Play Time

Cast: date: 'August 30th, 2012'
place: 'East End, London'
participants: 'David, Ruth'
synopsis: 'Two Watch agents catch up with a pair of violent Touched. Goes about as well as you''d expect.'
log: "Ruth is hunting. It should be unsettling to her, how easy it is to slip into that predatory mindset, but it isn't anymore. She's crouched on the ledge of a tall building, clad in her usual boring 'black on black with a side of grey' attire, hood pulled up to keep the wind from stirring through her hair.\n\nTwo Touched have emerged recently; violent and irrational, as they sometimes are. Two attempts have been made to bring them in, those attempts have been rebuffed. Third time's a charm. And so, she waits - motionless, unblinking, all but obscured by the shadows of the nearby buildings. It's been several hours, but she stares down at the street, patient as a spider in its web. She can't exactly see where David's watching from, at the moment, but knows he's down there somewhere.\n\nThe reports have been a bit spotty. Possible telekinetic ability, possible telepathy, one of them has apparently claimed to be a vampirescared the bloody hell out of a pair of drunkards heading home from a bar, by all accounts. Nothing's made it to the local papers yet. Yet.\n\nDespite the alley looking to be empty, David is down there. Watching. Waiting. Using the shadows to disguise his presence and letting the space appear to look normal. He has his shadow weapons clutched in his hands, creating a pair of short swords. Though he is hidden behind the shadow, he watches the area around him through the shimmer from the shadow that surrounds him. He looks up to where Ruth is to make sure she's in position. Something tells him that their prey is close.\n\nRuth's in the same place she's been for hours; silent and still, head angled down, eyes narrowed slightly against the breeze whistling between the buildings. These late night jobs aren't a favorite of hersthe lack of bright light and rest disagree with her, her skin's already gone paler than usual and dark hollows have formed under her eyes. Still, she's waiting without complaint - some part of her enjoying it.\n\nTheir prey is close. They come wandering into view after another half hour of waiting. To passers on the street they're homeless, by the looks of them; unwashed, their clothing threadbare and stained. Two Touched, one male, one female, easy enough to identify with a close look — both appear gaunt with full-black eyes and crooked, too-large teeth to the eyes of the Watch agents. One has an unpleasantly large maw that seems slit from ear to ear; a Glasgow smile.\n\nThe male, he of the unpleasantly bloody, overly-wide smile, is tugging the female along by the wrist, muttering something unintelligible, words slurred beyond comprehension. She's laughing, too loud and too high pitched to sound remotely sane. People on the street are avoiding them.\nNope.\n\nDavid continues to sit and wait until their prey comes into view. The pounding of his heart starting to grow as the excitement begins to build. Hours of waiting has finally paid off. He doesn't move yet. Just waiting for them to pass by him so he can come after them from the rear. His eyes continue to follow the pair, listening to them but unable to hear what the woman is laughing about.\n\nOnce the pair is several paces past them, he carefully pushes the shadow from over him as if pushing a blanket off him. Once removed, David is revealed and the shadow he was using returns back to it's original shape. He stands up straight before he moves towards the pair, his weapons at the ready as he moves down the alley after the pair.\n\nUpon closer inspection, it's not just to the eyes of the Watch agents that the man's coated in blood… thick lines of it are dribbling down his neck and chin, staining the front of his shirt a dark crimson. Oh dear. This situation might be a little messier than previously thought, if there's a trail to be followed back to a victim. How unpleasant.\n\nRuth edges closer to the drop, gloved fingertips gripping the edge of the ledge as she leans forward at a rather unnatural angleshe ought to fall forward, tilted as far as she is, but she doesn't.\n\nDavid's presence, as soon as the cover of shadows slips away from his form, is immediately noticed by the woman. She whirls around, bringing up a dirty hand to jab an accusatory finger into the dim alleyway and shouts out a loud, \"OY! I fuckin' SEE YOU!\" The large, blood-stained man accompanying/dragging her halts his lumbering steps and turns, a gurgling sort of snarl escaping. They do not appear to be overly friendly.\n\nDavid stops when he's noticed by the woman, a smirk playing on his lips at her words. He stands his ground, his eyes moving between the two of them. \"Good.\" He says to the woman. \"I see you too.\" He says with his weapons at his side. His eyes look to one then the other and back. He doesn't look to where Ruth is, not wanting to give her position away. A few moments pass before the smirk slowly working up to a grin. \"Let's dance.\" With that, he rushes the two, weapons swinging at them both once he's close enough to strike.\n\nThere is suddenly a very shrill, unpleasant sound; metal scraping against asphalt, chains breaking. A dumpster, previously linked to the wall by a heavy length of chain, wrenches itself free and hurtles down the darkened alleyway towards David. Very quickly! Quick enough that, if he's not paying attention, it's going to slam into him in about two seconds. Might sting a bit.