Define Research Assistant

Cast: date: 'September 9, 2012'
place: 'Murdoch''s Pawn Shop'
participants: 'Mattie, Teresa'
synopsis: 'Teresa calls Mattie over to give her a gloom touched item and inquire about someone.'
log: "Just off from the morning shift at the cafe, Mattie trudges through the alley behind Murdoch's Pawn Shop. She might still smell a little like an English fry-up, and she has a splatter of HP Sauce that's luckily not too noticeable on the black fabric of the Regency Cafe t-shirt she wears with her dark jeans and black Docs. Her ever present black trench coat covers most of her up, but she's easily recognized by the shock of red hair beneath a gray beret. \n\nWhen she gets to the back doors, she glances back and forth for any dangers that might be lurking. After a quick rap of knuckles on the door, she turns so that she can see both the door and one way down the alley. It leaves one side vulnerable, and she tips her head to the side so she can watch that side out of the corner of her eye too.\nIt's a trap!\n\nOkay no, it's not. It takes a moment and likely one more knuckle rapping before the one door of the wide double doors to the back of the pawn shop where the rest of it's stuff rests is opened. Teresa's peering out at first, to confirm who it is before she's opening the door all the way for the other woman. \"I wasn't sure you'd come\" Confession, she's soon closing it behind Mattie when the other woman is in.\n\n\n\"I told you to call if you need me,\" says Mattie simply with a shrug; to her it's as simple as that. If you say you'll do something, you do it. \n\n\"Is everything okay?\" she asks, pulling off her cap inside where it's at least a little warmer and shoving it into the pocket of her trench coat. \"I'll admit I didn't expect you to call that quickly, that maybe if I saw you Monday you might want to talk more. You know. At school.\" \n\n\"I was thinking, about what you said\" Mattie's said a lot of thing. In the back, things are on shelves, stacked here and there, large items on the floor. A desk in the far corner laden with papers and receipts, the back of the store not as organized as the front. But that they're still in business must mean it's organized enough. \"If I noticed something\" little more of a clue as to why she called. She moves away from the door, easing towards one part of the shop back that's kept clear. Except there's an older looking chair. Simple, looks like it could belong to some higher end household. Like it might be worth a bit of money actually. \n\n\"What do you guys do with items… that are like us. Touched by the gloom?\"\n\n\nMattie moves deeper inside, hands shoving in her pockets as she stands a bit awkwardly, looking about as the other woman talks. When Teresa gets to the point, she lifts her brows in curiosity. \"I'm not an expert in objects, really, but we usually try to get them out of the reach of the general public. Bring them to headquarters where they might be tested, usually destroyed. It depends on the object. Sometimes they're potentially useful but a lot of times they're better off getting blown off the face of the earth.\" \n\nIt sounds like she'd destroy them all if she had her druthers. \"I've destroyed a couple in my time because they were too unsafe to leave and wait for the crew to come get, but usually I leave it to them to handle.\" Her green eyes fall on the chair, and she tips her chin toward it. \"That it?\"\n\"This is it\" Her hands slide into the back pockets of her jeans and looks towards the unassuming chair. \"I found it at an estate auction. we sometimes go to them, see if there's something worth picking up on the cheap for the shop to sell\" She juts her chin at the chair. \"My parents think I just wanted it for myself, but I saw it when it went up, like I can tell gloomies from normals, this… I'd never really seen anything like it before. So I bought it, I think I pissed off another guy who runs an antique shop by winning it. I've shoved it in my flat, kept it there. I don't sit in it, it just… Then you said\" \n\nTeresa shifts over, giving it a kick as if by doing so it might suddenly grow teeth and try to eat them. \"It might be better off with you guys instead of near my bed\"\n\nThe redhead moves closer to the chair, walking around it but not touching. \"Good instincts. Thanks for getting it out of the general public. I can't tell what it does or anything by looking at it, but my advice is not to sit in it or even touch it if you can. Keep your parents and anyone else away from it. I can call someone and have them pick it up. I'll tell them to ask for you.\" \n\nShe turns back to Teresa. \"See, you're a natural, doing the right thing. May as well do it and have a support system, right? I talked to our head and she said we could use your skills if you want to help out. We also have a guy who's looking for an assistant up in the research lab.\" She doesn't push that, nor give too many details at first. \n\n Nodding her head to the chair, she asks, \"Are you wanting compensation for that thing, or are you just wanting it gone?\"\n\n\"it's been in my room for a few months. No ones sat on it. I'm not exactly miss popular or get many guys over\" She points out while letting Mattie examine it. \"Take it. I don't need compensation. I didn't waste too much money on it. Like I said, figure it might be better off in your hands.\" You're being relative.\n\nBut then Mattie is pitching her superiors and a position with them and she squirms a little, uncomfortable. \"Define…. research assistant?\"\n\n\nMattie pulls a cell phone out of her pocket and quick fingers send a text to someone on the other end. \"Well. That just came up, it wasn't what I talked to our boss about. I went to talk to him while he was doing an autopsy on an Other. He was hoping I'd stick around to help dissect or something. Not my thing, but maybe you'd be keen on it.