the door, only to fall back down to the page without so much of a glance. At the very least, he knows what to expect while here.\n\nThe look on Wynn's face is better suited to a parent two weeks before Christmas, rather than a single man mid-September. He looks harried and rather tired, hair uncombed and a little bit of stubble on his cheeks. He's got a backpack on his back that sags with the weight of something. He shoulders open the door and inhales the pleasant scent. And then he's shuffling forward. Coffee zombie.\n\nAnd it is at this point that Griffin's green eyes finally do lift from his book for more than a mere moment, turning to stare at Wynn with a shocked, if not horrified expression on his face. He can't hear the guy. Rather, instead, he gets a nice bit of a squeal, but only he can hear it. Not that anyone here can really tell what's going on in his head right now. To everyone else, Griffin is simply staring at Wynn as if he has just seen a ghost, or something stranger than that.\n\nAll the same, he stares at the new person in the shop.\n\nWynn doesn't have the kind of telepathy that picks up on strangers, so the recognition isn't mutual. He's so haggard and in need of caffeine that Griffin gets a couple of minutes of staring before he finally registers there's eyes on him. He lifts a pair of expressive brows and peers over at the other man. \"Can I help you with something? You are staring at me, ay?\"\n\nIt takes Griffin a moment to realize that he is indeed staring rather rudely at the poor, haggard looking man. When he does realize it, the man shakes his head, clearing his throat apologetically. \"Sorry, mate, I thought you looked like someone I know.\" He's still staring when his eyes go slightly out of focus, for but a brief moment, before he jumps slightly and shakes his head, sipping at his coffee. \"Obviously, you're not.\"\n\nWynn looks Griffin over for a moment, seems to be pondering something, then just shakes his head. It's his turn at the counter and he orders himself a large latte. While he waits, it's his turn to look rather intently at the other man. He hates to do it - this looking past the human masks business, but it is quite useful. And he has a sneaking suspicion.\n\nAnd considering the horrific visage that looks back at him, Wynn's sneaking suspicion is quite correct. Griffin is sipping at his beverage, but more than anything, it looks like he is devouring the entire disposable coffee cup with those tentacles all over his face. At this point, Griffin isn't hiding the stares any longer, so it appears that the beast that has taken Griffin's place is staring at Wynn rather hungrily as it eats its cup. Or sips coffee. Whichever.\n\nWynn's dark eyes go wide, then he shakes his head and looks away. He runs a hand back through his hair and balloons up his cheeks. He's actually been called two or three times by the barista by the time he registers it. He murmurs a thank-you and then picks up the cup. Slowly, hesitantly, he approaches Griffin's table. \"I'd much rather we had a secret handshake. Easier, yeah?\"\n\nGriffin closes his eyes for a moment as Wynn approaches, pushing the images away; he doesn't open them until the other man speaks. He regards the fellow for a long moment, before offering a slow nod. \"I must agree, it would be much easier.\" This is stated with a faint smirk. \"Less terrifying, I'm sure.\" That said, another long swig of coffee is taken, even as Griffin leans back faintly in his seat and gestures to the chair opposite him in an invitation.\n\n\"So what were you doing there, ay? Screening everyone who walked through the door? I don't know about you, but that whole business gives me a hell of a headache.\" Wynn looks like he already has one, too. He settles into the seat opposite Griffin.\n\nA smirk finds its way across Griffin's face, another swig of coffee draining the last of his cup. \"I can ignore it, most of the time, and sitting by the door is actually the quietest place there is when you want to sit in peace.\" He gestures at the slightly busy room. \"Most won't sit by the door because of the chill in the air.\" He shrugs, setting the coffee cup on the table. He definitely did not eat it.\n\n\"You know about the Watch, yeah? How long have you been…back?\" Wynn glances around to check and see if anyone's listening in. It's rather obvious that he's doing it. Superspy he is not.\n\nConfusion briefly flickers across Griffin's face, before being quickly replaced by one of curiosity. \"The Watch?\" The man blinks a few times, idly toying with the empty coffee cup in his hands. \"I've only been 'back' a few months…\"\n\n\"Ah.\" Wynn purses his lips, then clears his throat. \"Well, um…recruitment isn't exactly my thing. Nor is this whole first speech. Uh. Well, The Watch exists to help people like us. People who've been…over there, and have come back…different.\"\n\nThe man tips his head toward the other, leaning forward on the table. \"Interesting.\" He nods quietly, apparently content with being a man of few words this evening. \"Perhaps I should look that up.\" He pulls at his facial hair, eyes intent upon Wynn's face.\n\nWynn looks rather uncomfortable. \"Look, if you'll give me your contact details, I can have someone who isn't rubbish at this business come and talk to you. The sales pitch isn't really my thing.