\n\nRuth? She's not even on that ledge anymore. Since he's not looking, David won't see her skittering down the wall, whisper-quiet, head angled back to watch the two Touched as she moves. It's more than a little creepy.\n\nThe blood-stained man stumbles back a few steps as David approaches, seemingly more than willing to leave his female companion in the path of dangeralthough, judging by the way she's staring at that dumpster as it flies towards David, perhaps she's capable of defending herself…\n\nDavid manages to get in two swings on the woman with his weapons before he has to dodge out of the way of the dumpster. Telekinesis confirmed. He lands on the asphalt, rolling to his feet as the dumpster sails past. Once the one obstacle has passed, he's rushing the woman again. The man still being tracked, but since he's not attacking him, David doesn't focus on him. He swings the swords at the woman again, making sure to keep moving his feet.\n\nThe man that was with the woman David's fighting turns towards Ruth, letting out an inhuman like laugh as he sees her crawling down the wall. \"Good. Someone I can play with.\" He then rushes towards the woman, teeth bared at her. As he draws towards her, he leaps up at her spot on the wall.\n\nTelekinesis confirmed - indeed. The obstacle doesn't sail past, is the thing. Once he avoids it, it lurches to a stop, metal bottom scraping against the asphalt abruptly enough to cause sparks to fly as it jerks towards David a second time; faster now. The telekinetic woman seems rather determined! She stumbles back, arms brought up to defend herself against the weapon he's slashing at her with, getting a rather deep wound across both forearms as a result - she screams out an unintelligible curse. Then there's the sound of twisting metal as a fire escape ladder rips free of the brick wall and wings its way towards David, ahead of the dumpster. It bends and curls in mid-air, and if it connects? It'll wrap him up. Tight.\n\n\"Sod off,\" Ruth mutters as she steps off of the wall onto the ground, narrowly avoiding the man's leap. She's unarmed, she pulls no weapons of her own. Hell, she doesn't even appear to be carrying one. All she does is tug off one glove, then the other. \"We'd've taken you in, you know. Got you sorted. Didn't have to be like this.\" Her tone is rather eerily calm in the face of the gruesome figure advancing on her, considering that she's backed up against the wall and all.\n\nRuth does, of course, glance aside briefly towards David and the woman he's squaring off against. She's not heartless, after all, and watching someone send large metal objects hurtling towards your de facto partner is… unsettling.\n\nDavid is forced to dodge the dumpster again as it comes back for a second pass then comes the fire escape which puts him on the defensive rather than the offensive. But a plan does start to come together in his head. He just has to maneuver the woman in the right spot. When he can, he moves into towards the woman and attacks her again with the swords until he has to dodge the incoming things again.\n\nThe man looks back to Ruth as she dodges out of the way. He lets out another growl at her. \"Maybe we don't want to be sorted. Maybe we like it this way.\" He says before he leaps at her again, teeth bared again and hands reaching out to grasp her. Apparently he doesn't know the bad things that could happen if he touches her. \"Come on, girly. We can have fun together.\" He says to her as he lands on the ground and moves quickly towards her.\n\n\"Stupid. Could've helped you.\" Ruth answers, letting her shed gloves drop to the ground at her feet. She slants a look towards Davidhe seems to be handling himself well enough? Right then. That look, however, cost her a half-second, and now there's a hand closing around her shoulder. She doesn't even fight it, doesn't duck back or shrink away. She's spent too long out of the light to waste that sort of energy; black veins are already threading their way across her chalky skin, and her lips have turned dark. But she's smiling anyway, taunting, not even reaching up yet to grasp the hand that's got a hold of her. \"Let's play.\"\n\nDavid, watch out for that fire escape ladder. It's hurtling back towards him again, even as the woman, now bleeding heavily from the deep gashes across both forearms, is turning on her heels to run the hell out of the alley. It's always the alleyways, this job, never somewhere nice. She's cut again, this time across the back as she retreats, and it's a serious enough wound to have her shrieking and stumbling forward unsteadilybut the screams aren't out loud, they're just… inside of David's head. Horrifically loud, inhuman screams, the sort that block out all other sound.\n\nDavid turns to move towards the woman as she tries to escape, throwing one of his swords at her. This costs him as he tries to duck under the fire escape, but ends up taking a railing to the head. He lands on the ground with a groan, blood pouring from his forehead where the metal connected. The screaming in his head causes him to cry out in pain, gripping his head as he clinches his teeth and closes his eyes tight.