The Love Bug

Cast: date: '26 October 2012'
place: 'The City'
participants: 'Yuki, Christian, Bonnie, Alister, Tessa (run by Cedric)'
synopsis: 'A late evening in The City drives a few people buggy.'
log: " Walls and spires of ancient, hewn stone mark this, the financial and legal district of London and the oldest part of the city that still stands. Some of the buildings here date literally back centuries, and while the cobblestone streets have been paved over and automobile traffic now rules the day, there are certain paths and places where brown stone is the norm beneath your feet. The buildings huddle close and tall here, almost seeming to teeter despite solid foundations, and the alleys are narrow.\n It's well after dark now, and grey clouds scud across a blue-black sky, darkening it and occasionally obscuring the light of the moon that is just beginning to peek between the buildings here and there. It's a chill night, the brisk northeast breeze promising an icy rainstorm later. The denizens that frequent this area are long since gone back to their warm houses and flats, or to their mansions and row houses elsewhere.\n\n Despite being told not to wander alone, Yuki has taken to it. She didn't mean to be alone, there were people about earlier. They just managed to leave faster than she did. Probably her fault for wandering about off the beaten paths. It just seemed a more relaxing way to entertain her iced coffee. She's wearing the same outfit she was when Cedric and Mattie found her, white t-shirt and faded denim jeans with white sneakers. Simple, and little else beyond that. At least the grass stains are gone.\n\nStepping out the front door of one of those buildings is Christian. \"I don't think he'll be doing that again,\" he assures the woman he holds the door open for. \"Is Jenny alright? That son of a bitch did a number on her.\" He pulls the hood of his hooded sweatshirt up both to ward off the chill and hide a bit in the shadows of it. Leaving a man that roughed up a working girl beaten and squirming means not really wanting attention drawn in the aftermath. He stops once the two of them are down the block and runs his gloved hands down over his face. \"I feel like bloody hell, mum…\" Awwww, big bad biker and his mommy. He might even be pouting a little.\n\n\"Yes well… He got what was coming to him. He's damn lucky that I wasn't there, because I wouldn't have gone as light on him. There are approximately 100 billion neurons in the human body, and I know ways to make every one of them scream in brutal agony.\" The woman that follows and moves through the door in front of Christian is smaller, but no less rough looking. In fact, Bonnie looks like she is ready to skin someone or something. There is a very shallow hungry look to her eyes. \"You did good, she'll recover. I can't say much for her mental state. He did her something awful.\" Bonnie sighs through her nose. And she regards Christian with a fondness, \"I know, hon. I'm working on it. This one's a bit tougher than just a common cold. All the chicken soup in the world ain't gonna help.\"\n\nTessa really shouldn't be out on the streets at this time of night. Really. Yet she is. Her hands are stuffed into the pockets of her jacket, one earbud is in her ear while the other dangles down like a necklace. The occasional pulse of technomusic can be heard from it. Her head is mostly down, and she walks along quietly. Don't mind me, minding my own business.\n\n A Lucky Strike in his mouth, heading down the street in the direction of Bonnie and Christian, Alister's out and about. He looks a bit worn, eyes heavy with either exhaustion or just his mood in general. A lot to consider from the last few days. Staying the hell away from technology is the objective of the evening, as he certainly has no idea where to start with learning it. He doesn't even know about entering the net or any of that other space man crap.\n\n A muffled scream, light male in sound, floats up from an alleyway some distance away, where the shadows puddle and the streetlights don't seem to penetrate. There are a lot of small alleys like that here, but this one is a little distance off.\n\nYou paged Christian with ‚ÄòYou get a flash of a vision. Bugs. Scarab-type beetles. Thousands of them, piling up on each other and spreading out on a carpet of red.‚Äô\n\n Yuki turns her head at the sound of the scream. Walking where she is, it's easy enough to hear it. Plenty of walls for it to bounce off of. She grips her drink a bit, hesitating for only a moment. Should she check it out? She was told not to go around alone. But…she's already alone. That's the entire thought process needed to motivate her legs. She runs, exiting her little side-path onto the street with the others. Other people? Great! No time, someone might need help. That was -not- a scream of happiness, if she's any judge. Thank god her drink has a lid, keeping most of it in the cup as she dashes down the road in the direction she's sure the scream came from. Call out? Stay quiet? No need to draw extra attention to herself just yet.