Sick Party, Mate

Cast: date: '2nd September, 2012'
place: 'Notting Hill'
participants: 'Decker, Imogen, Mattie'
synopsis: 'Strange things are afoot at the Notting Hill Carnival.'
log: "The Notting Hill Carnival is in full swing. The carnival is primarily led by London's West Indian community and being one of the largest street festivals in the world with over a million people likely attending, the streets of Notting Hill are packed. Just getting here on the tube is problematic due to how damn busy things are. Still. It's a sight to see.\n\nThe festival is reminiscent of the Rio carnival, but for the weather which is intermittent showers and overcast on this Sunday afternoon. It hasn't diminished anyone's spirits however and in spite of being damp and crammed in against the barriers, the turnout are enjoying the passing brightly coloured paradees. The costumes are extravagant, flames and fire and feathers galore, playing to the crowds to encourage everyone to dance to the incessant beat that moves along with the flow of participants.\n\nCoincidence, perhaps, that Decker has shown up in a similar area to Mattie and Imogen, given the long route that the procession takes. The currently passing group is a series of drummers, pounding out a beat that's hard to resist and the smiles on their faces make it harder still. Interspaced with them are scantily clad women who must be quite cold in their elaborate attire, yet it is not stopping them from getting into the full swing of things.\n\nAs colorful as those in the processional are, and as unclad as the female dancers are, Mattie makes up for both in her monochrome black. A gray newsie cap even covers most of her vibrant red hair, which today she has in two long braids that make her look even younger than she is. Her habitual black trench coat today is buttoned up on top of black jeans and her black Doc martens. \n\n\"Aren't they freezing?\" she says to Imogen with a nod to the dancers gamboling about in what basically amount to ornate to bikinis. \"You'd have to pay me so much money to even leave my room in something like that.\" She sighs — it's quite the vision, but she's got other things on her mind. Like: \"Let's get a curry.\"\n\nDecker is one of the many people who has lined the route. He's a few people behind the barrier, but still has a clear view of the parade. He's dressed in his hoodie with the hood pulled up over his head to protect himself from the rain and cold. A small smile forms on his lips as he watches the precession, the ideas for new pieces of art coming into his mind. His eyes scans the crowd for a moment, stopping for a moment on the red headed woman for a brief moment before he continues on then returning back to the colorful, scantily clad women as they pass by.\n\n\"Yes,\" Imogen answers the question simply, letting a a bit of a sigh. She, too, is in a black coat, albeit a shorter one. Black boots with a bit of a heel cover her pair of snug jeans up to the knee. Without cap or umbrella, her hair hangs damply around her shoulders. Her hands are warmed by a cup of coffee. \"They look like they're having fun anyway,\" she offers in the parade's direction before looking over to Mattie. \"You always want curry.\"\n\nIn the press of people watching, there's conversations to hear. Some louder than others. Desiree has one of those louder voices. Just a person with no Indoor Voice.\n\n\"Y'know what? Kayleigh just text me, right? And she's like, there's this bloke giving out these pills, yeah? Talkin' 'bout some party in an hour. We should go.\"\n\n\"What? Nah, I ain't ever seein' that boy again. Lets just get wasted, an' forget about it.\"\n\n\"She's going to meet us, right?\"\n\nNot that many people seem bothered by the loud drug talk. A lot of the onlookers are likely stoned or drunk anyway by this point. The police activity in this area seems somewhat sparse.\n\nFrom somewhere further along the barrier, there's something of a commotion. Someone too inebriated and dancing wildly, knocking into another person who appreciates it a little less, resulting in a bout of fisticuffs.\n\nNext to Decker, a kid, just barely 18 taps fingers excitedly against the railing. \"Can't wait to go to this party.\" he says, in the tone of someone who's never been to one before in his entire life.\n\nNear Mattie and Imogen, a hunched fellow with overly long dreds and a knit cap bumbles into a couple of students, beginning a hushed conversation in which something passes from dred's hand to the students'.\n\n\"Because curry is the best food in this country, and it's an import,\" the American says, no doubt earning a couple of dirty looks from the more patriotic around here. \"Aside from cream tea, but man cannot live on lemon curd and clotted cream alone.\" \n\nGreen eyes slide to the man in the dreads, arching a brow at the brashness of the exchange. Whatever. She glances away to try to avoid eye contact with the kilt-wearer, noting Decker a few feet away. \"We know him?