Please Take a Number

Cast: date: '7 September 2012'
place: 'East End'
participants: 'Cedric, Ruth, Decker, Seth'
synopsis: 'There''s no such thing as an off day - or not being in the field - for members of the Watch.'
log: "It's late evening, well past the time where the last lights have been clicked off back at the Watch main offices. It's not too far off from the building itself that Ruth and Cedric can be seen walking along; the former dressed in her usual black-on-black garb, hands tucked into her front pockets as she walks soundlessly to his right, on the outside edge of the sidewalk . There's a haze of fog hanging in the air that reduces the glow of the street lamps to a lingering aura of pale orange. It's a quiet sort of night, really, not much to be heard aside from the grind of tires against asphalt as the occasional car rolls down the streets, headlights doing little to cut through the pea soup fog.\n\nRuth doesn't care for this sort of weather, and the displeasure's written all over her face as she scowls ahead, squinting into the fog. \"Lovely night.\" Ah, sarcasm.\n\nA quiet night, that is, save for the distant sound of shoutingsomewhat muffled, but definitely profane. A bust-up on the street, perhaps? Lover's quarrel?\n\nDown a nearby alley, the sounds of a struggle can be heard and verified by the shadows cast on a brick wall. Four street punks are circled around Decker who seems a little beat up, but still holding his own. \"Come on you, fuckers!\" He says in a voice that's obviously American with a slight British accent that he's starting to pick up. As he throws punches, he connects with a few of them before he turns to focus on another one of the punks.\n\nThose who are observant enough might notice his fists change into a black stone a split-second before it connects and reverts back to normal after contact is made. Sweat drips from Decker's forehead and his breathing is heavy from the exertion he's exuding. Two of the punks take the opportunity to attack him while his back is turned, punching and hitting his back and the back of his head.\n\nCedric seems considerably less bothered by the weather than Ruth. He's dressed a bit more colorfully, in a hunter-green hoodie over worn jeans and a pair of trainers that are sound but used, the hood pulled up over his head against the chill and wet. His right arm is in a sling, the hand in a cast that extends all the way to the tips of his last two fingers and well past his wrist, leaving only the first three fingers of the hand free. He seems in relatively good temper, his free hand holding a lit fag, flicking the ash from it, the pack tucked into the sling. \n\nHe's about to take another drag when he hears the sound of rowing ahead. \"Ruth.\" His voice is suddenly low and quiet. \"Reckon that's a bit more than just a row.\" His muscles bunch, and he looks up ahead into the darkness.\n\nRuth looks about as healthy as evereven in a relatively decent mood, despite the scowling about the weather. \"Do we get to sign it?\" she asks of Cedric, slanting a look towards his sling-stowed arm, clearly referring to the cast. \"Might even have a pen on me…\" Narrow brows arch slightly at the growing sounds of a scuffle up the street and she sniffs quietly, shoulders lifting and dropping in a low-energy shrug. After considering it for a moment, head inclined towards the alley they're ambling ever closer to, she mutters dismissively, \"It'll sort itself out.\"\n\nBut then, perhaps after doing a little count of the number of footfalls she's hearing, she sighs out a breath and looks back to Cedric. \"oh, bugger. Really?\"\n\nDecker swings back an elbow on one of the punks that had jumped him from behind, connecting with his cheek which emits an audible crack as something breaks, his elbow turning to stone beneath his jacket sleeve. \"That all you got, you little shits?!\" He calls out as he swings a fist towards the one he's facing, his fist shifting to stone once again. He sees it coming and ducks under, but Decker pulls his punch back and his elbow connects with the second one on his back as the second guy drops to the ground, clenching his cheek.\n\nFrom somewhere up above comes the sound of a man screaming. And it's getting quickly closer.\n\nSeeing a man outnumbered four to one is enough for Cedric. His eyes narrow, and he glances at Ruth. \"Fuck it, he needs help.\" His tone is low, but he makes no effort to simply charge in. Instead, he strides to the end of the alleyway, speeding up past Ruth, and is about to place himself where Decker can see him when the sound of the man screaming makes him look up. \"/Bollocks./ Ruth, the next time I go to punch a wall, remind me of this.\" There's tension in that voice - not quite the snarl, but tension as he looks up briefly, searching for the source of the screaming.