\n\n\"James seemed to be doing better this morning so maybe it'll just pass.\" One can hope, right? It's a toss up with the little tyke only sharing one quarter of daddy's weird physiology. Christian's voice drops and turns cold, ruthless even. \"We still haven't found the bastard that roughed Becca up. Figure he's holed up somewhere he thinks we won't find him until this blows over.\" From behind his ever present dark glasses, intense blue eyes land on Yuki. Nostrils flare. \"Bloody fucking hell, that's something I don't need tonight.\" The words are muttered, but not with quite as much chill as the mention of Becca's Bastard Boyfriend. There isn't a lot of time to dwell there, however. A hiss of a breath, pained. One gloved hand pressed against his forehead. Tell tale and familiar to Bonnie. Someone's in trouble and her little boy's seeing some of it. \"Damnit, I hate bugs,\" spit out between clenched teeth. \"C'mon, Mum, and stay close.\" …splitting headache and fever, oh well, he's heading in the direction of the scream.\n\nBonnie was sure to grab her husband's leather jacket. He won't be needing it tonight, he's sick, and if he did, then he'll cope. It's a cold night and she needed something heavy and a little larger. This does the trick to keep the chill off of her. \"I'm ''hoping'' that is the case. There's no telling with you. You're all backwards and sideways inside. Just don't do anything to make yourself worse. I'd hate to have to kick your little ass back to health.\" She says this with a roughness but with affection, and a squinting of her eyes. Which is when Bonnie notices that some others are here. Her squinting eyes squint at them as well, but that's it really. The scream gives her a raised brow, and a look over to Christian, \"Bugs huh? Alright kiddo, I think you know the drill. Dead or alive, it don't matter to me. Just be careful.\" She quickly moves to follow him.\n\nTessa skids to a stop at the sound of screaming. She takes a step forward, then backs up two steps. A deep sigh is given and she turns in the direction of the scream. However, noticing the others in the area she doesn't immediately charge in. Instead she cautiously scurries in that direction, pulling a small spraycan of mace from her pocket as she goes. Because everything hates mace, right?\n\n Alister's hand reaches into his vest to pull out a carefully concealed 44 Magnum, circa 1956, held in an unseen holster. Britain is not usually the place people randomly pull out guns, it's usually a stabby kind of country. But this is an American. An American he'll probably get arrested if any cops catch him with this thing. \n He slowly heads towards the scream, both hands on the revolving as he keeps it pointed to the ground. \"Don't be alarmed, I'm FBI. I know how you Brits can be about guns.\" he states, mostly in proximity of Bonnie and Christian, but he's quickly passed them, not stopping his approach of the sound.\n\n Finding the source of the screaming is a little tricky. The sound becomes muffled, terrified sobbing, bouncing from here to there, from wall to wall and even off the streets. It's a crapshoot even telling which direction it's coming from, exactly, except - that way. \"That way\" proves to be ahead into the darker, less-traveled sections of the streets. \n A stray tomcat, dapper tuxedo, fairly /bolts/ from an alleyway about 50 meters from Yuki in a rattle of dustbins, visible mostly by its white underbelly. Its tail is down, its ears back, and if a cat can be fairly said to be asses and elbows, this one is. It streaks away down the street, in the opposite direction from Yuki, vanishing from sight in seconds with a terrified yowl.\n A black beetle, followed closely by another one, trundles into the yellow lamplight of a streetlight close to the alley.\n\n The cat jumping out causes Yuki to slow just a bit, and then the beetles…one following so closely to the other. Yuki practically skids to a stop, nearly falling forward. This alley…dark, with bugs following one another…what cold be wrong? Moving a bit across the road as the hears Christian and Alister and the others approaching, she draws her hand holding the coffee back. In that brief moment, the iced coffee becomes, simply, ice. A large, solid chunk of it, and then she hurls it down the alley, hard and low. If something is there, it won't be a soft blow. And if the person in trouble is there…well…hey, within an hour or two…free drink! And better safe that sorry either way, right?\n\n\n\"You have fun shooting them bloody bugs, Mr. F. B. I.,\" Christian remarks to Alister as the man moves past them. His state of not impressed is relayed in his tone. His own sidearm remains right where it is, hidden at the small of his back, for now. As they get closer and the cat darts in front of them, he rests a hand on Bonnie's shoulder to stop her. \"I'm gonna go in, Mum. See if I can come back out closer to our terrified unknown.\" The words are barely even a whisper. 