Pizza and Beer

Cast: date: 'September 11, 2012'
place: 'The Crow and the Caper'
participants: 'Imogen, Mattie'
synopsis: 'The girls get together for a late night snack.'
log: "When the door swings open to Mattie's tap tap tapping on Imogen's chamber door. She's expected and she comes bearing gifts. Or pizza, which is just as good, especially this late at night when no one really wants to cook for themselves. \n\n\"Freakin' Shaun grabbed a slice in the hallway. Jerk thinks he can just take whatever he wants because he's heading home tomorrow,\" Mattie gripes. Of course, Mattie didn't put up too much of a fight when he opened the box, and she has a soft spot for the elderly Irishman down the hall who has been crashing at the Crow and Caper after a run-in with the Gloom just a couple months past. \n\nThe other hand holds a six-pack of bottled Strongbow, which she slings onto the bed. The pizza box is set on whatever flat surface won't be ruined by grease stains. \"Hopefully everyone else is out or asleep or the smell will bring everyone our way in about thirty seconds,\" the American quips.\n\nHanging back to close the door behind Mattie, Imogen smiles crookedly at the story. \"The Irish, what can you do,\" she says with a chuckle. She comes over to drop onto the bed after the booze. Which is what she's after. At least she passes one in Mattie's direction as well.\n\n\"Most of them know that knocking on my door this late gets them slapped, pizza or no pizza. Except pretty Americans, I guess.\"\n\n\"You gonna raise my rent or what?\" Mattie says wryly to the landlady as she takes one of the bottles and slips down to sit on the ground, head leaning against the bed. \n\nHer eyes close as she uncaps her bottle and brings it to her mouth for a swallow. \"I should be out patrolling or something,\" she says tiredly, though she makes no motion to move. \"Nothing new in the rumor mill, is there?\" While Imogen's not an operative, all the Watch members hear things as they go about their business that might not mean much to the average Londoner.\n\n\"Not if you keep bringing me pizza and beer.\" Imogen folds her legs and grabs a slice, her beer sitting against a knee. \"I haven't heard anything new, no other parties to worry about. But you know, I'm not the most social of the Watch, either.\"\n\nShe drinks there, a nice, long drink. \"Something stronger next time, yeah?\" She sets the beer to the side before she slides off the bed to sit next to Mattie. \"I don't think it'll hurt the war effort to take the night off.\"\n\n\"Yeah. That party… I guess I was wrong about thinking we took care of that at the parade. The news was awful,\" Mattie says, reaching to pop open the pizza box and grab a slice. \"But like always, nothing there by the time I could go check it out. Fuckin' Others. I sometimes envy cops their jobs, when there's a stupid human to contend with and put behind bars.\" \n\nShe takes a bite of the slice and chews thoughtfully. \"It won't hurt the war effort in the grand scheme of things, but it might make a difference at some level in the short term, you know? Someone might get hurt that wouldn't if I were out there.\" Her brows furrow and she shakes her head. \"That sounds like I think I'm making a huge difference. I'm not. I don't. But what if.\" \n\nAnother long swallow of cider is taken and Mattie rests her head back again. \"What ifs suck, you know?\"\n\n\"We couldn't have known. To be honest, it didn't occur to me to check out the party after you took care of the Other. Or I would have called someone.\" Imogen shakes her head a little, but a wry chuckle follows. \"Cops have more paperwork, though.\"\n\nBut she looks more serious as Mattie goes on, and she looks over at her, nodding gently. \"Try not to dwell on the Ifs. It'll ruin your whole life. There's a whole network of operatives out there, they'll take care of things. And some other day, you'll take care of things while they take a night off. You can't be everywhere.\"\n\n\"We have paperwork too! We just don't have to deal with warrants and the legal shit. I guess that's good.\" There's always a silver lining. The pizza is chewed, and the redhead shrugs again. \n\n\"The Gloom already ruined my whole life, remember?\" she says wryly. \"You can't see the crap most of us have seen and expect to be happy, I don't think. May as well be useful.\" With that, she clinks her bottle against Imogen's. \"To be fucking useful.\"\n\n\"Our version of red tape is totally different.\" Imogen clicks her bottle against Mattie's, though, \"To usefulness. It's a terrible consolation prize, but we take what we can get, yeah?\" She takes a drink after, but sets it aside again to get up and open a drawer. \"This is better.\"\n\nWhen she sits back down, it's with a bottle of Irish whiskey, which she opens to take a drink of before passing it over. \"But I mean it. You just make a bad thing worse when you think about what might be. Might have been. Whatever.\"\n\nThe bottle is taken and Mattie takes a swig, then blinks when the sharp heat makes its way down her throat. \"Right, but now I can't taste anything in the pizza,\" she teases, handing it back. Not like she hasn't had whiskey or stronger. \n\nHer slice of pizza is finished despite her exaggerative words. \n\n\"How'd you get roped into this business anyway?\" the American asks the master of the house. \"I don't think I ever asked. Or did we just slowly take over this fine establishment and you had no choice?\"\n\n\"It's alright, tastes like any other pizza, but this is amazing whiskey.\" Imogen takes it back, takes another drink and follows it up with a drink of the beer as well. Of course, once that question is asked, she has to take another drink of the whiskey before answering.\n\n\"I… ah, I had a friend, he was like you. Touched, I mean. I never did know what he could do, didn't like to talk about it. But we grew up together. He was weird. People didn't like him much. You know.\" She takes in a breath there, pausing just a moment before she adds, \"I was there when they came to take him back. The Others. Watch grabbed me, put me here, been here ever since.\"\n\nThe bottle is taken back for another swig and Mattie listens somberly. She nods finally. \"Funny how it all makes sense, once you know, right? My brother was like that. Got weird. Became a loner.\" She hands the bottle back. \"I don't know what he could do either. But they came back for him, too.\" \n\nThe American sighs, picking up the cider bottle to chase the whiskey before skinny arms wrap around skinny legs. \"It seems inevitable. They think we belong to them or something. I guess I just wanna kick some ass before they eventually drag me back down.\" In such a morbid and pessimistic mood, no wonder she opted to stay in tonight.\n\n\"Funny's a good word for it.\" Imogen takes the bottle for a drink. Or maybe two. But she keeps a hold of it this time. \"Don't worry so much. You've a team full of people that'll put you down before they see you dragged back.\"\n\nIt's meant to be a comfort, at least. She may not be the best at it, but it is the best she can do.\n\nThe blunt attempt at comfort makes Mattie snort. \"That's the sweetest thing anyone's said to me, Gen!\" she says in a faux-touched voice before she begins to laugh a little more sincerely. \n\nAnother slice of pizza is picked up and bitten into, chased by another hard swallow of cider. Apparently the Others can wait another day before trying to reclaim her. She's staying in and not making it easy for them tonight.\n"

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