\n\nAs the man's hand connects with Ruth's shoulder, his fingers close into a tight grasp, nails digging into her skin since she doesn't make any movements to fight him. The grin showing on his lips as drool drips from his lips. His eyes focus on her, unaware of the black veins. His head turns to the side slightly as he looks at her. \"Aren't you going to scream for me, girly? Make it more fun for me.\" \n\nIt's quick, just a flash of movementshe doesn't go for the neck or the eyes, or anything too Hollywood. Ruth's hand is at mid-level, and so that's where she drives it, an open-palm strike right at the man's gut. It's not until her fingertips are digging into his flesh through his shirt that the bite of the stingers jutting out of each fingertip can be felt, then the burn of the poison. This isn't the way she wanted to do this. Talking would've been preferable. Which isn't to say there's not some glimmer of satisfaction in her eyes as she watches the fear take hold. There is.\n\nThe screaming in David's mind starts to die down to something less unbearable, but only because the Touched woman causing it has sunk to her knees, the slumped forward, hands planted on the asphalt. Blood loss, it makes it hard to focus. The shrieking quiets down, replaced by a pitiful whimpering that claws at his pschye, \"Please, please don't! He was making me do it! I never wanted to hurt nobody!\"\n\nIt's so believable, if one ignores the way that ladder's scraping across the ground again, slowly dragging itself towards him. It'll wrap around his legs if he's not paying attention.\n\nDavid's breathing becomes heavy and his eyes and mouth open wide as the pain starts to die down and the scraping from the fire escape is now able to be heard. The voice in his head allows him to move to his feet and grab a hold of another piece of shadow and beings to form another sword as he is easily able to maneuver out of the way of the ladder as he moves towards the dying woman. \"You should have thought about it before you attacked us.\" Once the sword is finished, he moves towards the woman, getting himself ready for the decapitation.\n\nThe man is in no position to help his companion, having problems of his own. His brain wants him to let go of Ruth, but his body doesn't seem to want to respond. He lets out a grunt as the barbs enter his flesh and then it's replaced by a growing cry of pain from the venom that now courses through his body as it makes its way towards it's vital organs. His body starts to shake, the little bit of lights that makes its way into the alley reflecting off the sweat pouring from his pores. His eyes seem locked on Ruth's, unable to look away allowing her to see the fear that is evident in them. Once the venom reaches his heart, his body convulses once before his grip on Ruth's shoulders is released and his lifeless body collapses on to the ground, his lifeless eyes left open to stare out at nothing.\n\nOne could easily say Ruth has had an easier time of it than David, this evening! She's not bleeding or bruised, after all! She watches the man sink down to to his knees, her gaze flitting towards the hand that drags down from her shoulder. \"Sorry, mate.\" is offered, disingenuous as all hell, as she steps over his body. \"Oi,\" she calls out to David, bending down to collect her gloves. A quick curl and uncurl of her fingers has the stingers withdrawingand maybe it's intentional that she's watching them retract, rather than look up to see what happens next.\n\nThe begging in David's head continues, though it's laced with profanity, mad gibbering and threats and sanity-rending laughter all layered atop one another… right up until his blade takes her head off, that is.\n\nRuth doesn't watch this part. She's putting her gloves on, you see. It takes full concentration - or something. \"Gonna need to call for a cleanup.\" Which she does not appear to be doing! No, Ruth is already crossing the alley soundlessly, gloves tugged into place, a thumb hooked over her shoulder back towards the body left in her own wake. \"I'm goin' to try and find whoever it was that one attacked. Might be they're alive.\" Or she'll put in a second call to the cleaner, either way.\n\nDavid glances towards Ruth as she calls to him, making note of the man's body on the ground. He doesn't say anything to the woman before he brings the sword down on her neck, severing her head from her body and watches it roll as her body falls lifelessly. Once she is taken care of, he allows the weapon to vanish in a wisp of shadows. Ruth's words about the cleanup crew causes him to nod, his eyes locked on the woman. \"Yeah. I'll make the call.\" He says as he reaches up to his forehead and then looks at the blood on his fingers. \"Fuck.\" He uses the back of his hand to wipe the blood from his forehead, trying not to get any blood in his eyes. He looks up at Ruth before he speaks again. \"You alright?\" He asks as he pulls his phone out of his pocket and calls Headquarters for a cleanup crew.\n\n\"I'm fine,\" Ruth answers flatly. \"Y'look like shit.\" she points out, sparing the headless body on the ground a look, lips pursed to a hard line — and then… well, blink and you've missed her. She's gone, already out of the alley and tracking the scent of that blood. It's fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on if you're an animal lover) that what she'll find is just a savaged dog, not a person attacked by a mad Touched. A grisly sight to come across, but considerably easier to cover up."

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