\" she says with a nudge in Imogen's ribs and a nod to the man — the question is a common enough one from Mattie to Imogen, and it usually implies, for Imogen's sake, that whoever it they're looking at is Touched.\n\n\nDecker continues to watch the parade as he hears bits and pieces from the girl on the phone talking about a party then his attention turns to the kid in front of him and talk about the party. An eyebrow raises sightly before he looks at the kid. \"Oi.\" He says to him. \"What party?\" He asks, a bit curious. It's been a while since he's been to one. He doesn't seem to notice Mattie and Imogen looking in his direction\n\nA wry chuckle meets those dirty looks, and Imogen shakes her head a little as she lifts her cup for a long drink. But the alert brings her attention over to Decker for a look over. Head to toe. Checking him out, certainly, although she looks more wary than lascivious. Ah well.\n\n\"Yeah. Do you need to go say hi?\" she asks, an eyebrow lifting when she looks back to Mattie. \"Or if you're in the mood to party,\" she adds, this time with a little smirk.\n\nThe drummers pass, fading off into the hubub of noise and raucous enjoyment. The next article along the street is a brightly daubed float, that isn't too cleverly disguised. It's just a big truck, with the back open. It'll do though, hosting a choir all in green who sing an upbeat acapella. Closing in on their heels are another group of drums, fallen into time with the singing and providing low, bass hits that reverberate in time with the voices.\n\n\"Dunno, mate. You know Jim, right? He said he's going to meet me and we're going to go to a party.\" Boy, this kid is excited. But also distracted by the pretty ladies, flanking the float. Reviewing the man's attire, he shrugs a shoulder. \"I guess you could tag along, beard man.\" The more the merrier, right?\n\nKayleigh and her friend have moved back to a less crowded area, perhaps to meet their friend.\n\nThe students, having accepted something from the rastafarian fellow indulge their spoils and try not to look toooo obvious about it.\n\nThe pusher then moves on, perhaps having overheard Imogen's comment and flashing the ladies a bright, tooth filled smile as he comes in close. There's something in a curled up hand, notable for the fact that the little finger is by far the longest one on it. \"Hey yah. You girls like to party, huh? I can help ju out with that. What you say?\"\n\n\"Nah,\" Mattie says with a shake of her head to Imogen's first question. \"And no.\" The second one is more decisive. \n\nWhen the Rastafarian comes their way, she shakes her head at the offer, twin braids swinging at the motion. \"No thanks,\" she says, though there's no judgment in her tone. \"Why are you handing out party favors, anyway? Not trying to make a buck today?\" she asks curiously. Free drugs aren't all that easy to come by, really.\n\nDecker chuckles softly at the kid's nickname for him. \"Cool.\" He says as looks to the kid in front of him. \"Thanks for the hook up.\" He offers, using one of the many new phrases that he's learned over the past two years. He doesn't seem to notice the Rastafarian as he talks to the two women close by. \"Name's Decker.\" He offers the kid who is just a few years younger than himself.\n\n\"She's enough of a party without it,\" Imogen says, that smirk staying in place for just a moment longer. \"But I might be interested, if you're giving it away.\" Her tone is much softer than the lady with no indoor voice, but she nods in that direction. \"You know what this party's about? Seems I can't turn a corner without someone talking about it.\" Which might be an exaggeration, but she can't help a little curiosity.\n\n\"Y'all are welcome to come check it out, now.\" All smiles after the rebuffing and then more interest from Imogen. That hand uncurls, making the finger all the more obvious and in his palm are two round, blank white pills which are offered toward Imogen. \"It's mah party, jah. Little gatherin' for people what know how to let go, you know what I mean?\" There's a brief, skeptical glance thrown toward Mattie at that.\n\n\"Matt.\" replies he, to Decker. \"I dunno where it is yet, but he should be here soon. With party smarties.\" There's almost a 'heeeee' after that. As if this'll also be his first time indulging in such things. \"You been to the Carnival before?\"\n\nThe choir float trundles on, and the menagerie of percussion in its wake gets louder and louder. Beats merge with beats, becoming a wall of thundering sound as the performers reach a crescendo, all looking entirely content and happy with themselves.\n\nBoomboomboomboombooom.\n\nAlmost as the sound reaches its peak, one of the students stumbles forward a little and makes a choking sound. His companion is looking sweaty, but already quite blissful. He isn't faring anywhere near as well though. This is obvious from the thick black fluid that's coming out of his nose.