\n\n\"Could just ring the police,\" Ruth utters in a dull tone as Cedric darts ahead of her, not seeming overly keen to leap headlong into a street fight. With great power comes great… apathy. Or something. She pulls her hands from her pocketsmostly, her thumbs remain hooked there as she quickens her steps to try to keep pace with Cedric. \"Will do,\" she adds to him, almost pleasantly, before turning her head to bark out a sharp, \"OI! What's this?\" at Decker and his attackers.\n\nBut then… she tips her head back a few degrees and squints up at the rooftopsthe sky?\n\nThe first man that Decker hit stops as he is about to punch him as he hears Ruth's voice, looking towards her and Cedric. \"This dunt concern you, love. Why don't you and your fella piss off?\" Decker pauses for a moment at the sound of a new voice, his attention looking in the same direction, but the punch to the jaw by the second man on his feet draws his attention back. He throws another punch with his fist turning back to stone which connects square on the nose, breaking it in a shower of blood and a cry from the man. His attention then turns to the last man standing, his hand still in that black stone.\n\nThere's no sign of anyone anywhere in any upwards direction. Just dark blue sky with the hints of the beginnings of stars as the sun sets. But that screaming /is/ getting louder.\n\nHaving assessed Decker's situation in a glance, Cedric doesn't appear to have any intention of interfering. Nor does it looks as if him interfering is a wise idea, but something else catches his attention. \"Reckon it does,\" he answers quietly, in a low, rough baritone. \"Knock him for six and then we'll chat.\" A quick glance at Ruth and then at the fists, and a nod as if to be sure she catches his meaning. \n\nWith that and a frown, he peeks back out the alleyway, hoping to find the source of the screaming. If it's getting closer…\n\n\n\"Just once, one've these nights, I'd like to walk home without somethin'\" Ruth grouses as she rocks her weight back on her heels, cutting short with a grimace as she watches one unlucky fellow's nose send a spray of blood across the bricks. Faded eyes flit towards Decker's hands, tracking the path of the rivulets of blood dribbling along stone knuckles. \"Heh.\" She spares Cedric a chin-lifting nod, a mute sign of acknowledgement and affirmation. \"Take your time, we'll wait,\" she adds, with remarkably little empathy for the bloodied fellows in varying states of unconsciousness on the ground.\n\nThat screaming, though. She brings a hand up to rub at her nose, taking a few steps forward as she looks up once again. \"Someone fallin' out've the bloody sky?\"\n\nDecker considers Cedric's words for a moment before he punches the last guy in the nose as well, dropping him quick. He looks down at the four, seeing if they're done or getting back up for more. When he's satisfied, his hand returns to normal before he looks back towards Cedric and Ruth after looking up at the sky, looking for the source of the scream. Not seeing anything, he looks back to the pair. \"You two the bobbies?\" He asks, looking between the two. \"They jumped me. I was just defending myself.\" He says, taking a few steps away from the pair. Ruth's words causes him to look back up at the sky again.\n\n*GLTCH*\n\nDecker looks up in time to see a dark shape appear right above him, and WHUMPF! Something heavy lands on him. Hard, knocking them both to the ground. Talk about adding insult to injury. Or rather…more injury to injury. Thankfully it's barely more than a few extra bruises.\n\nThe fallen form groans, lifting up a head of bright red, bedraggled curls, which shakes furiously as the man tries to recover from the fall. Suddenly, he's on his feet, spinning around with wild blue eyes and looking every which way. He's not very tall, but the skinnyness of his body makes him seem taller. Dressed in a trenchcoat that looks two sizes too big, dirty jeans, a ripped t-shirt, and unlaced hiking boots, he looks rather…displaced. And disoriented. \"What… where…\"\n\nThe newcomer's words make Cedric peek back into the alleyway, and straighten up. \"Think the fuzz'd be about here, and with a broken hand?\" Cedric shakes his head, gesturing with his chin to the sling his hand is in. He, too, winces as he looks down at the damage Decker's done, and just closes his eyes as if it brings up some unpleasant memory. \"Not bloody likely.\" He flicks the ash from the forgotten fag, still in his hand, and is about to take a drag from it when the man comes crashing down on Decker. \"What the?\" Uh-oh, this is getting dangerous, fast.