In Rock, Paper, Scissors...

Cast: date: 'October 6th, 2012'
place: 'Teresa''s Flat'
participants: 'Teresa, Tucker'
synopsis: 'Fire doesn''t always win. Or that''s Teresa''s opinion when Tucker comes around asking for her help. '
log: "The rustling sound of a bag of crisps echoes in the quiet hallway, Tucker's long fingers dipping in to fetch another twisted potato crisp from its depths. He pops it into his mouth, crunching loudly while he tucks the bag away half-hidden in a pocket of his long coat, that hand - dusted lightly with crumbs and potato oil - coming up to rap knuckles three times against the door of the flat belonging to one Teresa Murdoch.\n\n\"Just a minute!\" Yelled through the small flat, the door being yanked open a few minutes later. Teresa in school scrubs, socked feet, toothbrush working back and forth in her mouth fulfilling appropriate oral hygiene. \n\nOut comes the toothbrush at the sight of Tucker, head tilting a fraction to the side then looking out left then right to see if he's alone. \"I didn't do it\"\n\nA smirk tugs up at one side of the launderer's lips at the response. \"Sounds like a guilty statement to me, luv,\" he drawls out, \"Don't really care ''what'' you did, t'be frank. You mind if I come in?\" She's looked up and down, eyebrows raising, \"Sorry for interrupting your routine.\"\n\"Have some errands to do before class. Won't have time to get back here or change there\" Teresa steps to the side, giving way for Tucker to come in since she's pretty sure that whatever he want to talk about probably is best that it's not in the hall. There's a solid thud of the door behind him and she's heading off to one of the two doors off of the main room that doubles as the kitchen and livingroom. \n\n\"Not a guilty statement just heading off any accusations. What can I do you for?\" She's running water, finishing off the last of teeth brushing before coming back out.\n\nA dip of his beard-scruffy chin at the invitation, wordless as it is, and then Tucker's walking along into the flat; glancing around briefly to see if anything's changed, relaxing a moment later. One hand pushes back into the bag of crisps with a crunching rustle, and as she vanishes into the bathroom he asks after her, \"…was hoping t'ask for your help, actually, Murdoch.\"\n\n\"Let me guess, more vampires to burn?\" She looks so enthused at that thought. Yeah. Vampires. Sarcasm. There's an elastic on the coffee table and she's soon manipulating her hair up into some semblance of a bun as she starts hunting for her shoe. Something orthopedic and nurse looking.\n\n\"No.\" Tucker's head shakes ever so slightly, \"There's a thing— records call it a river sluagh— in the sewers under a bunch've flats. It's driving people insane, like, tin-foil-hat insane, just by being there. We need to clear the bloody bugger out before there're any deaths. Problem is, the thing's made of water.\"\n\n\"Water\" Snap goes the hair elastic into to place. \"Are you going to stick it in a pot and just have me boil it to death?\" soft inquiry as she digs out shoes from under the couch, sitting down to work them onto her feet. \"Last I knew in the game of rock paper scissors, water beats fire, on all counts\"\n\n\"You've obviously never tried to put out a bonfire with a bloody water glass before then, luv,\" says Tucker rather dryly, his head shaking just a bit, one hand sweeping a bit through the air, \"Now, I know you're far from under any compulsion t'help here, but this thing's destroying lives. Cops won't even go on the street anymore, like they forget it's there. This gets worse, the whole place might end up… There.\"\n\n\"Did plenty of bonfires before the gloom messed with me\" From a tray, she picks up the little crucifix, offering it out to Tucker and turning, lifting her ponytail. He's there, she'll take advantage of his hands no matter how greasy they may be. \"Not that I'm a bonfire. But I can output the heat of one, at times.\" There's a frown on her face, thinking over his request. \"How.. big is this, I mean… It's not like I turn into fire Tucker, I just coat myself in it. I mean.. if I get close enough, I supposed I could burn hot enough to boil it into steam…\"\n\n\"Honestly? No idea.\" A crisp's pulled from the pack, twisted and a little burnt, and then he pausestucks it back into the bag, wiping his hands on his coat to clean them before reaching his cleaner hand up to hold her pony-tail out of the way. Right there behind her, his voice quiet and low as fingers hold her hair up, \"Just know we can't exactly shoot the bastard.\"\n\n\"Too bad you can't eat it. Maybe a straw?\" Her fingers work the clasp, working the gold chain around her neck till she has it secure and soon Tucker can return to his crisps. \"Just bring a nice fat straw, the kind that you drink the gelatin globs out of those Korean drinks. Just suck that thing down if you can get close enough\" It's a thought. \n\nShe turns in spot, regarding Tucker. \"Is this because I can do the fire thing, and you guys got no other who can or, is this unconcious hey Teresa, come party with the watch, see, we're not that bad, you did such a great job with the vampire. Extra crispy!