\n\nRasta man makes a quiet sound, almost lost in the roar of the music but it has a very… hissy quality to it. There were pills in his hand a second ago, but suddenly they're gone. If Imogen was reaching for them and paying attention, they seemed to just become part of his hand. He's turning, making a move to leave this scene.\n\nAt that skeptical look tossed her way, Mattie rolls her eyes. \"Nine years clean, mate,\" she says — of course, with her hair in pigtails, she barely looks 20 let alone 25 so that just seems hyperbolic in nature. \n\nFar enough away from the student with black fluid oozing out of his face, she might not have noticed except, of course, there's a wave of reaction that makes it to where Mattie and Imogen stand. Rasta man's reaction, too, has Mattie looking that way. One hand lashes out to grab the pusher's wrist. \"What did you give them?\" she snaps, suddenly much less-fun than he already took her for.\n\nDecker offers a slight nod of his head as the kid introduces himself. \"Nice to meet you, Matt.\" He glances towards the parade for a moment until the kid's next question brings his attention back. \"Yeah. I came out last year. I enjoyed it.\" He starts to say something else, but is cut off by the commotion caused by the kid with the black stuff coming out of his nose. \"The fuck is up with him?\" He asks, an eyebrow raised slightly as he watches the scene unfold.\n\nFocused on the pusher, Imogen watches as the pills disappear. A tired groan follows, but since Mattie moves to grab him, Imogen dashes around him to block that direction. She's not one for the action, but she can certainly get in the way. She looks over to the choking student here and there, but just for a moment. It doesn't look like it's going to be pretty over there.\n\nThe rain might not have been enough to make her regret not brining an umbrella out, but this is. It would be nice to have something to swing.\n\nSpeaking of rain. There it is. There's concerned looks from the parade as the continue onwards, unabashed by the heavy downpour from the grey and gloomy clouds overhead. Umbrellas sprout up above the crowd, like fungus blooming in the damp in all different shades and patterns, much like the passing festival folk. A little precipitation never hurt anyone. The noise continues, louder still as though that might bring back the sun.\n\nThe student has dropped to his knees, not looking well at all. Those unfamiliar with the supernatural might just think it's blood and he's having a nose bleed. Those in the know can definitely see that this is not at all normal. His friend doesn't even seem to care, just looking dopey and contented, \"Steve. Steve. Steve. Lets go to that party man. Lets go.\" Fingers curl around the sick student's shoulder, trying to drag him encouragingly off.\n\n\"Fucked if I know, mate.\" Matt replies, turning to watch the commotion, the 'dangers of drugs' suddenly becoming a focus in his consciousness and tarnishing that shiny happy go lucky attitude a little. He doesn't seem to know what to make of it.\n\nMattie does manage to touch the dredlock'ed man's wrist and it's a very pleasant experience. There's a burst of sharp, almost painful euphoria that quickly turns to nausea from the intensity of it. There's nothing hard to grasp though, the hand seems to elongate and stretch until it's just a thin, tapering tube, allowing him to slip free and make a run for it into the massed crowds. That time it's definitely a hiss. No one else seems to notice this mutability of form, all distracted by the rain, the sick student and the parade itself.\n\nMattie sucks a sharp breath through her teeth, eyes widening and growing unfocused as she gazes at (or past, it's hard to tell!) the man whose wrist she grasps. Or tries to. \"Fuckin' A,\" she mutters, then frowns, one hand coming to her head even as her other hand tries to grasp the man again. When he slips out of that grip, she gives her head a dog-like shake as if to clear it. \"Fuck,\" she repeats sharply, her senses coming back to her, though she still looks a bit green around the gills. \"Help that kid, 'Gen,\" she tells her friend. \"Other…\" \n\nShe stumbles after the man who's slipped through the crowd. Hopefully no one will notice, thanks to all the umbrellas in the way, when she ducks between two sets of shoulders and sort of … disappears. Invisibly, she continues to give chase.\n\nDecker frowns slightly as Matt is no help with the event's that's going on. \"Wait here.\" He tell the kid before he starts to push his way through the crowd, trying to make his way towards the kid who looks like he's overdosing. With the number of people that have gathered for the parade, it's slow going but he's making some progress, having to apologize to each person he crosses. \"Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me.\"\n\nImogen does her best to ram a shoulder into the guy. A several-layer-covered shoulder, just in case. But Mattie's call is answered with a nod and a run toward the choking student as well. Chances are, if the others took it, too, they're going to have a problem on their hands. Unlike Decker, she doesn't apologize if she bumps people. Too busy for that!