'Going in' IE: Going There. \"You gonna be okay? Don't do anything stupid…\" Beetles get eyeballed. Those? Actually make him shudder a little. \"…you happen to have a giant can of raid?\"\n\n\"How you Brits?\" Bonnie's brow goes up again when the man moves in front of the pair of them. \"The hell's that supposed to mean? What are we, a goddamn species? Yeah, you go right ahead and go first. Jump around and flail your arms about too. Maybe they like Yank.\" She makes no move to go ahead of him, seeming very content to let Alister take the lead. An elbow is knocked over into Christian, \"Who in the bloody hell is this clown? You know how I feel about Feds.\" she mutters to the blond. And Bonnie isn't jumpy. The cat and the loud noise don't make her lash out or do more than a little flinching. \"Give em hell.\" she nods to Christian, waiting for him to go in. The scuttle of beetles and the sight of them cause Bonnie to eyeball them. \"Raid? No, I left that under the bar. But I got the next best thing.\" Bonnie lifts her hand and flicks her fingers, a purplish eldrich energy crackles to life and licks across her digits. \"Things get out of hand, I'll cover you.\"\n\nTessa is pretty impressed (read: scared) when the gun comes out! She skids to a stop again and takes another step back. She looks down at her can of pepperspray and then up toward where the man with the gun is going. Then toward a flash of purple. A hand lifts to rub at her eyes and she murmurs quietly to herself, \"I'm just way over tired. That's all.\" Still she squares her shoulders and takes another few steps forward, inching up toward where the cat and the bugs can come from.\n\n Alister stares at the mouth of the alley, looking down at his stomach, blinking his eyes a few times. Odd sensation, hunger, odd feeling in his head. Gotta shake those and keep going. In fact, there may be the vague feeling that he needs to be closer… \"We 'yanks' socked Hitler right in the kisser, I can take some alley thugs.\" That's when he suddenly steps out in full view of the alley's opening, pointing his gun up, just in case.\n\n It's really dark down at the back of that alley. A single sodium light casts a yellow gleam across its cobblestoned entrance, and Yuki's iced coffee block goes sailing into the dark, eliciting a howl of - not pain, but terror - from that male voice beyond. Seconds later, the sounds of pattering feet, slipping and stumbling, are audible, and a young man dressed in rags and fairly covered in more of those black, scarab-type beetles, bolts for the entrance to the alleyway, a suspicious wet stain trailing him as he staggers into the light. Mmm, piss. It's then that he spots Alister, gun up, and starts to hold up both hands … and it's too much for him. His eyes roll back in his head, and he crumples to the stone in a state of mental overload. Sanity? What sanity? If there was any before, it's probably gone now. \n And … some of those beetles that were covering the hobo? Some turn and scuttle back into the darkness. Others … split off, some heading for Alister's feet, some for Yuki's.\n\n Yuki backs off a little as some of the beetles start swarming towards her, \"Bloody bugs!\" she yells, before stepping forward again, raising a foot up and bringing the sole of her sneaker down on a few. Then raising and stomp again. They have six legs, not either. These she can deal with. As she fends at the gathering insects, the air starts chilling further, whether or not she's meaning to make it so, something that would at least put ordinary bugs into comas or hibernation, if not outright killing them. \"Leave th' poor sod 'lone!\"\n\nBikers love their mothers, yes they do. Christian even pauses long enough to kiss his one the cheek. \"Stay safe… There's a portal at the end of the alley.\" Those words are whispered. He raises his voice just enough that he might be heard by the folks closer to the pair. \"-Anything could come out of that alley. Don't let those bugs touch you.\" Just in case, right? Then their victim comes stumbling out and the biker's attention snaps to Bonnie. \"Check him over, see if he's…\" Different. \"I'll be back.\" Seems he's still going to do some recon on the situation. He steps a few feet away from his mother, not into the alley, but into a patch of shadows and darkness nearby. For just the faintest of moments, he seems to shimmer like a mirage … and then he's just gone. Of course for anyone not paying close attention? It's easy to assume he just vanished down the street to try to find another way into the alley.\n\n\"Hah. Don't let them touch me.\" Bonnie sounding like she finds that pretty well ironic. \"I want you back here safe.\" she gives him a pat, idly giving a flick of her hand. A bolt of mystical energy flies from her hands to strike the ground in front of the beetles to cause a bright purple flare of an explosion, intending to keep them at bay. As Christian goes back into the shadows, Bonnie finds her way over to the downed young man, crouching over his body, \"Alright… Let's get a look here.