Devil's in the Details: Someone's Watching

Cast: date: 'September 9, 2012'
place: Islington
participants: 'Cedric, Amy, Tucker, Daniel, (NPCs by Wynn)'
synopsis: 'Watch agents are dispatched to investigate a rash of paranoia in a block of flats. The incident was reported to be a gas leak, but the situation has not improved even after the leak was supposedly fixed. The flats are close to a known entrance to the Gloom. '
log: "This case slipped under the radar. The Watch, perpetually stretched thin, underfunded and well, quite frankly, run by people a few cards short of a deck on a good day, did not initially pick up on a cluster of reports from a block of flats in Islington. The official story at first made sense - people acting strangely due to a gas leak. High EMP is known to cause paranoia. But some savvy person back at Watch HQ noted the proximity of a known entrance to the Gloom not two blocks from the flats. Cue the mad scramble to send some people down there ASAP. A mad scramble that basically went, you lot? In the office? Go to this address and see what you can find. \n\n The row of flats are well-kept, neat, and perfectly ordinary - peopled by students and young professionals. But it's clear something's off. A few of the flats have boarded-up street-level windows. The upper levels glint and shimmer with a layer of tinfoil. And there's not a soul out wandering the street.\n\nDefinitely not an ideal situation for Cedric, but typically for him, he says nothing of it. He's tucked an extra layer of padding in the sling holding his hand up, grabbed a fresh pack of cigarettes, and threw on a thicker short wool jacket over his customary jumper, trainers, and jeans against the weather. At least he isn't alone, but he is silent, his off-hand holding a lit cigarette as he surveys the building in tense silence. A flick of ash, another drag off of it, and a shake of the head. \"Let's hope this doesn't turn ugly,\" he murmurs in a low voice. \n\nShort straw, and \"Lucky you!\", to Amy; she's not just the taxi service over, she's the one handling the paperwork and nominally in charge. \"It's already a bit ugly, on virtue of this looking like someone should have been by long before,\" she says, as she leans against her TX4 cab just underneath one of those tinfoiled-up flats, squinting upwards. \"My spider sense is tingling here, yeah. Not a good quiet. Sorry to drag you out with me, boys,\" she adds, \"But we may at least have a live one.\"\n\nToday? Today Tucker's in a suit; black jacket, white shirt, black pants, black shoes, black tie. A pair of sunglasses are perched upon the bridge of his nose as he steps out of the coach, hands coming up to adjust that tie. Just fifteen degrees off to one side so as not to look too hard-assed. \"Alright,\" he says crisply, \"If anyone asks? We're from National Grid pee - ell - cee, here to investigate the reports of a gas leak. Anyone asks for identification, turn to me, I've bloody got enough to drown them…\" A pause, \"…is it just me, or is it really quiet out here?\"\n\n\nDaniel barely had time to remove his gloves before he was dragged out into a mission for \"medical support\", despite his complaints. Thus, the reason the mostly timid forty-something is stepping out of the coach, clutching his satchel to his chest, and looking around with a look of both excitement and nervousness.\n\nTucker's question gets his pencil moustache to turn down with a frown, head tilting to the side. \"… now that you mention it, yes. And what's with all that tinfoil?\" His eyes widen slightly. \"Really? Are we… oh my, are we encountering true paranoid delusions? Government conspiracies and mind control waves and all that rot? My!\" His mood immediately seems to have improved.