\n\n\"Heh,\" Ruth intones, utterly humorless, as she slides her hands back into her pockets, shifting her attention from the unconscious men on the ground to Decker towhat is that sound? \"No worries, mate,\" she murmurs, distracted, to Decker, still squinting up at the sky. \"We're not affiliated with any sort've…\" But then there is most obviously someone falling out of the sky and colliding with Decker and Ruth's words just trail off to an incredulous sort of, \"…what?\" as she blinks down at the newest arrival. Unsurprisingly, she offers no answer to his queries. She just stares at him.\n\nDecker looks towards Cedric's cast as if seeing it for the first time. He frowns slightly for a second before he starts to speak, but whatever he was going to say is cut off by the figure appearing above him. Just before he's turned into a landing pad, he is able to transform himself to stone, but the momentum of the guy still knocks him off his feet. \"Oomph.\" is all that's said as he hits the ground. \"The fuck?!\" He says, still completely made of stone and very heavy now. Once the man is finally off of him, he starts to get back up to his feet with some effort and is not looking very happy about it. He immediately takes a defensive stance, the stone disappearing from him except for his fists as he thinks the new arrival is with the four he just beat up.\n\nThe man spins in place, his oversized trenchcoat whirling about him. His mouth is hanging open as he pants, looking up and about… and even ducking suddenly, like he's being divebombed by invisible UFOs, or ducking under gunfire. After his third turn however, he blinks and his eyes settle on Cedric. \"Oh thank god…\" he says, his voice full of relief, followed immediately by a wince and a hand to his ribs, \"Owww… oh fuck, did I land on somebody? Shit shit shit, who did I land on?\" His bird-like neck cranes side to side as he looks between all three around him, genuine worry in his eyes. He /sounds/ American, at least.\n\nCedric looks as if he's having trouble processing this entire mess, and finally shakes his head as he spots Decker about to have a pop at the new guy. \"What the…?\" he repeats, just staring for a moment. \"Oy, let's not be rowing here,\" he starts. \"Enough blokes've gotten hurt tonight.\" Someone is definitely struggling to process what is going on. \"You sound like a Yank, mate. You're in London.\"\n\nRuth glances at Cedric, then back towards Decker and the red-haired man - her lips part, like she's going to say something, then she just… shuts her mouth again and looks somewhat befuddled as she studies them. \"Ced,\" she asides to her companion, \"Just to be clear. That one's all stone, and the yank fell out've the air.\" —and if she's confirming this to him or herself isn't entirely clear. Turning her head, she casts a wary glance towards the sidewalk, then edges along the wall a bit closer into the alleyway, hands lifting, palms facing outward, \"Let's all calm down.\"\n\nDecker is about to hit the new guy when the others protest. A frown appears on his lips as his hand reverts back to normal. His eyes remain on the new arrival, narrowing slightly. \"You're lucky that they're right otherwise you'd be on the ground next to your buddies.\" He still thinks he's with the others. He takes a few steps away from the new guy as the four men that Decker had beat up previously finally get up and take off. \"I'm fine, by the way.\" He says as he leans up against the stone wall, arms crossed at his chest. \"Who are you and why did you run into me?\" He asks, apparently not hearing Ruth's comments to Cedric.\n\n\"Jesus Christ, I'm sorry man! I didn't… uh… well…\" The man stiffens suddenly, glancing up, and all around, tilting his head to listen… and relaxing with a small smile. \"My name's Seth. Sorry, it wasn't intentional,\" he says, holding up his hands defensively towards Decker. He laughs. \"London! Well, that's a nice change. Uh hey… you guys don't happen to have any food on you, do you?\"\n\nAs the situation looks to be defusing to some degree, Cedric starts to lean back against the brick wall of the alley, ashing the fag in his hand, then taking a long drag of it and surveying the bodies. He puts one foot up against the wall, his expression becoming set. \"Right. Ruth, are those blokes really dead or just out?\" He hesitates before asking the question, but ask it he does. \n\nAnother deep breath, his eyes on Seth. \"Do you do this often? That's quite a trick.\"\n\nRuth lifts a foot from the ground and nudges one of the slow-risers in the sidewell, prods really, the hard toe of her work boot digging enough that he gets to his hands and knees, then his feet, and staggers off towards the street. \"Not the prettiest, but they seem alive enough.