\" He folds his fingers around his coffee and sips it.\n\nAfter a moment's pause, Griffin nods quietly, reaching into the pocket of his jacket and pulling out a business card that simply carries his name and number. This is set down and slid across the table, to Wynn. \"That's fine. Not everyone is meant for sales.\" Griffin chuckles softly. \"So what can you do?\"\n\nWynn takes the card, examines it, then tucks it away in his pocket. \"I, uh, well, is it important? I've been out for about seven years? Roughly. I think.\" One eyebrow quirks as he tries to remember. \"I don't tend to like discussing it in public. I don't need to know yours either. Just how much you've got it under control.\"\n\n\"It's not really important, no, just curious.\" A pause. \"Just so long as you don't go out of your way to make me angry.\" Griffin frowns, a serious look appearing over his features briefly to indicate that he is certainly not joking.\n\n\"I uh, I have no intention of making you angry,\" says the Welshman. He looks over his shoulder a bit nervously, then back to Griffin. \"I'm Wynn, by the way.\"\n\n\"And I have no intention of getting angry.\" A respectful nod is offered to the man. \"Griffin.\" A hand is offered out to Wynn, along with a faintly disarming smile. \"I'm generally harmless, don't worry.\"\n\nWynn eyes the hand, but after a wary moment, he shakes it. Once their hands touch, he's suddenly wincing as his ears fill with strange static. He withdraws his hand and blinks. \"Well. That was interesting. Did you feel that?\"\n\nGriffin seems to notice something, as well, flinching slightly at roughly the same moment. \"I noticed that, yes.\" He mumbles this after a brief moment of recovery. \"Somewhat like the sound you get when you put two phones microphone to earpiece?\" Though it's not really an issue of something he actually heard, he pulls at one of his ears, as if that will help remove the remnants of that 'sound' in his mind.\n\n\"Something like that,\" says Wynn, quietly. He peers at Griffin. \"You…weren't scanning for Touched when I came in, were you? It was something else.\"\n\nThe man shakes his head. \"I try to avoid looking at others like that. Not my favorite thing in the world to see, you know?\" Griffin peers quietly at Wynn, before reaching up to tap the side of his own head. \"Something else entirely, yes.\"\n\nWynn squints. Then he reaches out, palm upturned. \"Do you mind if I try something? Promise it won't be intrusive. Just testing a theory.\" Never mind how it might look for one man to offer his hand to another in a public place.\n\nAfter a moment's hesitation, Griffin reaches out and places the tips of his fingers against Wynn's hand. He never quite cared much about who saw him doing what, especially not these days. Not like he's well known, just another fellow sitting in a coffee shop.\n\nWynn folds one thumb over and holds just firmly enough to keep contact. Then, he closes his eyes and tries to establish a connection. The reaction is immediate. He lets out a little yelp of discomfort and tugs his hand back. \"Static. Rather, that's the best way my brain can interpret that sensation. You're a telepath, aren't you?\" He blinks and winces, and then takes a rather long swallow from his coffee.\n\nThe lanky man offers a slow nod. \"I am indeed. As are you, I believe?\" He raises his brows faintly, turning his gaze down toward his hand. \"I heard that when you walked through the door.\" He rubs quietly at his face.\n\n\"Of a kind, yes. Though I do believe you and I are fairly different flavors. For one, mine requires touch.\" Wynn curls his fingers under. \"Look. I know what it's like. This messing about in other peoples' head. It's unpleasant business. And I've been dealing with mine far longer than you have yours.\"\n\nA slow nod bobs Griffin's head forward briefly. \"It's…not fun.\" He smiles faintly. \"I don't need touch, generally. It's kind of always on, here.\" The man shrugs. \"I'm learning how to deal with it. It's not quite fun.\" He smiles faintly.\n\n\"Well, one of the benefits of being a Watch member, in addition to moral support and a place to stay if you're in need of it, is access to many experienced and reputable people who are very good at helping people keep control of their powers.\" Wynn folds his hands together and delivers it all in his best salesman tone. And he even manages to keep a straight face.\n\n\"That's good to know.\" Griffin leans back in his seat. \"I've found a few others…it's interesting, to say the least.\" He tilts his head toward his shoulder, regarding Wynn for a long moment. then, a glance to his watch has him sitting up straight. \"I have an appointment I need to make, but…you have my contact information.\" A support network sounds good. Really good, actually.\n\n\"Someone will be in touch, I'm certain. And before too long.\" Wynn rolls his shoulders back. \"I should be along, myself. I'm sure I'll see you around again.\" He stands and hefts his backpack back up.\n\nStanding, Griffin offers a respectful nod. \"I'm sure I'll be seeing you. It'd be nice to know if you're similar to me in any other ways.\" The man smiles faintly, shrugging his jacket on, before turning toward the door with a wave. \"A pleasure to meet you.\" And then, he's gone, out the door."

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