\n\nThe case file, hastily assembled by a frazzled clerk at HQ, contains newspaper reports of the paranoia wave. It started approximately five days ago. Police have been by, but despite how /strange/ things have been, no one has done anything illegal. Well, except one. A young man, 23 years old, Albert Norrell. When the police came to his flat, he flew into a rage and attacked the officers. He was subdued and arrested. The files indicate that the gas company has been by and confirmed a leak, which is why the Watch didn't initially ping to it. But there's something fishy about that - namely, the leak was apparently repaired two days ago and the paranoia has continued. That, and the complete lack of an evacuation order for the block. The entrance to the Gloom, Watch records note, is in the sewer beneath the street. \n\n The paperwork also contains a list of sixteen flats, with names of residents and age. They all range in age from 22 to 32, with one exception. Eleanor Hargrove, 43. \n\n The street is silent as the grave, save the occasional car that's on a thru-route down the street. There's a postbox full of free daily papers that has been stuffed to bursting, which suggests no one's been outside in days. The little corner shop looks shut and dark, despite the posted hours suggesting it should be open. And every window is blocked over either with wood or tinfoil, save one. One, at the far end of the row of flats, on the bottom level. One conspicuous light on. The light of Eleanor Hargrove's flat.\n\nAt the mention of quiet, Cedric frowns, studying the windows. \"Yeah.\" Again, the rough baritone is low and tense, and he speaks no more than he must. He draws in and releases a deep breath with barely a glance at Amy. \"How do you plan to explain me?\" he asks of Tucker, lifting his right arm a little in silent query before dropping it again and letting his eyes rove to the end of the row of flats, to the one with lights still on. \"Dr. Regal, you're here in case affected still need medical assistance, got it?\" \n\nAmy is not the sort who gets glances often, bare ones or not. She studies that flat with the lights on. \"One of these things stands out, and is ''not'' the sewers, which I am in no rush to check out, believe you me, even though I'm sure we'll have to at some point. It's always the sewers, innit?\" Or the darkened alleyway, the dodgy little shop…she's really giving these expeditions too little credit. \"The lack of evacuation for a gas leak that was actually there is bad enough, but with something else going on as well…\" Now she's just getting paranoid, too. \"The light on is Eleanor Hargrove's flat, she's a bit older than almost everyone on the street. Been around.\"\n\n\"You're my tech guy, obviously,\" Tucker replies without missing a beat, \"And the gel with the great ass, she's the driver. I glanced over the case file on the way over\" A glance back to the coach, \"and I'm going to agree with Miss Underhill here. We should go see what Miss Hargrove knows. Shall we?\" A finger taps to the side of his shades, a tight smile, and then he's striding down the block towards the end of the flats. Time to go knock on Eleanor's door.\n\"Affected,\" Dr. Regal says, making his way around the car to stand more in the midst of the other, more seasoned professionals, \"And agents.\" He gives a pointed look to Cedric's hand, and gives the man a warm smile. \"How's the bone feeling, by the way? Peachy keen?\"\n\nThe doctor keeps near the back of the queue when they all start heading forward, eyes glancing up at those tinfoil-covered windows in fascination.\n\nAs the four of them walk down the street, sounds can be heard from inside some of the houses. It's /that/ quiet. Some of the tinfoil rustles and movement can be seen from beyond tiny holes poked in it. A dog barks as they pass one flat. This is a neighbourhood gripped by fear. \n\n Eleanor's window is blocked only by a perfectly ordinary curtain. Her garbage bin is on the street and has been emptied - which likely means she was the only one on the block to put hers out on schedule. There's a light on inside and movement behind the closed curtain.\n\n\"Fine.\" Cedric trails Tucker to the flat at the end of the row, finishing and crushing out his fag against a brick wall as he goes before tossing it in an empty wet cardboard box someone left lying around. Clearly, his plan is to let Tucker do the talking, and he's going to do the listening unless spoken to. \n\nIt takes him a moment to answer Daniel, and when he does, it's in a low voice. \"No painkillers or sedatives on this, Doc. Can't afford to be stupid.