\" \n\n Quickly, however, before Teresa can protest, she adds, \"IF NOT, you're still welcome to help if you like, in some capacity. We have a lot of different ways to help the fight, you know? We have people who run, like, halfway houses for Touched that need them, we have people like me who go out and investigate things. If badly.\" She smiles ruefully at that. \"We have people who just work research or medical or… it's really whatever people can do to help. And of course, you don't have to join at all. I won't ask anymore, if you really don't.\"\n\"I was never that good at dissecting, and I'm not that good at nursing\" Teresa confides while just like that, shooting down the offer to be an assistant. \"I'm sure that your… coroner can recruit someone else\" She urns, heading for the desk and the chair there, easing down to sit. To rest, she must be mulling it over, possibly, because she doesn't say no. But she doesn't say yes either. \n\n\"There was a man, named Vasya. Your… friends, the extremely overzealous ones tried to beat the hell out of him at the bar I was at. He came around. What do you guys know of him?\"\n\nThe answer from Teresa gets a nod from Mattie, who doesn't push the woman joining the Watch. The mention of Vasya has her brow knitting as she tries to think of what she knows of that night, tries to recall what David told her about it on their one and only date, what he wrote about it in the report. Her eyes drop and something flickers across her face that she tries to hide by letting her long hair fall forward. \n\n\"Never heard that name, Vasya,\" Mattie says honestly. \"I'm not sure why the woman with Dav- David,\" there's a swallow there, \"I don't know why she attacked, exactly. I don't know what she saw. What do you see when you see this Vasya? Is he like us or something else?\"\n\"I didn't look. I don't generally try to look at us. I just\" She gestures to the overall of mattie. \"Know. It's just some feeling, like it's in your bones. I just.. if you'd known anything. He knows about you guys. He asked if we were friends\" A slight shrug of her shoulders. \"Are you okay?\" catching the stutter of Davids name.\n\nMattie ignores the last question but focuses on the rest, looking up with eyes narrowed in curiosity. \"Never heard of him,\" she repeats. \"Can you tell the difference between someone like us — you and me — and someone who's impersonating a person? Because the Others can take the form of normal people. They can live among us and most people can't tell. Not even those of us who know what to look for, sometimes. Is it possible that he wasn't Touched but was actually… from the Gloom? Not just changed by it?\" The question is asked in a very solemn, earnest tone as she studies Teresa's face.\n\nNow Mattie's going a little of Teresa's head if the confused look on her face is anything to go by. \"I don't know. Far as I know, just someone or something touched by the gloom. Like you or-\" She gestures to the chair. \"That. If they've been touched, I know that. But beyond… I'm sorry\" She offers up in an apology to Mattie. \"I don't know that I met anyone from the gloom itself. Just others touched by it\" Slender shoulders lift and fall. \"He said that I shouldn't worry about the lot of you. That I should leave the worrying to him\" She does point out.\n\n\nThose green eyes narrow further. \"Don't be sorry. He said that you shouldn't worry but that he will worry? Like… was he implying that we're some sort of threat to you and that he'll take care of it?\" Mattie says. \"What happened at the bar when you first saw him? Was he pleasant or did he seem threatening before my, um, colleagues screwed shit up?\" There's another frown at her own words and she presses her lips into a thin line as she speaks ill of someone who may well be dead.\n\n\"I bought him a drink. A classmate took me out, bunch of them, see if they could get the good girl drunk. I saw him at the bar and… I don't think he had expected me to. But I bought him a drink and he was coming over when the nut job went off on him\" She leans over, sitting her elbows on her knee's and palms together. \n\n\"He showed up the other night, near closing time. He wanted to thank me for the drink and see how I was. He bought a ring from me, paid in cash and gave me his name when I asked.\" There's a soft huff. \"I told him about David's visit to warn me off him. Asked if he had any ill intentions on me. He said no. Not currently. Oh-\" Sitting upright suddenly. \"I asked him what he was. That he wasn't touched but… And he said, that he wasn't a touched, but he wasn't an other either. If that makes sense. Then he, I didn't need to worry about him and that he'd do the worrying for me, with regards to… the lot of you\"\n\n\nMattie tilts her head, as if to listen more intently, her eyes widening when David's name is brought back into the equation. A deep breath is taken and let out again shakily. \"What's he look like? This Vasya guy?\" she says quickly. \"Normal looks, if you can't tell me what he looks like otherwise. If he's… if he's an Other…\" she cuts off there, shaking her head and not continuing. \"Be careful of him. I don't know what he is, but if he's not one of us… just be careful.\"\n\n\"I'll be as careful of him as I am of the lot of you\" Teresa concedes, agreeing to that at least. She rattles off Vasya's general looks, but they're pretty non-descript. Very little help if one hasn't seen the person in question before.\n\n\nTeresa's mistrust, even if it's applied without bias to everyone, earns a shake of Mattie's head. \"David's missing,\" she says shortly. \"I gotta go. Someone will come by to pick up the chair. I told them to tell you it's for their Aunt Matilde, so you'll know it's me who sent them.\" \n\nHer phone comes out again as she turns and moves quickly to the back doors.\nDavid is missing. She watches Mattie head for the back door, frowning at the news. On some level, she feels bad. Someone is missing it seems. \"Take care. Aunt Mathilde. Gotcha\" She'll put a note up to that effect so her parents will be aware that it's 'sold' so to speak. She doesn't try to stop Mattie, just watches her from her seat."

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