\" She lifts the man's shirt just a little so that she can place a hand on his skin, leaving it there and focusing, keeping one hand free to fire if she needs.\n\nTessa continues to creep along. Her gaze flickers over Bonnie and the downed man. She gives her bottle of mace a big shake. Rattle, rattle, rattle. She edges toward the mouth of the alleyway now, not too far away from where Bonnie and the downed man are.\n\n \"I don't feel… I'm remembering things… what the hell is going on…\" Alister grits his teeth, looking over to Yuki, then to Bonnie, sniffing the air. Then he just starts heading into the alley. \"There's someone in there!\" he manages to strain out for the others, stomping beetles. \n \"Hard to breathe… That Gloom place, I think I remember it.\" he starts to mutter, which echos outside the alley. But his footsteps can no longer be heard, scents no longer smelled to anyone who could, all organs starting to fail to one who could hear to that extent, bloodflow halted to almost a stop. \"What the hell is going on!\" \n He holds up his gun, aimed at whatever the figure he's detecting is. \"Tell me who the hell you are or I'll blow your brains out and pretend you're Hitler!\"\n\n As the beetles approach Yuki, they seem to slow. The chill in the air is far from normal - although London is chilly, the air is wet and chilly, and ice crystals form on Yuki's skin as water condenses out of the air. Her chill is unnaturally dry, and closest to her, the air begins to taste of snow. The bugs under her shoe and Alister's crunch with a wet, crackly squish, in the way that bugs crushed underfoot normally do. At the edge of the sodium light, the lavender blast of eldritch fire from Bonnie sends more beetles - or more properly, beetle carcasses - flying backwards, little legs in the area. \n And still, more seem to come. An unearthly, evil basso laugh rattles the stone at the back of the alley, and a humanoid shape /melts/ into a carpet of these swarming beetles, a carpet that swarms fearlessly into the light, surging towards the group, including Tessa. It threatens to engulf the homeless man lying motionless at the mouth of the alley along with everyone else at the alley's mouth, slowing but not stopping as they approach Yuki. It's something of a circle of slower motion that her chill causes. Alister, however, is not so lucky, and several of the beetles begin to climb his legs, seeking the skin of his ankles beneath his trousers. \n\n Yuki continues to pour out the cold. In the summer, it might not amount to much at all, but with the chill in the air it's carrying a bit. Ice on her skin? Not a problem, doesn't even seem to phase her. As it slows the bugs, it just makes them easier to step on. She only really stops when that man appears, or what seems to be a man, at least a humanoid shape. That gets a raise out of her eyebrows, and she looks where they're headed. Bonnie, and the homeless bloke seem to be getting a share of them, and Tessa…Tessa hasn't shown any display of power like Bonnie.\n No time to think about it, it's clear enough who seems better able to defend themselves, \"Stand back!\" she calls out to Tessa, running to try and intercept between her and the beetles before laying the sole-crushing power of her sneakers down again, \"W'at th' bloody 'ell is goin' on? I've never seen s'many bleedin' beetles b'fore!\"\n\nStepping into the Gloom is like being torn in two for Christian. The part of him that's human screams silently. No. No! This is -insane-. The part of him that isn't? Feels like it's come home. Stepping in randomly is always a gamble. He's not exactly well loved in there; in fact he's pretty much a traitor. A half-breed with a reputation for hunting Others. Hunting things not unlike part of himself. That hated traitor bit is something he's actually counting on when he steps out of the portal at the end of the alley and calls, \"Hey HERBIE! Wanna dance?!\" Herbie was a 'beetle' right? That love bug from that stupid old movie? He waits, standing his ground just this side of the portal into the Gloom this thing must have come out of, to see if he'll gain enough of its attention to at least turn -some- of those bugs back from their current course.\n\nThe most common trait that Bonnie has assimilated from her meals is an increased level of strength. It is a safe bet to suspect that she has it at any given moment, unless something else were to come along. \"Well this can't be good…\" she remarks dryly when the humanoid form takes shape over the beetles. \"Alright sugar, let's get you outta the line of fire.\" Bonnie reaches to scoop the young man up with one arm and place him over her shoulder, \"Kill it, or keep it busy till I get back.\" the older woman says, turning to head out of the alley to remove her cargo from the scene.