Strongbow - Weak Bow

Cast: date: '3 Sept. 2012'
place: Marylebone
participants: 'Cassandra, Sandraudiga'
synopsis: 'Cassandra, searching for her violin bow, meets Sandraudiga; they chat, and Sandy decides to bring Cassandra to the Watch''s attention…'
log: "Fog, thick as pea soup, hides the nastier pieces of the world from view, but at least it isn't raining. In the dense fog, a young Oriental woman in a faded Who T-shirt searches along the gutter, muttering under her breath. She has a battered violin case in one hand. \"Bloody hell, there you are,\" she mutters, as she picks up a bedraggled-looking fiberglass stick that might once have been a bow, and scowls at it. The hair is dripping wet, the stick, as she runs fingers along it, is cracked, and she rolls her eyes, shaking her head. \"Piece of ruddy garbage. There goes another fifteen quid, right down the drain,\" and, at the risk of repeating herself, adds, \"bloody hell,\" for emphasis.\n\nSandy was out and about, the fog didn't bother her, made it harder to be seen, and it felt deliciously good on her skin, she learned to adore moisture after spending time in the Middle East when she was with the Marine Corp. So she was strolling with her slower gait, cigarette burning in her lips, it was never clear if she was truly in pain, and thus had that odd shuffle, or if she just enjoyed the way people reacted to her pained steps, maybe it was both. Her coat pocket bulged discreetly with an oversized bottle of Strongbow, which she all to frequently retrieved to uncap and take a large swig. \"This isn't Bloody, nor Hell.\" She says suddenly as she meanders past Cassandra.\n\n\"Was last night…\" Cassandra mutters. \"At least the kid's OK; dog, not so much… lorry squished it, right over there,\" she points with what is left of the violin bow. Up close, she has a bandage covering her right arm, shoulder to elbow, \"got a right good slice in me arm, but at least they're just scraping bits of poodle and not a ten-year-old off the street this morning…\" she eyes the Strongbow, \"could have used some of /that/ last night…\" she adds.\n\nSandy's eyes hardly seem to change as she slowly exhales smoke into the air from her lungs. \"Things die, that is the nature of life, I've seen alot of kids die back in the Middle East. Run over, shot, blown up. People die, it's better to accept that fact and not fight it.\" She says, moving to lean against a wall, to watch Cassandra. \"Care for a swig?\" She says, offering the bottle.\n\nCassandra steps over, \"aye, things die,\" she accepts the bottle, takes a long pull, and hands it back. \"Doesn't make seeing it before it happens any more fun…\" she shrugs. \"There I was, just playin' Mozart, minding my own, when this little white poodle streaks past me… wet pavement, big blue lorry, and I see what's gonna happen… So I took a dive and caught the kid before he got splattered chasin' the dog, or he'd'a been flatter than a pancake…\"\n\nSandy rolls her shoulders a bit, as if to work tension out, cigarette held between her lips, slowly burning away. \"Big loss, it was a poodle. French fuck.\" She says, clearly, not a fan of small dogs. \"In America, we own real dogs, but what are you to expect in the UK? I'm sure the kids parents were pretty well to do, right?\" She says, bitchery is one of her strong points. \"What do you mean you saw what would happen though? Sure you saw a dog run out in the road, but why did you assume the kid would have gotten flattened?\"\n\nCassandra shudders, \"I Saw it,\" she starts, and looks Sandy over for a moment before continuing, \"I See stuff. Before it happens, I mean,\" her tone is somewhat detached as she speaks of this, the kind of detached tone that people use who are haunted by something. \"It's… not easy for me to talk about. Folks don't tend to believe me…\" she closes her eyes briefly. \"It's OK, I'm used to it. But I'm not a nutter or anything… I know what I Saw…\"\n\nSandy's eyes narrow the more Cassandra talks, stepping in close, head bowing down to truly glare at Cassandra, like she was expecting some thing, one eye closes, so she has a glaring stance, eye squinting as she slowly backs up. \"You don't look different.\" She says, in a mystified tone, like Cassandra should look different. \"Maybe you can hide it, but if you can see the future, I think I got friends who should talk to you.\" She says with a bob of her head.\n\nCassandra blinks, \"you puttin' me on?\" she asks, looking at Sandy sideways, as if she isn't quite sure what to make of someone that actually seems to believe her. \"Yeah, I can. It's a bloody pain in the arse, but I can See the future… can't say I like it. Huh.\" She shakes her head, \"Most people think I'm a raving nutter when I tell them that… I don't talk about it much,\" she adds.\n\nSandy watches Cassandra with her indifferent gaze as she drops her cigarette, pulling another out of her pocket, then her zippo to light it, endless cycle renewed. \"I'm not all there my self, but I still got friends who will like to contact you.\" She says, Smart phone appearing in her hand with a deft tug from a pocket. \"Just put your name and number in this.\" She says, handing it towards Cassandra with what might be considered a pleasant smile, if not for the cryptic smoke rolling off her lips.