\n\n\"I don't think Steve is in the mood to party,\" she notes as she picks up Steve's arm and slings it over her shoulder. \"Come on, luv. Let's a have sit, yeah?\" Anywhere with a little breathing room from the crowds.\n\nThe shoulder ram kind of sort of not really connects, it's like ramming into a sheet hung from the line. Looks solid but isn't so substantial. With Steve's lack of enthusiasm for the party, Student Who Doesn't Have A Name Yet is giving up and leaving him to Imogen's care. He's seen the dealer make a run for it and really wants to go to that party. Grinning like a guy who is seriously off his face on some seriously serious narcotics, he ambles into the crowd after him.\n\nMatt looks like he's totally reconisdering this whole 'take a break from studying to party' lark. He just nods a bit at Decker when he pushes off through the crowd and decides to just focus on the nearly nude conga line that's moving past the barrier. All those close to being bare bums, in slappable distance. The adjacent line of massive, well built, bare chested guys who look like tribal warriors are a little discouraging though.\n\nMoving insubstantially through the crowd, Mattie is able to tell that there are a handful of other people, much like SWDHaNY who are being drawn into the gravity of Rasta man's escape and trailing in that direction like lost souls.\n\nThere's his hat, green and blue, just ahead. Then it's gone. In the space he should be in there's… a feathered headress? Looks like one of the paradees, all barely dressed and covered in blue feathers.\n\nSteve is likely regretting his decision to Party Like It's 1999. With Decker closing in and Imogen up close and personal, he doesn't appear to have the will to resist anyone. Moving sounds like a bad idea, but he'll be pulled if resisting requires any significant effort on his behalf. The black stuff doesn't smell great and he's dabbing it off his nose with his sleeve. \"I don't feel like partying anymore.\" he burbles, sadly.\n\nThe 'ghost' stops for a moment, searching for Rasta's hat — where he should be, she's fairly certain. So Mattie darts forward to that blue-feathered form and slips inside to possess the parader's body, suddenly able to see things from the performer's perspective and feel things with the stranger's body, while pulling the strings with her own mind. Turning her head in this new body, she looks around, strange eyebrows furrowing with concentration in a way that no doubt looks odd on this stranger's face — after all, they were, just a moment ago, enjoying the festivities before Mattie so rudely interrupted.\n\nDecker continues to make his way towards the sick kid, arriving shortly after Imogen does. He looks at her then to the kid. \"He okay?\" He asks, nodding towards Steve, looking at him. He then looks around towards the others that are watching for a moment, looking to see if anyone else is having the same symptoms.\n\n\"Does he look okay?\" Imogen does indeed make it difficult to not move, but at least she takes on a good portion of Steve's weight as she moves them away from the crowd. \"How much did you take?\" she asks without accusation, while she pulls her sleeve out over her hand and presses it against the guy's nose. \"What's your name?\" Sure, she overheard, but that isn't the point.\n\nLady parts. Most definitely. It's a girl! While she'd been vaguely dancing to the music, now she stills as Mattie takes control. Looking about, there are little clusters of people sharing umbrellas. Then there's the drunk people who don't really care about the rain at all. Then there's a young girl, early teens, in very generic clothing. She seems to be turning suddenly to slink nonchalantly into the thinner part of the crowd, off toward the side streets. There's also a few obviously wrecked people that are ambling to change course and move in that direction. Careful study reveals that the little girl has reaaaally long little fingers.\n\nSteve goes to reply to Decker but all that comes out is a bubble of black stuff, that pops. Pop! Try again… nope. That's vomit right there. Just happening to be expelled in the direction of Decker's shoes. \"Steve.\" he manages to get out after some coughing and spitting and apologetic looks.\n\nNo one else nearby seems to be having this kind of adverse reaction. The few people who had been nearby in an overly euphoric state appear to have wandered off. Kayleigh and her friend have also begun heading for the back streets.\n\nSlipping out of the dancer, Mattie leaves the performer to her own devices once again as she slips invisibly through the crowd to catch up to the younger girl. \"I know what you are,\" her voice hisses into the girl's ear. \"Leave these people alone.