The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Cast: date: '15 October 2012'
place: 'The Visible '
participants: 'Hilary, Jack, Mattie, Yuki'
synopsis: 'Yuki learns how not to approach an unaffiliated Touched when the Watch investigates someone who harmed one of their own — if indirectly. '
log: "The Visible is a theatrical space that isn't exactly amongst the company of posh West End theaters, but neither is it an utter dump. It's the sort of place where a meaningful new play might be premiered now and again, but which makes its bread and butter off of Shakespeare and other public domain work one doesn't have to pay royalties to put up. Hilary has a small office behind the box office, his name in a slot on the door. He's got a cigarette clamped between his mouth (which is probably illegal) as he works on something at the computer, printing up some pages.\n\n\"Remember, friendly and helpful unless things get ugly. He already is likely to think the worst of me. Shocking I know,\" Mattie murmurs quietly before moving toward the office and knocking twice to get Hilary's attention. \n\n\"Hi, remember me?\" she says with a polite smile, her tone more pleasant than it was the day before at least. \"Mattie. These are my friends,\" she says, nodding to Jack and Yuki, though not giving their names. \"I've actually come to ask you about my other friend, the one you were talking to yesterday in the park. Cedric. You remember?\"\n\n\"He just doesn't know you yet to confirm it, Red.\" Jack slips in there quietly as they approach. There's something of a smile on his lips and an odd little look that suggests this is a tease rather than a jab. For whatever reason, Jack is in a pleasant mood. There's the faint smell of alcohol on his breath, although he doesn't look at all drunk. Grey and green are the colours of the day; layered hoodies, pulled up to keep his unusual eyes in shadow while hands remain stuffed deep into his pockets. When the business end begins, he remains quiet, letting Mattie take the lead.\n\nYuki looks in on Hilary, smiling a bit with recognition, and raises her hand to her head in friendly salute. She doesn't say anything though, staying a bit back, letting Mattie and Jack take the lead on things as she does a little looking around. She stuffs her hands into the pockets of the plush white jacket she's worn out, a pink tanktop beneath it, and her usual faded denim jeans. White sneakers, as usual. Hardly a normal fashion statement altogether.\n\nHilary looks up as Mattie and company make their presence known, blinking through a pair of round-framed glasses. He takes these off and sets them aside. \"No,\" he claims on the subject of remembering Mattie, though his poor attitude suggests that he does. \"Him I remember. What of him?\" He takes in the other two, only showing the barest recognition for Yuki, before his eyes are back on Mattie.\n\n\"You don't remember me, but you remember my friend? That's some trick,\" says Mattie dryly, but she smiles all the same. \"He's sick. And I wanted to know what you know about it. If there's anything I can do for him, if he's going to get worse, if it's something I should worry about or if it's just something that has to run its course.\" \n\nThere's actually some worry, genuine it would seem, in her eyes and her tone, and she nods toward him. \"We're not angry, but we know it came from you. So don't play innocent, all right?\" She gestures to the three of them. \"We're like you. More or less.\"\n\nThe way Jack looks that the other man implies that he believes his firmly on the 'less' side of that equiation. Taking a step to the side he leans back against the wall, proppting himself up and glancing over to Yuki when noting the recognition. Something to investigate later. His gaze does eventually slide toward that cigarette though, falling prey to smoker's envy.\n\nYuki smiles a bit at Hilary, before looking to Mattie, eyebrows raising in confusion first, then concern second. Cedric is sick? She lowers her gaze to the ground, but she keeps quiet for now, her eyes taking in the office floor before starting to actually look around the decor, keeping her hands to herself as she eyes things over.\n\n\"Interpret it however you like.\" He flicks ash into a tray and looks at Mattie. \"Sick? Well if he's sick, you should call a d—\" The rest makes him break off. He tightens the corners of his mouth and looks at the rest of them with suspicion. \"Have you all been following me?