\n\nCassandra gives Sandy a bit of an odd look, but shrugs, shoves what is left of her bow through a belt loop, and pulls her own phone out of her pocket, thumbing the pass-phrase to unlock it before holding it out, \"sure, long as I can get yours too,\" she agrees, accepting the phone Sandy's offering and deftly keying in 'Cassandra' and the appropriate series of numbers, before handing it back towards Sandy. \"If I don't pick up, I'm probably playing,\" she says. \"You can usually find me somewhere around this area, though it may be a day or two before I can pick up a replacement for this piece of crap,\" she indicates the bow. \"Fiberglass piece of shite. I figured it had a fifty-fifty shot of cracking if I tossed it to someone, and had about a ninety-ninetyfive shot of snapping and stabbing me in the process if I didn't. At least someone caught the fiddle. It's shite too, but at least I've got it where I want it, so it's playable shite… at least for outdoors.\"\n\nSandy looks hesitant on exchanging numbers, but decides to do it any how, keying her number and name in, at least, she puts in 'Sandy' for her name, since it's what she commonly gets called. \"At least you can easily replace Fiberglass, I could make one for you with ease, I was a mechanic in the United States Marine Corp, we had to make a lot of improvised things out in the field to keep aging shit still running.\" She says with a slight grin as she hands the phone back and retrieves her own.\n\n\"Maybe the bow part, but probably not the hair,\" Cassandra grins. \"but you're right, it won't be hard to come up with another one. I've got a source on Ebay…\" she pulls the remains of the bow back out of her belt loop once she's replaced the phone, something like drawing a sword, and it snaps in two. \"I wasn't altogether happy with this one anyway, but it's a shitty end for it,\" she mutters. \"There's a damn good reason I don't bring the good violin out when I'm busking…\"\n\nSandy raises an eyebrow at Cassy destroying the remains, but she doesn't comment. \"It's safer to sit inside and watch Doctor Who.\" She just says, helpfully. \"I need to buy one of those voice changing Dalek Helmets to terrorize the office with.\" She says out loud, but mostly to her self, then snaps back to the present situation. \"How did the cops take you claiming to see the future?\"\n\nCassandra gives Sandy a look, \"Well, they didn't talk to me, did they?\" she asks rhetorically, \"Easy enough. I rabbited in the confusion. Easier not to try and explain stuff like that… they probably want to have a chat, but truth be told, all I saw was the kid running after the dog, and I heard the Lorry's anchors screaming… it's a blur, really… I was kindof a mess… dog splatters and all that, and me going arse-over-teakettle to catch the kid…\" she winces as she shifts her arm. \"Caught a bit of bottle glass and half the pavement between here and the corner on my shoulder,\" she adds. \"I couldn't even tell you what kind of lorry it was, but he stopped right enough, after he spattered the poodle… everyone was off the trolly about the damn dog anyway… it was easy enough to slip off.\"\n\nSandy grins a bit at her saying rabbited. \"I've decided I like you, you got a good head on your shoulders, good instincts. Shame you weren't in the Corp with me, we would have gotten along pretty damn well, unless you out ranked me, then I'd scowl and do impersonations of you behind your back.\" She says with a wink. \"Don't go to the police on this one, better to let every one just remember a Frenchie pup dying.\"\n\nCassandra grins back, \"Yeah, I had that in mind… bloody nuisance dogs, those are…\" she shudders mildly. \"If it hadn't been so bloody wet last night, the lorry driver probably wouldn't have hit it, but that's his nightmare, not mine. And at least he didn't hit the kid. Then he'd be locked up instead of fined.\"\n\nSandy spits a bit on the pavement then takes her Strongbow for a long gulp, looking pleased as punch about it. \"God this is the best part of the UK, you just get a fine, on you go, in the US, you get a fine, then the community wants to lynch you, at least where I was.\" She says, offering the strongbow towards Cassy again. \"I just see things, some times hear em, mostly, I fuck bad things up.\" She says with a crazed grin.\n\nCassandra accepts the strongbow, and takes a swig, \"Yeah, that tallies with what I know of the U-S-M-C,\" she agrees. \"You lot are probably the best in the business at fucking bad things up… and the bad things don't tend to get up much after you're done. That's a good thing, that is…\" she nods, and peers at the bottle, \"getting low. What say we find a pub, and the next round's on me?\" she suggests.\n\nSandy thinks about it briefly and bobs her head a bit. \"Alright, lets go along and find a pub, I'm hungry any how.\" She says, taking a deep drag from her ciggie and slowly exhaling that smoke through her nose. \"Bangers and Mash..maybe some Haggis..\"\n\n\"I'm for some fish and chips, myself,\" Cassandra grins. \"Think I know just the place…\" and she gestures down the street.\n"

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