\" \n\nShe slips a few feet away to use a dumpster for cover where she becomes tangible once again, though not in her own body. She steps out in the guise of a police officer who had died five years ago. There's no bloodstains on his uniform, no bullet to his chest. This wasn't his beat, and it's likely no one will remember this particular man at all. \n\n\"Oy! This street's off limits. Back the way you came,\" booms a gruff voice to this crwod that seems to be following the little girl like rats following the Pied Piper.\n\nImogen manages to pull her arm away just in time to avoid getting her arm coated in sludge, but her other hand moves to Steve's back. \"Steve. Okay. Nice to meet you. Don't worry about that, it's probably the best thing you've done all night, even if it does ruin someone's shoes. Now, Steve… What's different about you? Your friends seem to be handling it okay.\" She peers at Steve, curious and maybe a bit wary, but with no supernaturalness to aid her, she can only wait and see.\n\n\"Girl, why you ain't picking up yo phone? I got you on gps, so you better've saved some of that shit for us. We're comin' to you, alright?\" Kayleigh's voice cuts through the general chatter and thankfully quiter dancing section of the carnival near Decker and Imogen.\n\n\"What?\" asks Steve, looking real confused at this point. He appears to have stopped leaking from the nose, for now. There's some rumblings though and that 'OMG I'm going to vomit' face still going on. \"I dunno. I get hayfever? Uh. Who are you guys?\" The nauseated look mingles with the realization that these might be cops.\n\nThe voice in longfinger's ear does make her steps falter for just a second. Unexpected turn of events. \"I'll leave, so long as you come with me.\" High pitched and sing song, there's an alluring quality to the tone that is disturbing on the young frame. The disparate followers who emerge from the crowd seem to be in such a state where the sight of the law doesn't phase them that much. They have one thing on their mind. The Party. It's going to be super awesome. So they say. They are never wrong about these things.\n\nThe girl stops in front of the police man, staring at him before peering about either side. This makes the people behind stop. Awaiting guidance. It's not as though they're a threat. They just want to have a good time. Just like everybody.\n\n\"Of course.\" Small girl smiles sweetly. Turning on her heel and moving back toward the next street. \"Mummy said I shouldn't be out too late.\" she adds, skipping onwards away from the 'closed street'.\n\nThe partyzombies begin to amble in her wake.\n\nThe \"cop\" frowns. At least Mattie's kept them from disappearing down this street, but it's still just a matter of when, not if for these zombies. She steps behind a bit of wall to get rid of the policeman's form and become something less tangible once more. Invisible and incorporeal again, she drifts quickly behind the mindless crowd and behind the small girl. \n\nIf she had an actual body at the moment, Mattie's heart would be racing. She concentrates on slipping into the other's body, feeling her psyche slip within and filling the form as she takes it over. Once inside, she begins to move faster, back to where the crowd is thicker, and begins to dart and weave through bodies to lose those behind her, to put distance between herself and the followers.\n\nDecker frowns at the bits of vomit that makes it to his shoes before he tries to kick the pieces off. He's going to have to wash these later. He leaves Imogen to talk to the kid, but when he gets the look like he's going to vomit again, he attempts to move out of the way to spare his shoes from a second assault on them. \"I just saw you getting sick,\" He says to Steve. \"Wanted to make sure you were okay.\"\n\n\"You and your friends got some bad drugs, that's all. You just blew the whistle before he was ready. Just remember to breathe.\" Imogen looks up at Decker, shaking her head a little. \"Real bad drugs. You know. The kind that make you a bit gloomy.\" Betting on the hint from Mattie that this guy actually is Touched and more so on pointed words and lifted eyebrows. She's a step away from winking and nudging.\n\n\"Like he says, just a passer by. This parade is already getting rained on, it doesn't need to have sick all over it, too.\"\n\nWiping his hands on his shirt, Steve finds some cigarettes in a pocket and lights on up. \"What happened to the other guy?\" he asks, waving vaguely in the direction from whence they came. Nameless student is nowhere in sight. He's still wary, but also pale as a ghost. There's no more sick. Yet.\n\nThe partyzombies aren't particularly fast. They are easily preoccupied with touching each other, or looking at pretty things — of which there are many — but just generally lull in the direction of Longfinger, who, in running, easily begins to outpace them. But to where?\n\nPassing by where Imogen stands with the sick kid, what seems to be the young teen calls, \"Imogen!\" then juts a chin over her shoulder at the horde behind her. \"Keep them away, will you? And come find me if you can…\" Because Mattie has a feeling she's not going to be feeling much better than Steve-O after this stunt. \n\nShe hurries off again without waiting for so much as a \"Huh?