\" Trying to imitate Tucker. Badly. Woman can't fake an accent to save her life.\n\n\"I could try one've those twisty straws, maybe, always been fond've those,\" comes Tucker's answer, releasing the tail once the clasp's done and letting his hand drop back down to his side. He doesn't pull back at all as she twists around in front of him, just crooking an eyebrow upwards, \"Hadn't hardly thought've it, really. I'm just tryin' to save some poor blokes from a fate worse'n death, Murdoch, and I'll turn to whoever I think can help with that.\"\n\n\"You know they're screwed already right? Damage is done if that things been there to the point that the cops won't go there and they got tin hats\" There's sadness in her voice, in her eyes. She nods though. \"Can't save em from what's already happened, but at least it can be kept from messing with em further\" She's stepping away, looking around for her bag, helmet and jacket, grabbing them from the shabby chair they were parked on. \"Gimme a heads up on what day you're doing it. Make sure to have a container of petrol\"\n\n\"Consider it done.\" A smile tugs up at the corner of Tucker's lips, and then he's turning to step back over towards the doorsince, after all, it looks like she's about to go to work. \"We'll have ourselves a merry little barbeque, wot?\"\n\nYou say, \"I dunno whether you'll wanna eat anything cooked off it there tucker. Might be a little gasoline tasting. I'll hit up the chem nerds at school. See if they know how to make water burn other than shoving gasoline in it. Just hope that it's not bigger than me, or can keep putting me out\" He's at the door, she's digging out keys and heading there. \"I haven't had lunch. Do you want to grab something with me? That's if you're not.. staking vampires or… I dunno what else you guys do other than that and stalk folks like me\"\n\n\"Guess we could pick up some sodium, but that could get a little explosive,\" Tucker observes, one hand coming up to rub against the curve of his jaw as he stops beside the door. Then he's looking back with a hint of surprise, one brow lifting in amusement, \"What d'you think we do? I run a bloody laundromat, most of the time.\"\n\n\"Fuck if I know\" Muttered, as she opens the door and shoo's him out so she can lock it. \"Not like you guys pass out a pamphlet. Now that you've met the watch\" Fingers making quotation marks in the air. \"You guys should look into that. Walk in, drop it off with someone like me, walk back out. Like scientologists only… less cultish?\"\n\n\"Not my department, luv,\" is the answer offered as Tucker steps out into the hall, one shoulder coming up in a shrug, \"Fuck me bloody, this isn't even supposed to be the sort've thing I'm doing. Sorta got tagged for this since all the field agents were busy. October, yannow?\"\n\"What's wrong with October? Other than women all start to cover up and you can't get fresh summer fruits anymore. Your tongue must mourn\" Things all locked up, she stays still in the hallway with him, bag over shoulder, helmet and jacket under an arm.\n\n\"All Hollow's is coming,\" Tucker observes, a wry look over, \"You think that they call it the season've spooks and ghouls for fun? Gloom stirs more this time've year.\"\n\n\"Oh. I forgot about that\" Halloween. Something she doesn't tend to celebrate as she's a little too old and doesn't tend to do the dressing up like a slutty <insert animal or occupation here> or even pass out candy at her place. \"I'll avoid cemetaries\" She assures him. \"Lunch? or should I stop attempting to strike up a friendship and get to know you better since you don't seem to want to sit far away from me\"\n\n\"You'll find that there's no sooner way into my friendship than offering me food,\" is his amused response, smirk tugging up a little more at one corner in a self-depreciating manner, \"I'm always hungry, so, lead on, luv. What're you in the mood for?\"\n\n\"And they say the quickest way to a mans heart is through his third and fourth rib\" Teresa clucks her tongue and gestures to the stairs, and the ground 3 flights down. \"There's a cheap indian buffet near by. Gentle on the wallet, you can eat to your hearts delight. It's in the direction of my errands and work\"\n\nA low chuckle rolls from his lips as he follows along with the gesture, heading down the hallway towards the stairs. \"A buffet, eh? I don't think I've been banned from that one yet,\" he says cheerfully.\n\n\"Maybe limit yourself to four plates, and then you'll be allowed to come back\" A quiet suggestion from the blonde who walks with him, opening the door for Tucker then going through herself. \"Because I like it and I'd rather not be banned from my favourite cheap place to eat\"\n\n\"Oh, just ruin all my fun,\" Tucker chortles as he steps through the door and starts down the stairs, his head shaking slowly, \"I'll try. It's hard, sometimes, with all that bloody food around and a gut that's never full.\""

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