\" he wants to know, the look in his eyes sharpening as he sits up. \"Her, I saw her the other day.\" He points with the cigarette held between two fingers of his right hand. \"I won't be hounded, I've a right to a private life. I'm a British citizen.\" In terms of decor, it's a fairly cramped office, with one small window. It's crammed with books on shelves that further reduce floor space, and scripts, notepads, references and so on are stacked up on horizontal surfaces. There's only the one computer and very little outright decoration besides, although there are a few charming mockups of sets.\n\nA brow lifts as Mattie looks at Yuki and back. \"Coincidence, I guess. We haven't been following you, no. You gave your card to Cedric. And I can tell you're one of us — most of us can recognize one another.\" She glances at Jack and Yuki for back up on that. \"We're not hounding you. I'm coming to you for help regarding a friend — you gave him your card, you invited him to talk to you again, so I assume you had some connection or desire to have some form of friendship with him, too. Was I wrong?\" \n\nShe narrows her eyes at Hilary. \"If you need help with your… with whatever it is that makes you different, we can offer you that. We're sort of a … a fellowship maybe, that looks out for one another and also tries to keep others safe. To keep others from having to see what we've seen.\" \n\nThat's amusing to Jack, \"As a British Citizen, you've a right to be featured on more CCTV Cameras every day than some poor bastards who are locked up in other countries, mate.\" He nods, when Mattie looks his way, perhaps realizing that this isn't helping and shutting his gob again.\n\nYuki nods a little, though who she's agreeing with may be hard enough to determine. She's still keeping her mouth well enough shut, at least for the moment, though it seems almost like she'd enjoy saying something. But she's a personal chatterbox, no time for that. Besides, there's so much in this office! Well, in her mind anyways. Her eyes are perusing, in particular, the books crammed on those shelves, eyeing the titles.\n\n\"None of your business,\" Hilary says sharply to Mattie. \"Look, I don't know what you're talking about,\" he claims. \"If your friend…touched something he shouldn't have, however,\" he says, leaning back a little in his seat, \"That isn't my fault. You can't blame me for it. He won't die, he'll be fine. /I've/ got the worst of it, you know,\" he says, gesturing at himself before taking a drag on his cigarette. He looks over at Jack. \"I like being on television,\" he says flippantly. \"I dislike being ambushed.\" The books are on all sorts of things. Lots, predictably, on stagecraft. Biographies on famous playwrights. Books on medieval weaponry and fashion in the twentieth century and 1970s architecture… Hundreds of play scripts, too.\n\n\"He did, and you're right, he shouldn't have. Don't think I didn't reprimand him for that, BP,\" Mattie says to Hilary. \"And it's good to know he won't die. Would you happen to have a hypothetical timeline for him feeling better? And can I ask how you have the worst of it? We might be able to help.\"\n\n\"Wouldn't have knocked if it were an ambush. Be indignant all you want; you gave Cedric a card. He gave it to us to figure out what the deal is. You want to help him out, or you want to keep contradicting yourself an' actin' all high an' mighty.\" The attitude is apparently rubbing Jack the wrong way, making it difficult for him to be politick.\n\nYuki shrugs a little as she looks over the books, eyeing one or two with interest, but of course she leaves them alone. Her attention is only half there anyways, her ears focused on the exchanges between the other three. Still, after she's at least glanced over all the titles she can make out, she turns her eyes back to the others as well, stepping in a bit closer to Mattie and Jack.\n\n\"Not sure,\" Hilary says, looking away. \"Day or two, unless he's…immunodeficient or something. I would imagine.\" His eyes flick back to the three people in the room. \"I'm not giving out any confessions to a gang of god-knows-who. …God's sake.\" He rubs at the space between his brows, not responding specifically to what Jack has to say.\n\nMattie moves to the door to close it behind her. \"You do know there are others like you in the world? That you're not the only one who has gone through horrific, nightmarish things that shouldn't exist, and come out the other side? You're not alone, and we're trying to offer you help, and also make sure you don't accidentally kill anyone. Especially our friend.