\" He's working clean, and leaves the Watch doctor to draw his own conclusions. \n\n\"Oi,\" Amy mutters at Tucker's back, \"You're not letting someone else drive my cab, nice arse or not, got it?\" It's a point of touchiness, and rather funny, because she doesn't for one second quite make the proper connection. She should, but she's just a little behind. Even if she's technically a point person here, she's letting Tucker take the social lead; she looks like she could wander off at any moment, and perhaps it's true that she could, and might simply blend. She's looking around at more than just Hargrove's door, studying what ''else'' might leap out as out of place here; that, and looking around for the sewer and its entrances. She's got a feeling, maybe.\n\n\"I was talkin' about you, Underhill,\" Tucker's response is about as dry as the street is empty right now, followed by a hollow little chuckle under his breath. That said, he's stepping up outside of Ms. Hargrove's flat, and he's bringing one hand up to knock three times briskly.\n\nDaniel gives Cedric's hand a very worried and disapproving look. \"Well… alright then. Just make sure not to bump it into anything,\" he whispers, the quiet of the street getting into his head.\n\n\"Nice place,\" he adds, admiring the look of Eleanor's home, \"Very cozy. I wouldn't mind living here, you know. Well, after they take care of the gas and the paranoia problem, of course. How much you reckon a flat around here goes for, anyway?\"\n\nIf any of them focus on the sewer grates for long enough, a feeling starts to creep at the edges of their mind. It's a skin-crawling, butterfly-in-stomach feeling. It's something that makes even someone with their head on straight feel disconcerted. The difference is, each and every one of them can push the feeling away, if they try. \n\n There's no answer at first from Eleanor's flat. But there's definitely someone there. After a few minutes longer, the door opens a crack and a suspicious eye peers out. Then, the door closes again and opens to reveal a very well put-together black woman with dark ebony curls and a professional outfit - wielding a cricket bat over her head, eyes narrowed at the glut of people at her door. \"What do you want?\" Manchester accent.\n\nThe techie guy definitely doesn't sound happy, and doesn't answer Daniel directly, only raising his good hand in a signal for quiet as Tucker knocks on the door. He seems to be deliberately keeping out of the way, quiet and inconspicuous, and when the door opens to reveal a woman wielding a cricket bat, his eyes widen. That is why he was being quiet.\n\n\n\"Pull the other one, Harris,\" comes a quick mutter from Amy at Tucker — and her jaw tightens as she hangs back a little bit, studies that sewer entrance a little more closely. She's the hired help here, not the official one, and so she's stuck with being the one to reenact scenes from Stephen King novels, crouching as if examining something stuck in the grate, and steeling herself to do so, with a glance up at the boys being threatened with the bat that's meant to be casual and only barely manages.\n\nA single brow lifts up on Tucker's forehead, above the edge of those sunglasses, as the woman answers the door with a cricket bat in her hand. He takes a cautious single step back, so as A) to seem like less of a threat, and B) get out of range of a wild bat swing. \"Miss Hargrove?\" Both hands raise a little, briefcase hanging from one, the other open and empty. No shivs or anything here! \"We're from National Grid, ah, we're just doing a follow-up after the gas leak was sealed, trying to see if things are back to normal or if anything else is wrong?\"\n\n\"Oh my,\" Daniel practically squeaks, and steps back and behind Tucker, peeking at the woman from over field agent's shoulder.\n\nEleanor lifts the bat higher over her head. And for a moment, it looks like she might actually take a swing at Tucker. \"Normal? Does it /look/ normal to you? All my tenants have lost their minds. No one's come out in five days. You lot were by and said they fixed it, but nothing seems set right to me. All these kids are /still/ mad. I went to try and collect the rent for the ones without direct deposits. I knocked on Julian O'Carroll's door. Good boy. Plays his music too loud sometimes, but always pays his rent on time and keeps the place nice. I barely recognized him. Kept babbling about how they were watching him and something about…Lamia, something. Repeating it and repeating it. He looked like he hadn't slept in days. And what are you lads from the National Grid doing about it? Send a few men in suits down into the sewer, come up a half hour later, declare it fixed and abandon us? Your gas leak has made these kids sick.