Just Yer Knickers

Cast: date: 'September 3, 2012'
place: 'Teresa''s Flat'
participants: 'Teresa, Tucker'
synopsis: 'Tucker delivers Teresa''s clothes to her, helps himself to some chips and otherwise invites himself in. '
log: "The building is pretty unassuming that Tucker finds himself at. It looks like every other place that is stuffed to the brim with flats and is moderately maintained. There's stores that sit on either side of the door that leads to the places above. No lock to keep people out, just the expectation that those who aren't supposed to be here, won't come in. Inside is steps, steep, that lead up and a handful of mailboxes with names neatly printed on it and slid into the name slots. Teresa, is on the second floor it would seem, if the nameplate is anything to go by.\n\nhe upstairs is no better than the down, the floorboards creaking and walls likely could do with a coat of paint, but it seems okay. There's no five stars here, more like 3. But there's 2B, an unassuming brown door and if the music coming from it is any indication, there's someone home.\n\nA sudden tripartate beat echoes out against the cheap wood of the door, two knuckles rapping three times before Tucker's hand falls back down to the edge of a basket cradled against his chest. It's loaded with laundry, as it so happens, the faint scent of fabric softener wafting from the neatly folded garments to combat the general musty air of most buildings like this. He shifts the weight in his arms, muttering a little, \"Bloody clothes weigh a bloody ton.\"\n\nTo Teresa's credit, the music doesn't stop. But she does hear the knock, freezing in spot from where she has been folding freshly bought clothes to replace what she left behind. The only indication that Tucker has that someone is home is the shadow of feet at the bottom of the door and the creak of the floor as she's looking through the peephole, palms on the door and eyes wide. \"Shit\" Whispered. This whole thing, Tucker, with her laundry, not something she had expected.\n\nOf course, Tucker sees the shadow. He's patient for about ten seconds before his voice lifts in a dry call from the other side of the door, \"Open the bloody door, wouldja? Unless you want me to put your knickers up for sale on eBay or something. Maybe Japanese eBay, I hear they're big on that.\"\n\nIt's another five before there's the shift of shadows again and locks are being undone. Eventually though, the door opens a crack and Teresa's peering through at Tucker before she is opening the door up proper so that she can step forward and attempt to take her clothes. \"Thanks. How much do I owe you.\" For washing her clothes and returning them, and you know, for replacing stuff like fire extinguishers and the like.\n\nThe basket's pushed forward against her chest, but instead of just letting her take it, Tucker's doing his best to continue that momentum forward to get himself into the flat. \"I don't normally deliver, so, y'know, I'm not sure yet,\" he deadpans, craning his neck to look around inside.\n\nThe decor is Ikea Chic, as in everything is likely the cheapest shit from Ikea. Very little of it at that. A couch, coffee table, small dining table and pair of chairs, a decent TV, a kitchen that looks well used. Two doors leading off to a bedroom and a bathroom respectively and from what Tucker can see of the bedroom it's very much the same decor choice. The consistent thing as least, is the lack of reflective surfaces, and tucked here and there, discreetly are small personal sized fire extinguishers. The place looks like anything could be replaced and for little cost.\n\nThe basket meets chest and she has no choice really but to backpedal. \"Listen, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been smoking in your shop, it was stupid of me\" Trying to explain away what happened. She does smoke, there's a pack laying on the unfinished pine coffee table. \"I can pay for damages\"\n\n\"Pull the other one, luv, it's got bells on,\" Tucker replies cheerfully as he releases the basket into her possession and steps around her and inside, casually nudging the door's edge with the heel of his shoe as he steps inside, \"You were only smoking in the literal sense— you got anything to eat? I'm ruddy starved.\"\n\n\"The… fridge…\" Is where one would find food and she holds the basket, tilting her head to regard the man. \"How did you find me?