Courtroom Drama

Cast: date: 'October 11, 2012'
place: 'The Devil''s Court Clubhouse aka The Courtroom'
participants: 'Christian, Gwyneth, Naz'
synopsis: 'Could a misstep by another local MC''s member and the punishment dished out call down retribution on the Devil''s Court? Time will tell.'
log: "\nIt looks like any seedy dive bar anywhere. The stools at the small bar in the corner are wobbly enough that it's probably a good idea to keep both feet on the ground when sitting on them. The glasses might not always be the cleanest. The few tables scattered about the room have tops scarred with knife gouges and cigarette burns. A beat up old jukebox on one far wall sometimes needs a good kick to get it to work. The two billiards tables, however, are in pristine condition and appear to be the recipients of a re-felting on a regular basis. A single hallway leads further into the building and a banner above the doorway reads; Devil's Court Motorcycle Club along with a picture of a devil's head and two bone gavels positioned much like a typical skull and cross bones.\n\n\"I hope you smashed him good!\" Naz says with a snarl, offended on Gwyn's behalf. \"Cocksucker.\" She's sitting at the bar with Gwyneth, off duty. \"Well, not *all* of them,\" the girl confesses. \"It's much more fun if you just mix up two, and then watch them try to figure out what's different.\"\n\nGwyneth shakes her head and grins evilly for just a moment, \"Oh no. I just told him I don't have any local anesthesia.\" The grin fades. \"Then I gave him twice the stitches he actually needed and told his old lady about it when I sent him home with her. I think he'll be more tactful if he ends up in the clinic again.\" She's drunk. It's just like her to be able to say words like 'anesthesia' when she's drunk. But she's at least not drinking any more at this point.\n\nSome people are just born to swagger. Christian Hammons must be one of those people because that swagger he has going on when he pushes through the front doors of the clubhouse? That's not a thing that can be learned. He has a cell phone pressed to his ear and his voice is that icy sort of calm that screams danger around the edges. \"No, you listen. That bloody bastard beat one of my girls and that doesn't happen on my watch.\" Probably talking about one of the 'working girls'? Seems that way. \"So I really don't give two flying fucks. Next time, it'll be his pecker not his fingers.\" Of course whoever he went to teach a lesson to might have gotten in a few good shots. He's sporting a black eye of his own and a nasty looking gash over one eyebrow. That? Is pretty much par for the course around here. He snaps the phone shut with a growl and stops dead in his tracks when he notices the womenfolk, finally. \"Uh…\" Oh so eloquent that. He braces for the Gwyn bitchfitmotherfussing to begin.\n\n\"Or you'll be sewing new parts together,\" Naz cackles. She sips at her drink, wrinkles her nose, and sets it aside. \"You going to need a ride later?\" she asks. \"I don't mind, if you do.\" She sticks out her tongue a bit, as if trying to get a bad taste of of her mouth. \"If you end up wrapped 'round some pole somewhere scraped in a paper cup, I don't want Chrissie to kick *my* ass.\" she tells her. \"I could leave you some chai too. You might need it in the morning.\" And then, speak of the devilshe turns around as Chris blasts in, eyes widened.\n\nChristian knows Gwyn so well. As soon as she hears his voice she turns to him with a smile. But that smile fades rapidly when she sees the black eye and the cut. She's off her stool and on her toes in front of him so she can examine the gash before anyone has time to blink. \"I'll sleep here tonight,\" she informs Naz mid-flight. One of those tiny doctor flashlights is produced and she's shining it in Christian's eye. \"Good lord, Chris, can you go one day without getting into a fight?\" It's affectionate, though. She's not really upset. In fact, her tone suggests she rather admires him for what it sounds like he got in a fight over. As she puts her flashlight away she gingerly presses on the outer edges of the cut. \"I'll put a couple of stitches in and you won't even have a scar.\" Then she kisses him and drops back down to her feet. She's in her scrubs, suggesting she had someone in the clinic at some point tonight.\n\n\"I could, but you might start thinking I'm some alien pod person,\" Christian points out before he's reaching up to gently bat the flashlight away. He's not wearing his sunglasses and even in here? In the relative darkness of the clubhouse? He's squinting those pretty blue eyes of his against the light. The reason he's not wearing his shades might have something to do with the tiny bit of their frame embedded in that cut. Broke another pair. He winks the non-blackened eye, but it's more for Naz than Gwyn. \"It's just a scratch. I'm fine.