\" She huffs and slowly lowers the cricket bat, though she keeps it tightly gripped in one hand. \n\n The grate looks like a perfectly ordinary one, but it certainly doesn't /feel/ like it. If Amy looks closely, she'll see something move. Something /big/. Something quiet. Something with a very peculiar, brimstone and sandalwood smell. Not a common smell coming from a sewer.\n\n\"Told you that lot was worthless,\" Cedric mutters to Tucker, but loud enough for Mrs. Hargrove to hear. \"Knew that report they filed was a load of rubbish.\" A dark, tense scowl. \"Right then. Sorry about that, Mrs. Hargrove.\" He defers then to Tucker, a glance at him. \"Reckon we've got to start over. Someone couldn't be arsed to do their jobs upstairs.\"\n\nSCAMPER. Amy might dart forward to examine, but between the funny smell, the funny feeling, and something MOVING? She can do this math, even if she might play dumb in other regards. \"You lot — even I smell something funny out here, fellas,\" she observes, and her hands-behind-her-back posture speaks of trying to protect her own (previously observed fine enough) ass from whatever it is. Whatever she saw, she's a little more pale, a little less solid in her demeanor herself.\n\n\"That's why we're here, Miss Hargrove,\" Tucker reassures her, \"We wouldn't be here if you were abandoning us, wot? We'll check out…\" A little turn, glancing to Amy, then back to Margrove, \"…the issue, and we'll get it all cleared up. Did you, ah, notice any particular part've the block where things are worse, by any chance? Or notice anything else unusual that might help the investigation? We're trying to help, Miss Margrove.\"\n\nWhen Amy runs off to the grate, Daniel looks around at everyone about, seeming a little overwhelmed. Until he decides to follow the driver, and peer at the hole. He doesn't get very close before stopping, and a shiver runs through him. \"Ugh! She said the previous people went down /there/? I can't begin to imagine!\"\n\nEleanor wrinkles her nose at Tucker, then glances past them to Amy at the sewer. She looks back at Tucker. She loosens her grip on the bat and sets it aside, then crosses her arms over her chest. \"All of my flats. From here, down to the shop. And the ones across the street. Travel two blocks up in either direction, and people get their senses back. Everyone's been avoiding us since it happened. If this is a public health risk, then someone over your heads should be seeing to it. And if you don't, I'll call them myself. These kids aren't well.\" There's a note of worry in her voice. \"Not even the police have been by to check since they hauled Albert away. It's like no one wants to deal with us.\" Or someone's preventing them from doing their job.\n\nCedric is silent as he listens, although Amy and Daniel get a glance as they look at the sewer lines. \"Anybody been playing about near the lines in the last two weeks or so that you've spotted?\" The question is low, quiet. \"Any dead animals?\" \n\nAmy's voice is quiet, and she comes alongside Daniel to speak to him. \"Something down there's not right, for certain.\" There's an emphasis to 'not right' when she says it. She might be trying to look like she's chatting him up, given that posture, but it may be cover for her eavesdropping on Eleanor's conversation with the others, and making sure Daniel observes what she does; another flickering glance back at the grate, then down the way towards another, as if thinking…well, as if thinking whatever had been there might now be somewhere else, in motion.