The Deal

Cast: date: '3 September 2012'
place: 'Murdoch''s Pawn Shop'
participants: 'Decker, Teresa'
synopsis: 'Decker and Teresa strike a deal over a necklace.'
log: "She came for the quiet shift. Everyone is at work, it's just the odd customer, usually people who are just buying as opposed to selling. Which she needs since Teresa's feeling the crunch from class and the very poor marks on her tests. \n\nSo it is that the blonde has her hair back in a braid that hangs over her shoulder and working behind the front desk, arranging and re-arranging jewelry to make sure that everything shows at it's best under the lights.\n\nThe door to the shop is pushed open and Decker steps inside. He has a backpack slung over his shoulders that carries his performance equipment in it. It seems he just finished a performance as he is busy organizing the bills he earned before slipping it in his pocket. He looks around the shop as he moves further inside, his eyes scanning over the room. He looks over some items on display, looking to see if anything catches his eye.\n\n\"Welcome to Murdoch's\" Teresa offers, a quick glance up and then back to the display. \"If you need anything, or are looking for anything specific, let me know\" She offers up, ensuring that she's in a position to keep an eye on him.\n\nDecker smiles as he looks up towards the woman, offering a smile and a nod of his head. \"Thanks. Actually, do you have anything from around the 1970s?\" He asks as he starts to move closer to the woman so that he doesn't have to raise his voice any. He keeps his hands firmly on the straps of his backpack, holding onto them both.\n\nTeresa says, \"We might. Depends on what from the 70's are you looking for. We have some jewelry from around then. A few pieces of furniture um…\" Normally, someone doesn't come in looking for a specific era. The door to the display case is closed and her attention on Decker. \"If I don't have it, I can direct you likely to other places that might\"\n\nDecker thinks for a moment as he considers what kind of pieces he is interested in. \"Can I take a look at some of the jewelry? My mother had a necklace she use to always wear and if I could find something like that, I think that would be something that I could be interested in as well.\" He says as he glances at a few more pieces that he passes by. \"I've got a fascination with the '70s.\" He says, making an excuse for the reason why he's interested in '70s era items.\n\n\"The 80's is big right now. 70's not so much, so you may be in luck\" The smile that's across her face isn't all that sincere, more like that of a woman with a great deal of stress. But she gestures for Decker to go around to the side of the case as she starts pulling from one section of the case. They're signature pieces, classic pieces. Large chains, enamel bold designs, layering pieces even. There's not too much, but what there is, they are at least, quality. \"Maybe next year the 70's will be in fashion\"\n\nDecker chuckles softly and nods his head. \"That's good to know.\" He says before he follows her to the display case, looking the items over as they're pulled out from the case. \"Who knows. You may be right. 70s will be in fashion again and we'll all be wearing bell bottoms and huge collars again dancing to disco.\" He lets out another chuckle as he looks at the jewelry. He points to one of the classic piece, his eyes moving up to her. \"Can I take a look at that one?\"\n\n'Sure\" Unhooking it from where it's anchored. 'What is it? I mean, about the 70's that you like? When people like a certain era, there's usually some reason\" She's making small talk sure, but Teresa is also actually somewhat interested in what the answer would be.\n\nDecker shrugs his shoulders slightly. \"Well, my mother use to tell me stories about it when I was growing up.\" He starts giving the story he's rehearsed so many times since he doesn't look old enough to have lived in the 1970s. \"The music, the lifestyle and the country itself. I guess it's stuck with me ever since.\" He offers as he takes a look at the necklace, taking a closer look at the work. \"This is a lot like the one my mother had.\" He says before he looks back up at her. \"How much for this one?\"\n\nHer father will probably be upset. Who knows what the woman could get for it but she waves her hand, dismissing it. \n\n\"Free\" Teresa offers, looking down at it. \"Sometimes, something needs to have a home instead of being stuck in this case\"\n\nDecker's eyes widen slightly at the price she quotes to him. \"What? A— are… are you serious?\" He asks, looking at her as a smile starts to pull at the corners of his lips. \"I… I couldn't accept that. I need to give you something for it.\" He offers to her as he sets the necklace down where it was taken from.\n\n'What do you have to offer then?\" Willing to compromise. \"Though I'd still prefer free. Make a fellow American stuck in London Town smile\" Cheer someone up. Something. It's a slow day and her actions the last few days have cost people things. Like sweaters, sanity and a few other things.\n\nDecker thinks for a few moments, chuckling at the American comment. \"It's that obvious, huh?\" He lets out a soft laugh before he smiles as an idea comes to him. \"I'll paint you a portrait and bring you lunch for a week.\" He says, making an offer. Pawn shops are all about the negotiations, right? \"How does that sound?\"\n\nThat brings her gaze up, looking at Decker and his offer. \"You wouldn't like my portrait and my lunches are pretty short and usually occupied. How about.. you draw a portrait of the shop front that I can frame, and you bring lunch for whoever is going to get that necklace\" She counters, dropping her gaze once again, tapping her fingers on the glass top.\n\nDecker laughs softly at that for a moment. \"Okay. I can make one of the shop and, since I'm keeping the necklace for myself, I suppose that I'll drop off a cold lunch for you so you can eat it at your leisure.\" He says with a smile on his face, arms crossed at his chest as he waits to see if the offer is accepted or countered once more.\n\n\"Long as it doesn't involve you slipping love notes in the lunch\" Teresa offers her hand to Decker, to shake on it so to speak. \"But the drawing had better be fantastic or I will hunt you down and throw the lunches through your window\" Not that she knows where he lies. \"Do I get a name at least or do I have to wait till I see the signature on the portrait?\"\n\nDecker smiles and nods, taking the offered hand and giving it a firm handshake. \"Deal.\" He repeats before he releases her hand and replaces his back onto his backpack strap. \"Of course, my apologies for not introducing myself. Decker Kincaid. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss…\" His voice trails off in anticipation of catching her name.\n\n'Teresa, Murdoch\" She's taking her hand back just as easily. \"You should probably get, before my father comes out here and gives me hell for this\" She tilts her head towards the door. \"See you soon. With the portrait\"\n\nDecker smiles and nods his head, picking up the necklace. \"Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me. I'll definitely be by with the portrait.\" He says, offering a wave before he starts towards the door. He looks back once over his shoulder towards her and gives her another smile and a wave before he heads out of the shop, pausing across the street from the shop to snap a picture of the building before he heads off."

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