\n\nTessa sort of panicks. There are /bugs/ coming after her! She lets out a terrified little shriek and lifts the mace and sprays it toward the bugs that come after her, then quickly turns away when Yuki comes running to try and interrupt. Here's hoping she didn't just give Yuki a face full of mace, whoops! She then scurries backward and attempts to *away* from the bugs. \"Wha- What is going on?\"\n\n \"Damnnit!\" Alister shouts once they start crawling up his legs and biting. But he begins to run deeper into it, trying to shake them off at the same time with a few hard stomps along the way. He's sniffing, he feels himself instinctively trying to grab a scent, he's just not entirely sure what he's trying to track. That he's trying to track something is, in of itself, rather strange to him. \"Where are you, nazi gangster bastard?!\" Fedora + Strangeness Happenings = Nazi gangster! \n He keeps running in an attempt to get to the fedora, something in the back of his head wanting to pick up the scent on it.\nReagan pages: I am mostly athiestic, but I am kinda praying. More talking to dead relatives than any godly presence, but yeah. I just wanna know what my body, which has been so regular the past few years, is doing. >_>\n\n The bugs don't seem to respond to Tessa's mace at all, but Yuki's intervention slows them down - some, anyway. Both girls will find a few beetles crawling up their legs and biting at exposed flesh, although neither gets very many before they fall off, frozen. Bonnie will find herself with a few crawling off the homeless man's body and nipping at her as well as they crawl from him to her. The feeling is like a sharp pinch - closer to an ant bite than a bee sting - and does not draw blood. It just hurts. \n Alister, on the other hand, will find himself entirely engulfed, head to foot, in the swarm as he steps on and among them. They fairly turn on him as if he's their next meal. And then - the entire swarm /turns/, the clacking and skitter of exoskeletons filling the stone alleyway, turning towards Alister - and back down towards the end of the alleyway, engulfing the new figure that just appeared at the end of the Gloom portal as well sand abandoning those at the edge of the alleyway. \n\n Those few that climb her legs draw sharp gasps from Yuki as they bite, and she shakes a little jig out to get them back out from under her pants once their bodies are frozen solid, \"Ugly blighters!\" she throws accusingly at them as she steps on their chilled bodies for good measure, before looking back at Tessa. It doesn't seem she got mace'd, or if she did, she got so little as to not notice in the heat of things, \"You a'right? C'n y'stomp on some of th' buggers w'ile I see w'at's up?\" she asks.\n She barely waits for a response, however. She saw Alister running into that alley. Hard to call him a friend, but she knows the temporally-misplaced sod, \"Cedric's gonna chew m' arse off over this!\" grumbles to herself as she darts into the alley after the magnum-toting agent. At least Reagan might consider it a good deed.\n\n\"Mum! Get'm out of here!\" Good -God- that hurts and a mother? Well, she knows the sound of her child in pain and Christian sounds it now. It takes every ounce of self control he has to keep from breaking into a little spaztastic dance in an effort to get the bugs -off-. But getting them -on- was his intended goal in the first place. Normally? Well, this boy could run up a wall, back flip off it to the wall opposite and… Point is, he's -agile-. But right now, it's a struggle to bend down and pick up that discarded hat. He does it though. He snatches it up and turns to step back into the portal with it. With it… and with all the bugs that are clinging to him. Divide and conquer, oh yeah.\n\nThe bites seem to hurt, but Bonnie is a tough broad. She at least gets to carry her passenger out of the alley and drop him off out of the way. Most of the beetles she is brushing off of her, but one of them she snatches off into the palm of her hand and she promptly crushes it to let it's insides make contact with her, analyzing just what it is she is dealing with. Her eyes widen at Christian's scream, and there is no way she is gonna listen to that. Bonnie goes charging back into the alley, \"Christian!\" The woman scowls angrily at the bugs, \"Get offa my kid you son of a bitch!\" Bonnie's eyes glow and she starts hurling, one hand after the other, bolts of eldrich force at the mass.\n\nTessa squeaks when the bugs begin to bite and pinch at her. She wildly pats at her legs, and then stomps on the frozen bugs. She continues to scurry backward and stares at Yuki like the other woman might be a little insane. Still she stomps on any bugs that get close to her.