\n\nA faint, tight smile twitches to Tucker's lips. \"We'll do what we can, Miss Hargrove, I promise you. I'm not going to ease up on this until we've gotten to the bottom of the situation…\" Then he's pulling a card from a pocket - where the hell did he get National Grid business cards with his name on them? - and offering it out, \"This is my personal line. If you hear or see - or remember - anything else unusual, let me know? Which flat was Albert's? And Mister O'Carroll's, for that matter?\"\n\nPoor Amy might look like she's just said something offensive to Daniel, because when when she whispers to him, he reels back from both her and the sewer. \"Not Right? You mean… the 'Other' kind of Not Right?\" he whispers to her. He follows her glance down the street, and swallows nervously. \"Well… wherever you go, I will follow. Oh, I'm really hoping I'll just be an extraneous body, today…\"\n\nEleanor takes the card, eyes it, eyes Tucker. She looks suspicious, but they, he's offering to help. \"326 and 328.\" Neighbours. \"I'd be careful. The cop who tried to talk to Albert got a black eye for his trouble. That's why he's in the lockup. I don't know if the others are just as mad. I've been leaving them be, waiting for you lot to sort it.\" She purses her lips, then shakes her head. \"Rats, maybe? My flats don't allow pets. It's creepy out there, yeah? I've not strayed too far.\"\n\n\"Right,\" Cedric says quietly, absorbing that and then glancing around the area for himself. He is quiet for a moment, seemingly assessing the street, then turns back to the door. \"Mr. Harris, I'm going to review those reports again. Something doesn't fit. Reckon I shouldn't be around violent folks anyroad,\" he adds. That tension is still there. \"Meet me back at the office when you're finished?\" \n\nAmy fixes a look back on Daniel, and her smile is meant to be reassuring, but it's just not quite there enough, not solid. \"Just a body, not a mind, mate?\" she asks, and shakes her head. \"Keep up, and let Harris and I do what we can.\" She starts a slow fade back towards Tucker and Cedric, and chin-tips towards the tech-rat with not quite enough smile on her face. \"Bring the car around? Down the street?\" she wonders. Funny, she's nervous to have the -vehicle- here.\n\n\n\"Can't be worse than the time I cheered a West Ham United win in a Manchester United pub, luv,\" Tucker replies with a hint of a smileonly for a moment, because it's a serious subject! A look back, and he raises his chin in a nod to Cedric, \"Of course, of course. We should talk to a few of the other tenants…\"\n\n\"Oh no no no,\" Daniel says, trying to offer back that reassuring smile, though his falls flat on the \"nervous\" side. \"Mind and body are all here. Just… guts and glory got left at home.\" When Amy steps away, he edges a little closer to the grate, chancing a peek down below.\n\n\"Oi, you,\" says Eleanor to Tucker. \"Don't make me get my bat again.\" She points to it, but there's good humour in her voice. Well, somewhere beneath the discomfort and the worry. She gives them all a last look, then shuts her door. And looks relieved that they're going. She may be surrounded by crazy people, but she'd still rather be indoors, by herself. She knows something more is going on here. Something strange. Something she doesn't want to know. Has to. Else she would have asked more questions. \nThe grate is radiating a world of Not Good for all of them. It seems that whatever it is down there is attracted when someone pays attention. There's that quick, almost slithering, silent movement again.\nAnd as Eleanor's closing the door, she steps back. There's a mirror just back from the door and the angle catches just right. And…well, this lot is used to seeing odd things in the mirror. Her lovely face looks cracked and dry, like a drained sea bed. Her hair looks crystallized with salt. But it's only there for a moment before the door is closed and latched.\n\n\"You and your footy,\" Cedric snorts at Tucker, preparing to turn away, but looking back for just a moment. \"Good night, Mrs. Hargrove.\" That's when the reflection catches him, and he starts, then turns away more fully. \"I can take the tube back if you lot want to talk to the residents, Amy,\" he adds courteously, waiting until he is halfway down the street to drop his voice. \"Oy,\" he murmurs. \"Reflection's off, if you know what I mean. Cracked and dry.