\"\n\nNaz rolls her eyes heavenward at Chris' wink, though her posture relaxes a bit at least. \"Probably for th' best,\" she murmurs to Gwyn, though it's unlikely she's heard, Gwyn's attention diverted. She rocks back with her arms against the bar, just watching for now.\n\nGwyneth smiles at the man once again. The adoration in her eyes is clear. She loves him. She may not have said it yet, but anyone with eyes can see it right now. \"Wait here,\" she informs him, pointing towards Naz and the bar. \"I'll fetch my kit.\" It's just downstairs, after all.\n\nBefore she gets too far away, Gwyneth gets pulled in for a kiss to the forehead. \"She been drinking?\" Christian asks as soon as Gwyn's out of earshot. His eyebrows raise considerably when he asks the question and then one of them drops again as he waits for the answer. Alcohol? It doesn't do much for the odd half-breed, but that's why he keeps that orange juice in the 'fridge.\n\nNaz raises both brows, and gives Chris a hand signal with thumb and forefinger, keeping them about a shotglass width apart, and then a jerk upwards of her thumb as if to say a lot of those perhaps. \"Just a bit,\" she murmurs. \"Holds up well though, don't she?\" the girl adds, with no small admiration. \"What the fuck happened to *you*?\"\n\nWhile she's down getting her kit, whoever's tending bar gets rid of Gwyn's shot glass. The little doctor is gone for a few minutes, probably fumbling drunkenly with her keys to try and get into the clinic.\n\n\"Little bit, huh?\" Christian sounds like he might not believe that too much. \"One of the Gladiators,\" that would be a sometimes rival clubs from across town it would, one they sell guns to when they're not rivals, go figure… \"…got rough with Tammy,\" yes, one of the working girls. \"She called me, locked in the bathroom, crying, bloody fuckhead was trying to beat down the door.\" The rest should explain itself, so he doesn't continue. \"So, little bit, huh?\" he goes back to. \"Anything I should know?\" Like why?\n\nThe dark haired girl shrugs. \"Didn't say much, Chrissie. Already at it when I got off.\" She glares at her own discarded drink. \"I'm going to start keepin' my own fucking stash here,\" she mutters. \"They moving in on ya, the Gladiators?\" Naz asks, \"Or this just some crazy bastard who got a little too uppity?\"\n\nGwyneth is back soon enough. She sets her bag down on the stool next to Christian and opens it. She pulls on her latex gloves and tears open an alcohol swab. She only teeters a little bit. Really, shouldn't worry at all about letting her near someone's face with a needle or anything. She's quiet, focusing very intently on the gash so that she doesn't cause more damage. She knows she's drunk. She's got a pair of long tweezers in one hand and the alcohol swab in the other. \"You want a drink first or something, babe?\"\n\n\"Nah, just do it.\" Christian replies to Gwyn first. Brave stoic man must be brave and stoic, he must… yes. He settles onto a stool, one foot on the ground still. \"Just one of them being an idiot. I figure it'll be fine unless they get a wild hair about wanting retaliation for the fact that their Sgt. at Arms has two crushed hands.\" He's sweating a little, but that's certainly not because this is about to hurt. Stubborn men must also be stubborn.\n\nThe phone in Naz's pocket rings again. She slips it out enough to see who it is, then stuffs it back in her pocket. \"I've got to go,\" she says with a sigh. \"I promised Mummy I'd stop by the store on the way home, and I guess she's waiting up. I'll see you 'round. You take care of him, docand you see she makes it cross the stree all right, Chris.\" she admonishes them, slipping off her seat. The phone rings in her pocket, all the way out.\n\nGwyneth watches Naz go with a slightly amused expression. \"See you later,\" she offers. And, while Christian's hopefully distracted by the other woman departing, she wipes his forehead and yanks out that little bit of plastic in a quick, fluid motion. A little gauze pad is lifted to stem the bleeding. \"Hold this,\" she says quietly as she presses it against his forehead. Assuming he does as instructed, she starts getting the needle and sutures ready.\n\n\"Watch yourself on the way home. You want me to have one of the prospects go with you?\" It's not like he doesn't know that if the Gladiators are looking for retaliation, he women associated with the club are prime targets for the getting even. \"Don't give me lip about the sug-\" Fuck… Christian sucks in a hiss of a breath when that little bit of plastic gets suddenly gone from his face. But his hand raises to do as told. He's really not that horrible of a patient.