\" That assessment made, she lowers her arms to the side ad, like Cedric, leans back against the bricks. Seemingly content to let Cedric lead the line of questioning, she just looks between Decker and Seth, her head cocked slightly to the side. \"Sorry mate,\" she informs the latter, regarding food, giving her head a shake. Fresh out.\n\nDecker continues to keep his eyes on Seth as he speaks, still upset about being used as an air bag. \"Nope. No food.\" He says simply to his question. He does glance towards the group as they run off before he looks back to Seth at Cedric's question, a little curious about the answer himself. He looks towards Cedric and Ruth, making sure they're keeping their distance as well in case they end up rushing him too. It's not been a very good day so far and that would just make it even worse.\n\nSeth looks to all three of the Londoners leaning up against the wall together, looking so very at-ease with the situation. He looks confused. He jerks a thumb after the departing ruffians. \"I didn't land on them too, did I? Uh, it happens more often than I'd like. … You guys aren't freaked out or anything? I mean, I just fell out of the sky!\" He points up into the wild dark-blue yonder. The wide cuffs of his coat fall away from his thin wrists at that motion. \"That doesn't happen very often. … Right?\"\n\nCedric shows no signs of going anywhere - he's perfectly content to smoke and hold the wall up, one foot on it. Judging by the awkward way he handles the cigarette, the broken hand is probably his dominant hand. He takes one last drag from it, then tosses it at his feet and crushes it with his heel. \"Mate, I've seen weirder shit.\" No, apparently Seth doesn't scare him. He fishes the pack of cigarettes from the sling and looks up, studying Seth closely for a long moment. \n\nWhen he's done his perusal, he mutters, \"Dr. Regal's going to have my arse for this. I'm not supposed to be in the fucking field.\" But … what's done is done. \"Right then, looks like you both have had a rough go of it. Don't worry, I haven't got any plans to hurt either of you. Seth, how long have you been able to do that?\" \n\nRuth doesn't appear about to rush anyone; her posture is a fairly relaxed one, shoulders slanted against the bricks. Her head tips back just slightly as she regards the two relative unknowns with pale, unblinking eyes. Decker gets an appraising look, then Sethwholly open head-to-toe size ups that are rather uncomfortably obvious. \"You'd be the first I've seen fall out've the sky,\" she offers to Seth, then shifts her attention back to Decker, remarking, \"Shouldn't be fighting like that. Anyone could've walked up.\"\n\nCedric's comment about what he's seen causes Decker to raise an eyebrow slightly as he shoots him a glance for a moment before he looks towards the group that ran off then back to Seth, shaking his head. \"No. You didn't. That was my doing.\" He says to the man before his attention is called towards Ruth again as she speaks to him. \"Didn't have much of a choice.\" He offers to her. \"Wasn't going to sit by and get my ass kicked by four assholes.\" He looks back towards Seth again, considering him for a moment before he speaks. \"What were you doing falling from the sky?\"\n\nSeth looks even more baffled as the trio talk, staring at them all like they have six heads between them. Cedric's question in particular gets a wince, and he runs dirty hands through his dirty hair. \"Oh jeez… uh, years. It started… when…\" Seth's words slowly fade out, and his eyes go wide as they slide up, staring in shock and amazement at something over Cedric's head. Something that must be far beyond the wall.\n\nOddly, Cedric simply nods as if that confirms something for him, and there's open sympathy in his expression, even if his words don't match it. \"Been there, mate. Right, th….\" He stops, though, the pack of fags still in his hand, and he straightens up as Seth starts staring over his head, looking at the wall. \"What?\" He pushes himself free of the wall with a quick, darting motion, just by a couple of steps, to see what the man is looking at. \n\n\"Hm,\" is all Ruth breathes out in answer to Decker's words, lips pursing slightly as she looks away. \"Right, this is probably a conversation we ought to all have somewhere else, rather than right here inwhat?\" Despite barely knowing Seth, apparently she's gleaned enough to become concerned when he stares up at the sky. Rather than dart forward, she flattens herself back against the wall and turns her head to stare up.\n\nDecker raises an eyebrow as he looks between all three of the people with him. He doesn't say anything but does turn his attention back up to where Seth is looking above Cedric's head, trying to see what he's staring at and what made his eyes widen. \"What? What is it?\" He asks, mirroring Cedric's question as well.