\" The comments are quiet and terse. \n\n\"Go safe if you do, and mind the sewers,\" Amy says to Cedric straight off. \"It's moving, and it's close, and it's in the sewers — SOMETHING here. Tucker? You want to work your intimidating-authority-fig'ger magic before we go confronting, see if we can get some more details on just what ''is'' skulking about?\" she wonders, then studies the now-closed door of Eleanor Hargrove. \"Wondered if that was it. It's something…well, it can be avoided, a little.\" But she casts a worried glance at Daniel.\n\n\"Could be her doin' this, then,\" Tucker mutters lowly as he steps away from the door with the others, \"So we got a Touched down the block, somethin' in the sewers… I think we need to talk to a few've the other residents to get a better picture here. Ced, you find anything, let us know, wot?\"\n\nDaniel lets out an undignified yelp when that Thing moves in the sewers, and he hop-skips back several steps, looking around at the others, eyes wide. \"Did you see that? There really is something in the sewers!\"\n\n\"Right you are, Tucker. I'll be at the office. Come back there when you lot are done and we'll talk.\" Some of the dark tension has left Cedric's demeanor as he prepares to leave, but not all of it, and he is about to turn away when Daniel yelps and jumps away. \"Dr. Regal, this is dodgy, and dodgy in /that/ way. Reckon we all know it. Just can't say so openly yet. I'm going back before I get hit and you have to reset this. You be careful and do as Amy and Tucker tell you, right?\" \n\nWith that, he turns away and walks down the street, staying well clear of the sewers as he makes for the nearest tube station, his strides fast and full of energy, his demeanor focused and tense. \n\nAmy gives Daniel a strange and wise little look. \"I tried to say, luv,\" she points out. \"Next time I'll be less subtle for you, yeah? Tucker, you think we can pay O'Connell a visit, see if we can wring out of him just what he saw?\"\n\n\"Just wait, Doc,\" Tucker looks over with a very broad grin towards Daniel. Those aren't two rows of teeth that just closed as he smiled, was it? Surely not. \"You haven't seen anythin' yet.\" Then he's looking back to Amy, \"Yeah, I think so. Let's go knock on O'Connell's door and see what's what anyone heard the name 'lamia' before? Sounds familiar for some reason.\"\n\nDaniel puts a hand over his mouth, looking properly chastised, though his eyes are still red as saucers. He nods to Amy. \"No, yes, you're right. You did warn me… Goodness! Sorry, I'm not yet as battle-hardened as I should be.\"\n\n Daniel glances up at Tucker when he smiles, and his expression turns from frightened to fascinated, eyes locked on Tucker's mouth. Though he blinks and shakes his head, forcing himself to look away. \"Ah, I'll stay close then, shall I? Hmm… Lamia? Sounds familiar… something from Greek mythology, I think.\"\n\nJulian O'Carroll's flat is one that has every window covered with tinfoil. Even the doorknob is wrapped tightly in foil. There's a bike chained up outside that looks like it hasn't moved in awhile.\n\n\"Greek myth? If it's a nymph or beastie it's prob'ly got teeth,\" says Amy, not knowing how right she really might be. She nudges Daniel's elbow, but it's half-hearted; already, Amy's half-life of focus is starting to wane. \"Doc, chin up. We'll keep good track of you. But be prepared for this bloke we're going to see being in rough shape. Might need you for real. Let's press on, Tucker. Miss Cricket Bat there said 326?\" Quite the eavesdropper.\n\n\"It's never a nymph,\" Tucker faux-laments as he steps up to the door, \"It's ''always'' a beastie.\" Then he's raising his hand, to the foil-protected window and door, and pauses for a moment. \"This should be interestin'.\" Knock knock knock.\n\n\"Well… I'm ready to help when you need me,\" Daniel says, hefting his satchel up in front of him when Tucker answers the door, still keeping a nervous eye on that sewer grate.\n\nKNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Three knocks, a second after Tucker stops knocking. From the other side of the door. There's a gap in the tinfoil and the top of a head can be seen. Then the mail slot opens up and a finger half-protrudes. \"Whatcha want? What is it then? Seen yous creeping around. You're /them/, aren't you? Over.