\n\nNaz gives the idea of some Gladiator messing with her the middle finger. \"If anyone makes eyes at me, Gwyn will sew their cock to the side of their head for me, right?\" She calls over her shoulder, and actually chortles as Chris sucks it in. And then she's out the door.\n\n\"I would,\" Gwyn agrees as Naz makes her exit. She's got everything laid out on a sterile cloth on the not-so-sterile bartop. But really, what sterile means for Christian is anyone's guess. But he's been through stitches before without problems, so she'll just keep doing what she's doing. Another alcohol swab and she nudges his hand and the gauze away, getting in close so she can see what she's doing. He can smell the tequila on her breath. \"Rough night,\" she says, before he can ask. \"One of the guys left drunk and fell off his bike, then he got fresh with me and was difficult to deal with. But he's probably still being yelled at and slapped, so I'm not too worried about him trying anything again.\"\n\n…and just a few moments later, Christian is quietly placing a phone call to have Naz followed home in the middle of being all patched up and whatnot. Wow, does his expression turn a bit toward outraged. \"One of ''our'' guys?\" he asks, tone incredulous and not without a hint of 'Someone. Is. Going. To. Die.' mixed in there.\n\nGwyneth can't help but smile just a little, though she pushes it away quickly enough. But when a guy gets upset like that over a girl, it makes her feel pretty important. She's put in thousands of stitches over the years that she's been patching up the DC. So even drunk it's quick, and not as painful as might be expected. \"It's okay, Chris,\" she says quietly. In the din of the bar her lowered voice means he has to calm down a bit and listen if he wants to hear her. \"His wife knows about it. Do you really think you can punish him worse than she can?\" A little bandage is stuck over the gash and just like that she's done and cleaning up.\n\n\"Do you really think I can't?\" Christian asks, his own voice equally low, but so very dangerous. He's a lot of things and among them? He's sweet, a loving father, an attentive lover, a good and loyal friend. But also among them? He ''is'' a dangerous and sometimes terrifying man. He has no choice but to be to survive in his world. But this? Messing with his 'Old Lady'? Oh… oh… he's soooo pissed he doesn't even notice the stitching even without anything to dull it.\n\nOnce she's packed things away and tossed away what needs tossing, Gwyn jumps up to sit on the bar in front of Christian, with a foot on the upper rungs on either side of his stool. \"I know you can. I just don't think it's necessary.\" She's not going to offer up a name, but she knows full well that she doesn't have to. There isn't a person in this club who wouldn't tell the man who was down in the clinic tonight. \"Everyone here knows what happened. By tomorrow night everyone in the MC will know what happened. And he will end up in my clinic again, we all know that as well.\" She lowers herself onto his lap, leaning back against the bar and linking her hands behind his neck. \"So, if I don't have an apology by the weekend, maybe you need to have a talk with him.\"\n\nIt doesn't seem to be a matter Christian is going to be easily placated in regards to. There are two sides to this problem. One? Gwyneth is his Old Lady and he does love her and that sparks just good old fashioned jealousy. Two? Gwyneth is ''his'' Old Lady and he's the damned VP of this club and there's the matter of ''respecting'' that. \"I can't just let this go, Gwyn,\" he replies, nostrils flaring ever so slightly. \"It doesn't send the right message for me to just let it go.\"\n\nGwyneth knows better than to argue. She may not have been born into this life. She might not have been raised in the culture. But she's willing enough to take her place as a woman in the MC. With a soft sigh she nods and concedes. \"What will you do?\" She really should have known better than to try and talk him out of it in the club too.\n\nThere's something that feels, to him, inherently wrong about wrapping his arms around the woman he's grown to love while talking about such things, so Christian brings his hands up to wrap them loosely around her arms near where they rest on his shoulders. \"I don't know, babe.\" …and that's the truth of the matter. \"I'll figure it out when I get there.\" In many ways, it's the way he deals with a lot of what the MC life throws at him, dealing with it when he gets there. Deals and bargains and sales, those things all need planning. The rest of it? The violence and the fights? There's really not much planning for it.