Not Too Easy Prey Either

Cast: date: 'September 16, 2012'
place: 'Clerkenwell, London'
participants: 'Dante, Teresa'
synopsis: 'Teresa''s got a flat and Dante''s got a hunch. The two are not inclusive of each other, and there''s a little elbow rubbing. As well as chalk rubbing. '
log: "London fall, just past the witching hour. The dark sky is heavy; almost oppressive with clouds that have threatened to rain all day. For most London residents, its been more than a little bit of an Inside Day to say the least. No one has gone out, unless they REALLY have to. These are the days that people akin to Dante know something might happen…something in particular.\n\nAs the meat market begins to stir in the predawn hours, Dante is here as well following a hunch. Something about this area is just beginning to spark his interest. He slowly shuffles and reshuffles his deck, just waiting and observing.\n\nTo Teresa, Smithfield is synonymous with /meat. More accurately, with ham. It's also close to the home of one of her classmates that she spent the night at after another round of 'get the good girl drunk' but with less alcohol and far less getting kicked out thanks to overzealous and crazed Watch members. \n\nConfident that any and all alcohol had left her system, Teresa had taken off before her classmate could even think of rousing from the depths of sleep. But trouble befell the blonde in the form of a tire on her motorcycle going a little off. As in going flat, having run over god knows what somewhere and not noticing till shit starts to happen. So there's the sound of a motorbike pulling up nearby in these pre-dawn hours. Teresa easing off of it shaking her head after kicking the back tire and perhaps letting loose an inappropriate word or two. And likely, giving dante a headache as well. :(\n\nDante can feel Teresa before he can even see her. He reaches up to rub his temple. \"Damn it,\" he growls, turing to look in Teresa's direction. \"Wait, I've feel that before.\" He looks at the girl on the bike, and carefully tucks away the cards. \"Where do I know this one from?\" He says to himself. He straightens his jacket and walks over to Teresa. \"Hey! Can I help?\"\n\n\"Only if you have a spare tire. Not like these things come with a tire tucked away\" Unlike say, a scooter or old fashioned Vespa. The helmet is tugged off and settled on a handlebar to hang off it, hair disheveled and smelling faintly of partying and smoke. There's a glance over toward Dante then back to the bike. She's clearly American by virtue of accent alone. A sigh, she's digging into a pocket to yank out a phone.\n\nDante gives her a frustrated look, and a sigh. \"A simple no would have worked,\" he says with a furrowed brow. \"Nice bike, by the way.\" Dante give the bike a long look. \"Where did you get that thing? Looks expensive.\" He turns back to her, a flicker of recognition in his eyes, that is gone just as quickly.\n\n\"Skymall\" Frustration at the situation leads to sarcasm, but just as quickly, she's apologizing with a look. The name of where she bought it is rattled off. \"Far less money, than you could imagine, but less than buying a car and much easier to get around London. Just… when you get a flat\" it becomes an expensive street decoration. She looks over again, much like him, letting her gaze linger. There's that sense of gloom that clings to him, but she doesn't say anything. \"You're familiar\" Which could be good, or bad.\n\n\"I could say the same thing for you,\" Dante says, shoving his hands into his pockets. \"Though I get that alot from all the TV people watch. Maybe you saw my ghost hunting show? I know the BBC carried it for awhile. Haven't been paying attention to the most recent ratings, just the residuals they keep sending.\"\n\nWhat? Hello.. Teresa quints at him, tilting her head a fraction before shaking her head. \"Nope. TV doesn't really get… much of my attention. What was it?\" She might actually go seek out whatever show it was, when she has some time. Ghost hunting though. That does make sense with what she see's. \"Was it good? See any ghosts or just like the mystery gang, they woulda got away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling…\" There's a pause as she taps her phone, seeking a numeber. \"Meddling show hosts\"\n\nDante snorts. \"No nothing like that,\" he says shaking his head. \"It was a real investigation show, not this tripe you see now where people are continually screaming into a camera. We went to places and really examined the unknown. My producers wanted sensationalisim. We didn't really agree.\" He walks over to inspect the tire. \"Looks like a nail. There is a sharp tear in the tread here.\"\n\n\"It was something. I gotta wait for someone to come fix it\" Or push it to a parking spot and come back for it later. Or have it towed to someplace else. It's too early in the morning for her to need this amount of coherency. \"So. I take it that, you werent sensational enough or am I interrupting fliming? Something going to leap out and try to eat me, drag me kicking and screaming somewhere?\" That, not so much sarcasm.\nDante turns to look at with a very serious expression. \"One might say that,\" he says quietly. \"And meat packing districts have a way of attracting some spirits. So…I would say watch your tongue.\" The last part is not an admonishment, but a stern warning, as one might warn a child.\n\n\"Somehow, I doubt that anything would want to have anything to do with me. I'm a little hot to handle\" The phone is thumbed off and she's frowning at Dante. \"I think they might have some fun with you. Pardon me, Tanks for your help, I'm going to walk my bike to some place safer for it.\" whatever she means by the fun with you, it's a toss up. But she is maneuvering around her bike to start the process of indeed getting it to some place safer.\n\n\"They might not find me too easy prey either,\" Dante says with a slight grin. \"I have one or two tricks up my sleeve.\" He pulls out a bit of chalk, and carefully starts to draw on the bike. He makes out a quick design. \"There, now you should be even hotter to handle. Just be careful. It'll only last until the next rain.\"\n\n\"The hell do you think you are doing?\" He was just some guy, now he's the guy defacing her good tired - okay, it's chalk, not really that big a deal - and she's soon crouching, attempting to grab him hand and keep him from finishing whatever it is he's drawing, trying to angle her body to shield her other hand. Her other hand being in a fist, and starting to coat in fire. \"You don't do that to someones bike. That's not cool\" Nor is the heat coming off that fist. A little gold cross slipping out of the collar of her shirt and now swaying.\n\n\"I'm watch!\" Dante says with a growl. \"I'm investigating the area and I wanted to make sure you are safe.\" He shoves the chalk into his pocket. \"Now I know for a fact that you've got contact with the gloom. Once it's tasted something, it wants it back. You should be smart enough to know that.\"\n\n\"Why do you all assume I'm stupid\" She fires back, flexing her fist to smother the fire before it can spread across herself and succeeding. \"And why does everyone assume it wants me back. Maybe it wants you more\" She points out, standing upright but making no effort to wipe off what he'd written on her bike. \"Hit and miss with the lot of you. I swear to god on high\"\n\n\"It does want me more,\" Dante says flatly. \"But any monster, any beast, any hunter wouldn't mind a target of opportunity. That is just the way it works. You can look at gift horse in the mouth, or you can just believe for once in your life.\" She swears and he raises a hand. \"Blasphemy does not become so pretty a lady.\"\n\n\"Neither does a big mouth and good looking guy. You have a great morning. Hope you find your monster\" More sarcasm. Because that would mean the glooms feeling a little adventurous. With that, she's hitting her kick stand and taking the weight of the bike, starting off to somewhere that isn't here and isn't Dante-Centric. \"Say hello to Mattie for me.\" Tossed over her shoulder. Odds are, she'll likely walk it to a parking lot. or somewhere. But it won't be here."

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