\" The finger retreats and the mail flap closes. Hm.\n\nAmy stands at 'bored backup' position at Tucker's elbow, but it's a guard-dog thing. She flashes an eyebrow at her friend in his fancy Reservoir Dogs suit, then states, \"Nah, mate, we ain't the sort that go creeping. We're the other sort, who rap on your door and ask questions. Through the mail drop, if that's absolutely necessary.\"\n\n\"What she said,\" Tucker can't help a chuckle as he looks back to Amy, and then he's easing down to a crouch; bracing the briefcase on the floor, he raps his knuckles three times on the door above the mail-slot. \"We're looking for /them/. What information can you give us, mate?\" Pause. \"Over.\"\n\nDaniel turns his head to poke over Tucker's shoulder, frowning with bafflement at the door. \"Did… he just say 'over'? Did /you/ just say 'over'?\" WEIRD PEOPLE.\n\nThere's rustling around inside, then the flap opens again. This time, a glint of tinfoil just past the slot. Someone's put on their fancy hat. \"They're watching us. From the ground up. Drinking us through the pipes. Lamia. Lamia. Lamia is. Over.\" Slot clicks closed. Then it pops open again, an eye tracks Daniel's position and, \"Yes I did. Over.\" Slot closes.\n\n\"Excuse me, did you say drinking you? Who's this Lamia? It's not some sort of underground gang, is it?\" Oh, Amy. The things you don't know, because they're not on a map. \"Blimey, he's off, but he's scared of something,\" she says more for her fellow Watch members' ears. \"You seen anything? Why all the tinfoil?\"\n\n\"We saw something in the sewers, mate, that this… lamia you were talkin' about?\" Tucker glances back to Amy, then to the door. \"Does it come up through the pipes and into the flats here?\" There's another pause. \"Over.\"\n\n\nDaniel just blinks in surprise as he's addressed directly. The doctor shakes his head in amazement… and pauses, before pulling out his iPhone. Tap tap tap tap.\n\n\"To stop the cosmic rays. Here.\" Julian can be heard rustling around. There's the sound of metal crinkling. Then, one, two, three hat-sized pieces of tinfoil shoot out the mail slot. \"Wear that or they'll drink you, too. Over.\" But when they go talking about sewers and Lamia again, he starts to make low, whimpering sounds. \"Lamia, Lamia, Lamia sends the eaters. Stay away from the underground. Stay away. Stay away.\" And then there's the sound of footsteps retreating, thumping loudly in the hallway. Seems they've scared him off.\n\nIt's only at this suggestion, as Amy picks up a piece of tinfoil and looks it over, she wonders to Tucker: \"Maybe not such a good idea to send Ced home by the tube after all? This is why the cab's a good idea.\" She would say that. Lack of eaters in her vehicle, thank you. \n\nWell. Tucker aside.\n\nThe other two pieces of tinfoil are picked up, and Tucker pushes himself up to his feet. \"Good thought. We should report in and come up with a plan've action…\" One of them is thrust at Daniel as he starts past, \"…here, you may need this later.\"\n\nDaniel is staring at his phone, a look of worry in his eyes. He absently takes the hat from Tucker and just sits it right onto his head, busy reading the screen. \"Wikipedia claims that Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who turned into a child-eating demon. Possibly with the lower-body of a serpent.\"\n\n\"Snake ladies!\" Amy smacks Tucker on the arm. \"Is that too much beastie, not enough nymph? Well, probably. Sounds like she's eating people up from the sewers. STill, beautiful queen, once. You know, before the serpent thing.\" She's perked up a little. Just a little.\n\n\"Mm,\" Tucker deadpans as he strides towards the coach, \"Scales. Just the way I like my women. Cold-blooded and cannibalistic. C'mon, let's get the fuck out've here.\"\n\nDaniel smiles in amusement at the banter around him, muttering a bit more as he flips through. \"Look like it's also the name of a pharmaceutical company specializing in organic soaps… There's a London-based company called Lamia Industries… Oh, and… Dungeons & Dragons? That sounds familiar…\"\n"

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