\" And then she's doing a double take, a squint, then a scowl. \"Shit. You're a gloomy too\"\n\n\"A gloomy, eh…?\" Tucker's head turns a little to regard her, the edge of a smile tugging up there at the corner of his lips, \"…kind've like that. It sounds less horrible'n what it really is.\"\n\n\"The other guy was too\" A gloomy. The basket is deposited on the couch with the other freshly bought clothes but she remains right where she is, keeping a couch between her and him. \"You still didn't answer how you found me\" But there's a suspicion. A very sneaking - okay maybe not sneaking - suspicion.\n\n\"You asked to be left alone, doesn't mean there weren't people keepin' an eye on you, Teresa,\" Tucker replies, one hand coming up to scratch at the curve of his jaw, \"I figured you'd probably like your knickers back, though. Anyway. I'm guessing that there's no food layin' around?\"\n\n\"It attracts bugs if you just leave it laying around. There's crisps in the cupboard. Or there's… sandwich meat in the fridge…. shit. You are one of them.\" She runs a hand through her hair, turning around to kick a foot at the coffee table and sent it skittering a bit. \"I don't know who's worse, you guys or the ones who showed up in Augusta. Tell me, will you be auditing every date that I attempt to go on and stop them from buying me a drink, or folding my laundry if I leave it every time? Wait, was that other guy there with you part of\" She circles a finger at Tucker.\n\n\"The bloke what tried to put you out? Never seen him before in my life,\" replies Tucker casually as he steps into the kitchen area, reaching a hand up to pull the cupboard wide in search of crisps. \"Me? Nah. Well, if you leave your bloody clothes behind I'll probably haul 'em over when I have a spare minute, but I'm not going to be followin' you around. Not my department, luv.\"\n\n\"Oh, there's departments then\" And she ceases to touch further upon nathaniel, figuring that she might be able to spare him this visit. 'And what department exactly do you grace. The laundry department?\" He finds paydirt after three cupboards, a handful of bags, two of them half eaten and tops rolled. \n\nIt's then that there's a gasp. \"The library. You were in the library!\"\n\n\"I clean things up, that's right,\" Tucker answers casually as he pulls a half-eaten bag of crisps from the cupboard, unrolling it slowly and reaching into it with a rustling of crisps within. Then he glances back over, a brow raising, \"…what? Oh! With that morbid bloke, Dante, right, right. That was you? Sorry, I wasn't really payin' attention at the time.\"\n\nTeeth grind, and the back of her hand has a creeping tendril of flame that comes into being. Not that she notices, annoyed as she is at the fact that the watch seem to be everywhere. \"Is there a point to this visit mister….?\" She doesn't have his name, hasn't tended to ask for it when she's been in to do her laundry. In and out. \"Or just eating my food?\" More of it appears on the back of her hand, creeping round her arm. But none of her clothes seem to catch on fire, not even the clothing she's wearing.\n\n\"I was just bringing your laundry home, luv,\" replies Tucker with a shrug; gesturing a bit with the bag of crisps as e steps along towards the door with a shake of his head, \"I'm not here for anythin' else. We'll call it even for the bag've crisps, eh?\"\n\n\"Well. Thank you\" She's moving to the door, reaching out to open it for him before yanking back her arm and using her other hand to open it. \"For bringing it\" She dips her head and her eyes toward the door. Out you go.\n\n\"Anytime.\" Tucker waves the bag of crisps about in a bit of a rustle as he strides to the door, \"You know where to find me if you need anything, luv. Any creepy-crawlies climb out've your closet or you want answers to questions, blah blah. Until then, then.\"\n\n\"Right\" Creepy crawlies and all that. Once he's out, the door is unceremoniously closed behind him with a pretty good thud - but not a slam - and the locks are done. But she remains there, watching him through the peep hole. Suspicious.\n\nThere isn't much to watch, because Tucker's striding along down the hallway without much hesitation. The contents of the bag are rapidly diminishing, though, as he steadily digs more out to shovel into his mouth."

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