\" \n\nTo add weight to her words, she suddenly disappears, then reappears — in a manner of speaking. She chooses her transparent form, and when she speaks now, her voice is a sibilant hushed whisper, as if it were made of nothing but wind and dust. \"We make it our job to know one another. You don't have to join us, but you would do well not to piss us off. Or harm one of our people. If you need help, it's there for the taking. You want to tell us how your ability works?\"\n\nNot at all phased by Mattie's performance, Jack doesn't volunteer to put on a show for the man. His unnatural eyes are telling enough in his mind. His lips pull down at the corners in a look of agreement with the statement made, accompanied by a small nod. Anything he could add to that advertsement for the Watch would likely be more of a hinderance than an endorsement so he just waits to see what the other man will say next.\n\nYuki watches Mattie use her powers, and her eyes open a bit wide. So some things honestly can surprise. It's fleeting, however, and after a moment she's looking back at Hilary, giving him the warmest smile she can as she backs towards the door, leaning back against it. No speaking so far, just observing, watching everything.\n\nHilary gives a start. \"I've never killed anybody!\" he protests, sitting forward, though he watches with obvious distaste as Mattie goes transparent. \"I didn't. Do. Anything,\" he insists, crushing out his cigarette impatiently in the ashtray. \"And I /don't/ trust people who threaten me. Get out.\"\n\nThis could go better. Mattie moves to the door, becoming solid again so she can open it, to show that she's not threatening. \"I didn't say you did, Hilary,\" says Mattie tiredly. \"Thank you for the information regarding Cedric's sudden illness. I do appreciate your honesty on that.\" A card is pulled from her pocket and she moves just close enough to toss it toward his desk with a flick of her wrist, staying far enough away that her slight form shouldn't be too much of a threat. \n\n\"Here's the deal. We know you're here and what… to an extent, anyway, you can do. I'd like to understand more of it. Call me if you decide you want to help us, or if you want us to help you.\" \n\nShe moves toward the exit, but doesn't hurry the others out. \"That's what not to do, I guess,\" she asides to Yuki. Not the best training lesson for the newbie.\n\nJack throws Yuki a wink as he turns to move to the door. What not to do in social situations can usually be determined by asking the question 'What would Jack do?'. The recruit can likely learn bunches by considering this, then doing the opposite. Nor is he apologetic for it, \"So long, mate.\" Moving into the corridor, he continues at a volume that's audiable yet not directed to the other fella, \"Methinks the lady doth protest too much.\" It sounds awkward when he attempts to use a posh voice. Not that he's ever read Shakespeare, it's just one of those things people say. \"My gran was called Hilary.\" added, as an afterthought.\n\nYuki steps over to the door, then turns back to face Hilary, smiling and raising a hand to wave a farewell, \"They're a'right sorts, really…jus' give it some thought,\" she suggests, before stepping out and closing the door rather than continue to bother him. Stuffing her hands back into her pockets, she takes off after the other two. Broke the silence finally, but not for long, and not for much. Stepping up near Mattie and Jack again, she slows down and giggles a bit, \"That w's kinda fun, all things considered…bleedin' magnificent book collection in there.\"\n\n\"You've got the line backward; don't be ignorant,\" Hilary mutters around his fingers, which he is now chewing, punctuating his reply to Jack with a glare.\n\nMattie pulls the door shut behind her, grinning at Yuki's cheerful assessment of the failed outing. Only once they're outside of the theatre entirely, does she turn to Jack. \"Don't be ignorant. Don't you know your Hamlet?\" she asks in an affected posh British accent — it's not a bad attempt, really, from the American. \n\nMeanwhile she pulls out her phone, pushing a few buttons before speaking into it. \"Should wear off in a couple days. Not fatal. Or so he says,\" she reports to whoever's on the other end.\n"

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