\n\nThere's nothing on the wall, as far as anyone else can tell. Nor anything else of interest. And yet the look of awe on Seth's face turns slowly to one of fear. \"Ohhhh fuck, that's a BIG o\"\n\n*GLTCH*\n\nWhen the trio look back, Seth is gone.\n\nAll right then. Cedric just blinks at the wall for a moment, but it's the curse that draws his eyes back. Aaaaaand the man is gone. Slowly, the man closes his eyes. \"Poor bloke,\" he says quietly. \"That's right nasty, that is.\" Nothing for it now, though from the look in his eyes, he's got some weird dreams in his future. \"Reckon we'd best be gone,\" he adds, quickly and quietly. \"This place isn't safe. Ruth, where can we go? And do you have the time?\" No, he didn't like that. Not one bit.\n\nAnd then there were three! For a moment, Ruth's just staring at the space that Seth used to occupy, brow furrowed, lips pursed to a thin line. One can almost hear the gears grinding away in her mind as she mulls it over, then abruptly brings a hand up and cuts it through the air, dismissive. \"Right. Safehouse?\" Her eyes cut towards Cedric, then to Decker, as she leans away from the wall, smoothing a gloved palm down the front of her jacket. \"Or just someplace quiet. Diner, somewhere to do a bit've talkin', is all. Could get yourself a fry-up… it's about ten now,\" that last bit was for Cedric.\n\nDecker blinks a few times as Seth disappears, his brow creasing slightly. \"The fuck?\" He mutters to himself before he looks to Ruth and Cedric, judging their reactions. They don't seem as surprised as he is which causes another raise of his eyebrow. The mention of the safehouse causes him to push himself off the wall and starts to back away a few steps. \"Safehouse? What safehouse? Who are you guys?\" He asks, his eyes moving between each of them, sizing them up in case there's another fight.\n\n\"Right.\" Tension is setting in in Cedric's shoulders as he shakes himself again, and his movements are becoming faster and more darting as he forces out a cigarette from the pack one-handed. He seems to be having trouble with the maneuver, and scowls. \"People like him have got folks after them,\" he explains. \"The normal sort … and the nasty sort both. He's not alone, and there are places they can hide. We're going to use one.\"\n\nRuth watches Cedric fumble about with his smokes, a hint of sympathy present in her expressionnot that she immediately reaches out to assist the man. \"It's a nice enough place,\" she asides to Decker, clearing her nose with a quiet sniff as she half-turns towards the street. \"Come on, then. Won't do well to linger here, he's got the right've it.\" there's a nod towards Cedric, that said, then she tilts her head towards the alley's opening, suggesting, \"Can answer more've your questions somewhere else. And,\" as for who they are? \"I'm Ruth.\"\n\nDecker tilts his head for a moment as he considers the two, not sure what to believe. He looks to Cedric then to the cast on his arm then back to Ruth. He shrugs and nods his head once, perhaps figuring he can take them both if the situation should arise. \"Okay, lead the way.\" He finally says before he starts to move towards the two. He looks to Ruth as she introduces herself, offering a nod in greeting before he looks to Cedric.\n\n\"Cedric,\" he introduces himself around the smoke in his teeth that he finally managed to extract from the pack. Away goes the pack, and he fishes a lighter from his pocket, then pauses and removes the cigarette from his mouth. \"Look, I'm sorry, do you mind if I smoke?\" A little late to ask, but better late than never. The man seems to have absolutely no interest in fighting whatsoever, though he's not quite as mellow as he was when the pair first arrived. \n\nHe does indeed lead the way, and courteously waits for the okay to smoke before doing so. It's a few blocks away, and turns out to be the cellar of a derelict house that looks to have been burned out by fire. There's a rock sitting next to it, which he kicks aside to reveal a cleverly-hidden keyhole. With one finger, he fishes a lanyard from around his neck and switches the key to his hand to unlock the cellar door. \"Ruth, put that right, would you? It locks from inside.\" So saying, he ducks down into the now-open cellar … which turns out to be several feet lower than a normal cellar. \"And close the door behind you.\"\n\nOnce inside, he sets everything down and looks at Decker. \"Never caught your name,\" he says.\n\nThe trip's made in silence, Ruth lingering behind the two men, hands tucked into her pockets. After Cedric's tended to the unlocking, she bends down to replace the small rock, nudging it back into place properly with the toe of her boot. That accomplished, she lingers by the cellar door, allowing Decker to pass through before she turns to follow behind. The dark-haired woman has very little to say, it would appear! She simply watches Decker, expression fairly unreadable; not aggressive, just vacant. Once inside after the two men, she'll turn on every light within reach.