So Damned Touchy

Cast: date: 'August 26 2012'
place: 'London Library '
participants: 'Dante, Teresa, Tucker'
synopsis: 'A group of touchy - and maybe one not - people circle each other in the Library.'
log: "The chill night air of London seems to be getting everywhere, and driving people inside. Despite this however, the Public Library is rather empty. The only sound is the quiet thumbing of the Librarian's stamp as books are checked in and out. Soft lights illuminate several tables where people are sitting and reading quietly. One such table has Dante, bent down over a book and reading. His hands idly playing with a Tarot Deck. He shuffles, deals, reshuffles and cuts with various unique flair.\n\nA sound comes from between the dry, dusty stacks of the library. An almost metallic rustling, followed by a rough, sharp crunching sound that trails off into quieter, muffled sounds of the same. Then another crack and crunch. Closer, this time, to where Dante is reading and shuffling his cards. The soft beat of shoes over the flooring follows, and then the source of those terrible sounds appears.\n\nTucker Harris really shouldn't have a bag of crisps tucked into an inner pocket of his wool coat. This is, after all, a library. But he's smuggled it in anyway, and is surreptitiously digging his fingers in and pulling out twisty, burnt-edged crisps to crunch on as he browses the shelves, looking more than a little lost. As if he'd wandered well out of his native environment and is entirely unsure how to navigate about.\n\nClose to Dante, not quite across from him, but one seat down, Teresa has been trying to study. That thing, with books. That she just can't concentrate on the texts at hand. Not with shuffling cards in one direction and then the inordinately loud chip crunchhing that's coming from Tucker. \n\n\"DO you really need to do that\" She doesn't look over at Tucker, but Dante can see the exasperated look on her face as she puts her pen down with a thump. To who she's asking, it's 50/50.\n\nDante seems to just now notice Tucker and Teresa. \"That explains the heachaches,\" He says with a grimace. \"Can't get away from them can I?\" He shuffles one last time and shoves the cards into his pocket. He sighs and reaches out to flip through he pages of the book in front of him. \"How can you talk about death and be so dry? These books are ridiculous sometimes.\"\n\nAt the complaint, Tucker's head turns a bit with a side-cock like that of an owl for a moment before a slight smile cracks itself across his expression. \"Sorry, luv,\" he deadpans, \"Got a condition. Can't help it.\" Another twisted bit of fried potato with BBQ coating is tumbled over his fingers and popped into his mouth, and he crunches down upon it. Then he's looking back to Dante, his words bringing one eyebrow upwards in a sharp arc.\n\n\"You could do it quieter\" The blonde points out, a glance over to Dante and roll of her eyes, before she's digging back into her books. \"I don't know what you mean by then, but the reason they talk so dry about death is because there is nothing exciting about death. It's meant to be dry\" She shifts in her seat, rolling her neck a few times.\n\n\"Are you kidding?\" Dante says to Teresa, arching and eye brow. \"Death is very exciting. It changes the game. Makes things more interesting. Not good, necessarily. Just interesting.\" He sighs, and closes the book. \"Doesn't tell me anything I don't already know. Funeral Rites and Rituals of the Gnostic Kabalists. Nothing to write home about.\"\n\n\"Not for the dead person, mate,\" Tucker points out, fingers dipping into the bag again with a bit of a rustling as he does so, regarding Dante with a frankly dubious sort of expression, \"Now, for everyone else, yeah, can't deny that.\"\n\n\"Then write your own? If you think you can write it better\" The topic raises a brow, and she she just shakes her head a fraction, inching her own books closer to herself. Phlebotomy, it seems and other nursing texts. \"And not everyone else. Unless you're a serial killer or… or I dunno, a coroner. But death is not exciting. It's horrible, comes too soon for most and causes nothing but strife and pain and disorder in most\"\n\nDante sighs. \"Really, you think I glory in death?\" He stands, taking the book back to the shelf. \"I could write volumes of the shit I've seen, but most of it you wouldn't believe it.\" He re-shelves it and starts going through other books. He shuffles over the spines. \"What is next though…What comes after? In the dark and fire when all you have left is your own despair?\"\n\n\"I didn't say it was the good kind of exciting,\" is Tucker's deadpan response, \"I mean, strife'n pain and disorder is pretty exciting. Just not the good kind.\" A look back to Dante, and then he looks over at Teresa with a raise of his brows, gesturing with BBQ-dusted fingers in a vague motion, \"Hey, you know where the fiction section is? My baby cousin keeps nattering on about Harry Potter whenever I see him, and I still haven't read the bloody thing, figured I should see what all the fuss is about.\"\n\n\"I'm not a librarian and last I knew, there was only one kind of exciting. The opposite of that would be terrifying, which is precisely what I would say, death is\" Her pen is put back down and she looks over at Dante - or least in his direction. \"Nothing comes after. You just.. cease to exist. A void, nothing. That's what comes after. No white light, or your hearts desire. Just.. nothing\"\n\n\"Fiction should be that way,\" Dante says, pointing a finger towards a shelf 3 rows down. \"Good luck with that though. Its interesting, but not so gripping that it blows everything else away.\" Dante pokes his head out from around the corner. \"How do you know?\" he says to Teresa. \"You died before?\"\n\n\"You're a bunch've morbid sorts, ain't you?\" Tucker gives his head a little shake, rustling around inside his bag of crisps for another one as he turns to stroll away from the pair and in the direction of Dante's gesturing.\n\"No\" Teresa gathers her books, clapping them shut, same for her notebook and pen, tucked neatly away in her bag. \"No. I haven't. But I should have\" Her thoughts on that question. The denim bag is slung over her shoulder and much like Tucker, the blonde is easing away, off to who knows where.\n\nDante watches them both go. He sighs and furrows his brow. \"People are so damn touchy,\" He says, shaking his head. He sits and begins reading again."

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