\n\nGwyneth rubs at the side of her face with one hand. \"I'm going to put my kit away. Hopefully these people can manage not to crash tonight. I've had a bit too much to drink.\" The unspoken question of where she'll be sleeping tonight is left hanging in the air. She's crashed on her cot in the clinic before and she will again tonight if she needs to. Despite what they've been through together, over all these years, she's still a little shy about a few things. And inviting herself home with him is one of those things. It would be different if he didn't have a little boy at home waiting for him, but she respects that he's got a little family.\n\n\"James is probably sleeping,\" Christian offers quietly. \"Becca's with him,\" the teenage daughter of their current President… long time friend of his dead father, David Wells. David is certainly a man to be feared but he raised Christian after the death of his father. \"I need to take her home. Can you sit with James?\" There's the invitation, such that it is. He obviously expects her to stay when he gets back.\n\n\"Of course,\" Gwyn answers, fighting off the dorky grin that's forming. She clears her throat and slides off his lap to the side. \"I'll put this back and get my coat.\" She grabs her kit and heads for the back, the basement, and the clinic so she can grab her clothes as well. Scrubs are comfortable, but they're not all that flattering. It takes her a few minutes longer than might be expected. But she has important things to do… Like brushing her teeth, making sure her boobs are in her sexy bra properly, and checking to see that her hair isn't too terribly hideous. When she returns she doesn't look much different, but she doesn't smell like tequila anymore.\n\nChristian takes the time that Gwyneth is gone to find out who it was that stepped over that line. Of course she figured it right, the first person he asked that knew? Spilled the beans. He also used the time to fish around behind the bar for a spare pair of shades to cover his light sensitive eyes. He leaves the things laying everywhere. He's on the phone when she returns, damned phone, \"Yeah, I'm getting ready to drop Becca off. Meetings tomorrow at three o'clock. You know Finn won't deal unless you're there.\" He must be talking to David? \"Yeah, we'll meet at the clubhouse first. Load up the truck. Figure about one?\" He's either not mentioning the issue with the Gladiators or he's waiting to do that in person? He does offer a smile when Gwyn returns and for a Bid Bad Biker, he sure has a pretty one. \"You ready?\" he asks, lowering the phone a bit away from his mouth before he adds, \"See you in ten…\" more into it again and hangs up.\n\nGwyneth nods and pulls her coat on. She's got a backpack with her and she slings it over one shoulder. Goodnights are given to whoever's still around, and then she follows Christian to the door. Once they're outside she takes a deep breath of night air to clear her head, then reaches out to take his hand if he'll let her, while they walk across the lot. \"He has your eyes,\" she says, sort of out of the blue. It's easy to assume she's talking about James. \"It won't be long before he's got a trail of girls behind him wherever he goes.\" Gwyn knows that pretty much every teen girl who knows him has a crush on Christian. And she knows that the older girls have their eye on him too. It's good that she's not really the jealous sort. She thinks it's funny most of the time.\n\n\"I don't know about all that. He's a good looking boy though. Looks like his mother.\" Which is a total falsehood, but the fact that Christian can manage to say it without hatred and bitterness in his voice is proof of how far he's come since she died. He really wasn't her biggest fan at the end, but it's something he doesn't talk about; the why of it, where it fell apart, what she did that was so horrible. He allows his hand to be taken and as the two of them approach the garage, he pulls his keys from his pocket to open the front door after entering the alarm keycode. \"Go on up, yeah? Send Becs down and I'll be back after I drop her off and talk a little with David.\"\n\nGwyneth nods as she steps in close and closes her eyes a moment to inhale his scent. \"I'll be waiting.\" It takes some willpower to step away, but really, what's she going to do right now with the girl upstairs? She heads up and knocks gently on the door to alert the Becca of her presence. Then she sends the young woman down and closes and locks the door. She likes those times when she gets to be alone with Chris' son. She peeks in on James and watches him sleeping for a few minutes, a smile on her face.\n\n"

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