\" from her fellow Watcher, darting through the crowd and making quite a lot of zig zags to make following her all the more difficult for the addled druggies giving chase. \n\nHerst the end of the block, she turns the corner and then another, to where regular traffic once again picks up. A deep breath is taken with the Other's mouth, and Mattie forces the girl's legs into the path of an oncoming truck — just before impact, Mattie rips her still invisible and incorporeal self out. She can't help but back out of the way and brace for impact, even though she's no longer in the Other's body.\n\nDecker looks towards Imogen as she mentions the \"gloomy\" drugs. His eyes widen slightly at the recognition but only for a second before he stands up straight and his eyes scan the area, looking for any of the creatures that took him once. A slight look of fear comes over his face as he starts to back up towards the crowd, getting ready to bolt at any moment. \"I— I— umm…\" His breathing starts to become heavier, his eyes continuously searching the area around him.\n\nStraightening at the sound of her name, Imogen turns in time to see a young teen running by, but she seems to be able to put two and two together, as she pats Steve on the shoulder and turns toward the oncoming. \"Just keep breathing, Steve.\"\n\nOf course, having turned, she sees Decker backing away, and she just sort of watches him for a moment before she waves a hand in his direction. \"Go on then, run,\" she says, not as a demand or a jab, but more like he might just be in the way otherwise. Of course, it leaves her with just her to try to stop these people, and she isn't a field agent for a reason. But, she pushes her sleeves up and marches herself toward the zombie partiers, arms wide in front of their path.\n\n\"Can't come this way. We've had an accident. Just turn back and find another way,\" she shouts, as authoritatively as she can manage.\n\nThey didn't stop for the rozzer, and neither do they stop at Imogen's attempts at being a figure of authority. One girl moves straight into her before noticing that there's a person there and then attempts to both grope and kiss with tongues. Only for a moment, before trying to move on. While still rubbing at her. Torn between the pleasant sensation of touching someone else and the call of Doom.\n\nThe little girl's body is left in front of the oncoming vehicle, and there's the squeal of brakes prior to that sickening sound of something big, heavy and unbreakable hitting a carrier bag full of jam. That's going to leave a big smear on the pavement. People are already screaming, getting out their phones for morbid pictures and dialing the police (who are thankfully, not that far away; getting here in vehicles is the main problem). All across Notting Hill, already frustrated drivers who have just managed to navigate away from road closures and backups are swearing and cursing, more concerned about the 'unknown blockage ahead, no doubt caused by some idiot' rather than the loss of life that's occurred.\n\nWhile neither group is close enough to see the connection, simultaneously, the loved-up zombies all appear to come to their senses for a moment. A brief second or two of clarity before pain takes them, written all over their faces. Some of them immediately vomit, others let loose their bowels, others still begin to scream and cry.\n\nMattie manages to get away from the crowds and into the doorway of an empty shop before she slides out of invisibility, finding herself on her hands and knees. She moves even more out of sight, curling up against a potted plant on the stoop and burying her head in her hand, her palms pressed into her eyes to blot out all light.\n\nDecker looks to Imogen as she tells him to go. He looks around the area once more before he turns on his heels and moves into the crowd, trying to get away from whatever others he thinks is coming after him, sweat forming on his brow, mixing with the rain that falls on the city.\n\nWell, that's not right. Imogen fends off her touchy feely friend by grabbing her in a less than friendly way and shoving her back toward the others. Of course, it isn't long before Steve's throwing up isn't the grossest thing she's seen today and she decides to pick her way through the crowd to see if she can't find Mattie.\n\nSt. John's Ambulance Service people are scattered about in places, and they begin to converge upon the scene as a precursor to medical professionals showing up. The bright neon yellow of police officer jackets closing in seeming to be a definite sign that for a bunch of people, the party is over. The parade continues onwards, oblivious to the misery of the former party people who are not enjoying the sights and sounds any longer. The drums beat endlessly, people shout and scream, whistles are blown, Mattie's head throbs. Thud thud thud."

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