\n\nDecker follows the others, his eyes scanning over the area as they walk. He keep silent except when Cedric asks for his name where he offers a simple, \"Decker.\" For his name. Once they arrive at the safehouse, he looks at the entrance once it's open, an eyebrow slightly before he finally speaks again. \"This is it?\" He asks as he follows Cedric inside, glancing towards Ruth as he passes by her. Once inside, he looks around the place once the lights are turned on.\n\nNot having been given the okay to smoke, Cedric never did light up, so the lighter and unlit fag are safely tucked away in sling or in jacket pocket, and the lanyard goes back around his neck. \n\nThe place is simple enough - it looks like a studio apartment of sorts, bare but furnished enough. It's a little tatty but the kitchen has a table and chairs, and seems to be stocked with basic staples. There are plenty of pillows and blankets. Basic but serviceable. It's a little chilly given that it is underground. \n\nNow that the three of them are in a safe area, Cedric nods and goes over to the kitchen counter, getting himself a glass of water only. \"The bloke you saw in the alleyway was one of a group of people called the Touched. Loads of folk think they're mad, and some are, right enough, but not all of them are, and they're not making their experiences up. They've had a run-in with a place…a force…called the Gloom, and it sucked them in and changed them.\" He turns around, glass in hand, and favors Decker with the same kind of gaze he'd favored Seth with, long and measuring.\n\nServiceable and chilly - and it's bright. Very bright. Almost as if someone had come through and swapped out the bulbs recently. Imagine that. Ruth lifts her hands, pulling gloved fingers through her hair as she looks up at one such light for a long moment. Then, blinking, she shifts her attention to Cedric and flatly points out, \"I don't care if you smoke,\" far too belatedly. She gives her head a quick shake and steps aside to fetch a glass of water as well, nodding along with her fellow Watch agent's words. \"Terrible names. Watch, Gloom. But it's true enough, and…\" Her attention wanders to Decker's hands, then back to the man's face, \"I think you know it.\"\n\nDecker's attention returns to Cedric after he starts to speak again. He tilts his head slightly as he listens to him, but then the mention of the Gloom sucking people in, his eyes widen slightly as the memories of everything he went through flash in his mind. He remembers it all and the horrible things he had to witness. He takes a deep breath after a moment, trying to calm himself. When Ruth mentions the smoking, he nods his head once. \"Yeah. Go ahead. Not like it's the most likely thing to kill you.\"\n\nAt Ruth's words about the Gloom, his face become grim as he looks at her. \"The place with the demons? The ones who do the terrible things to the ones they bring in?\" He asks, his eyes locked onto her. He chews on his lower lip as he watches her then looks to Cedric to see his reaction as well.\n\nOne of Cedric's feet begins tapping incessantly on the floor as the conversation goes on, but at the offer to smoke, he nods. First, though, he listens. The mention of demons hits him like a slap across the face, and his expression goes cold and still, then hurt, his eyes dropping to the floor. He is silent for a very long moment, the expression on his face clear. Yeah, he knows what Decker's talking about. Intimately. And it's not a good memory. The answer is clear enough.\n\nFinally, he takes a deep breath. \"Decker, need a favor. Ruth can't touch me. In the right pocket of my jacket is a bottle. Need that, if you wouldn't mind.\" And there's no way he'd be able to get it himself, a quick look will reveal that. \n\nHe takes a sip of the water, then looks back up at Decker with an effort of will. \"Everyone in this room's had that happen, though not everyone sees it the same.\"\n\nRuth's eyes go a bit distant as Decker speaks, a ghost of a frown appearingas if she were attempting to recall a memory, but failing. So instead, she lifts her glass up for a quick swallow, then turns her back to the two men as she starts rooting around in the cupboards. Sugar. It's here somewhere. \"S'different for everyone,\" she notes, finally locating a small sugar bowl, she pulls it down and nudges the cupboard shut with a quiet wooden *clunk*. \"But you're among friends, hey? No one here wants to do you any harm.\"\n\nRuth adds, glancing back over her shoulder towards Cedric for a moment before looking to the (black, of course) watch on her wrist. \"Been about four hours now?\"\n\nDecker looks to Cedric at his request, an eyebrow raising again before he looks to Ruth for a moment. \"Why can't she touch you?\" He asks before he moves over to him, getting out the bottle from his jacket, still a little wary then hands him the bottle. He moves to somewhere he can sit as Ruth confirms his question. \"So, you guys have been there too? You know about the demons and the place they're at?\"\n\n\"About that, yeah,\" Cedric answers Ruth. \"Do you mind taking over if this shit flattens me?\" There's something sharp at the edge of his tone, and the question is low and quiet. He's not happy about something. \n\nDecker's question gets a nod of acknowledgement, and he takes the bottle. \"Gloom's a bit more than just that … it's what you saw. It's a land of nightmares, but real … and it hunts normals and Touched both.\" He lapses into silence for a moment, then adds, \"Reckon she ought to explain.\" \n\n\"S'fine,\" comes Ruth's laconic assurance to Cedric, voiced with a small nod, as she dumps a good thirty grams of sugar into the bottom of her cup. There's a moment spent in silence after Cedric's latter words, where she pulls open this drawer and that one, hunting for a spoon, letting the quiet draw out. \"It's different for all've us.\" she eventually offers with a slight wave of her newly-acquired spoon. \"Some changes are more lasting than others. It's just best not to touch me, is all. Makes people sick.\" It's not really much of an explanation, though it seems all she's keen to offer at the moment. After hoisting herself up to sit on the edge of the counter, she stirs her sugar-sludge drink quietly.\n\nDecker nods his head slightly at Cedric's words before he looks to Ruth as she further explains. He frowns slightly as his gaze moves down to the ground for a moment as he considers. When she mentions making people sick, he shrugs slightly. \"I can't get sick.\" He mumbles to himself before he takes a deep breath. At least he knows he's not alone anymore. That there's others out there, but now what to do with the information. He crosses his arms at his chest. \"So, you guys won't tell anyone about me or what I can do?\"\n\n\"All right.\" Cedric quickly downs one of the pills and chases it with water, tossing the bottle into his lap as he settles down on the couch and sprawls back. \"We stick together,\" he explains, fishing that cigarette out again and lighting it this time before leaning back. Finally, he looks at Decker. \"Both when it comes to making sure people don't find out this rot exists and keeping them from stumbling into it … and dealing with it when it comes out of its little hidey hole.\" He seems content to let Ruth explain further, lapsing into silence.\n\n\"We won't tell anyone,\" Ruth answers, tapping the spoon against the brim of her glass after she's stirred the sugar in to her satisfaction. \"other people, like us, we might tell them. But no one who'd use it against you.\" Leaning aside, she sets the spoon down in the bottom of the sink, casting a quick glance towards Cedric on the couch before returning her attention to Decker. \"But he's got the right of it, we stick together. Help each other, and we all try to keep it… swept under the rug. Can't have people panicking in the streets, after all.\"\n\nDecker bites his lower lip and takes a deep breath. \"This is the first time I've told anyone about what I can do. Everyone else just thinks it's an act when I perform.\" He says as he glances towards Cedric for a moment before he looks back to her. \"It's just a big risk for me. I can't go back there. I won't. I know they're still hunting me and I need to keep them from finding me.\" He looks around the safehouse as he thinks for a moment.\n\n\"They're still hunting all of us. Everyone in London's in danger,\" Ruth points out mildly, around the cup she's lifted to her lips. \"It's safersmarter, to stick together, to take care of our own. It's more've a risk for you to stay out there on your own, randomly usin' your bloody powers to fight off street thugs.\" There's a quiet snort at that, a faint rolling of her eyes as she slides down off of the counter to her feet, one arm cast in the direction of the second couch. \"Pillows and blankets in the closet by the telly. There's cable. Food in the fridge. It's late, Deck.\"\n\nAnother glance towards Cedric finds the man moving swiftly from zoned out to 'almost unconscious', and she steps near, reaching down to pluck his cigarette from his fingers. It is unceremoniously dropped into his water glass. \"—too late to get you properly educated. We'll all start fresh in the morning.\"\n"

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