\n\n Alister falls to his knees when he gets covered in beetles, feeling all of those bites all over his body. When they shift to Christian, he feels himself getting tired, but he feels something else… something horrifying. \n Six black tendrils spring from his back, whipping around rather rapidly. Then they seem to turn into hands with black suited sleeves, extending and grabbing large heaps of beetles in each hands. \"What is… going…\" \n He raises himself upright, still on his knees, then his shirt rips open as a massive set of teeth, larger than a rib cage, opening up and revealing a smaller set of teeth. Then those open to expose a large black beak, chomping as each hand scrambles to rip more and more of those insects from Christian's body. \"I remember… I… damnit…\" \n He doesn't seem to be undergoing anymore change. But it's rather hard to eat an entire Other that's made up of masses of beetles. That Christian is covered in them only seems to be incidental. The hands just seem to want to pick them off and feed that beak, while Alister himself just seems dazed, in pain, and a bit horrified.\n\n Nom nom nom. Scores, no, hundreds of beetles disappear into that searching, chest-opened beak that Alister is now sporting - and even more taking a ride back into whatever hell spawned that thing courtesy of the blond biker. For the rest, bolts of lavender eldritch fire crackle into the alley, casting an eerie glow into the stone alley that bounces off of a fair /carpet/ of bugs dead, alive, and dying. \n As more and more bugs die, whether eaten raw or fried, there's less and less movement amid the dim glow of Bonnie's fire, replaced with the smell of cooked insect. Only the tendrils coming out of Alister's back remain after a little while. The smell of crispy-fried bugs hangs thick in the air - not a pleasant smell. But … whatever the thing was, it shows no signs of reincorporating. And the fedora's gone, too. \n A siren sounds off in the distance, coming closer.\n\n Coffee sounds good, wait, didn't she just have coffee before this started? Where did that cup go? Wait, it's frozen anyways. No, no, no! Yuki shakes her head, a sudden bout of drowsiness inviting distracting thoughts. She runs up behind Alistar, reaching out to grab the back of his collar with both hands. What's he doing? Is he that slender thing again? Is he eating them? No, no thinking! She closes her eyes, gritting her teeth as she pulls on Alistar, trying to drag him out of this alley no matter what kind of fight he just might put up. Reagan is going to get a long call about this one, that much can be bet on. \"C'mon y' bleedin' 'eavy geezer!\"\n\nThe hat's gone and so is Christian. Tick-Tock. It's not terribly long that he's missing in action, maybe a minute… or two? It's certainly long enough for a mother to panic though! Finally, the little blond biker comes staggering back out of the portal free of bugs. Little bites cover all of his exposed skin. He looks a mess, his dark glasses are gone, and his intense blue eyes are a little wild. \"Thatwasawesome!\" Did he just say -awesome-? Kind of hard to tell with the way his words are all running overtop one another. He should be falling over after all that, but instead he downright looks like he's -wired-.\n\nBonnie fights the feeling that creeps over her from the bites. She closes her eyes tightly for an instant and shakes her head, but at least… well, things seem to be better at this point. Bonnie sighs, moving back over to where Christian is, and the look on her face suggests that she isn't in the mood for celebrations. She looks pretty bad, \"What in the hell is your problem?\" She gripes at him. \"Do you know that you almost gave me a heart attack? What have I told you about sticking your neck into danger like that? I said nothing too crazy, didn't I?\"\n\nTessa gives a sudden, almost surprised, yawn, even as she stomps at the bugs. She looks around, rubs at her arms and then turns around and starts to jog down the street. She weaves and stumbles on occasion, but manages not to play in traffic at least. Well, if this part of town was particularly busy.\n\n Those tendrils rapidly pick off the remaining beetles, tossing them into the beak as Yuki drags him away. He's far too weakened and tired to resist. And when there's no longer anything to eat, those rows of teeth rapidly shut like a boney gate, before shifting away into normal skin again. And those tendrils sink down into him, leaving just the man to stumble behind, trying not to pass out.\n\n Silence reigns in the alley … but the sirens are getting closer.\n\n Sirens? Shit. It seems Yuki is just now noticing them. As Alister returns to normal, she turns and grabs his arm, her grip cold but not freezing like it may have been not too much earlier. She pulls him towards the street, shaking her head to clear away the drowsiness again, \"C'mon! Get yer arse back 'ome 'fore th' bobbies nab ya!\" she instructs Alister, finally letting go. He may not be resisting, but Yuki is getting tired, probably more than she should be even given the circumstances, what with dragging him at all. \"Jus' go!\" she instructs, before letting go of him. She won't be able to guide him, she doesn't know where he's staying. She just knows she needs to be gone as well.\n\nHack, cough, gag, splutter… Christian hacks up some beetle parts. Ewwwww. \"Didjaseethat? Bugs-everywhere-. Someone should call an exterminator. Yahear that? Myearsare… is that sirens? Coppers! Thefuzziscomin'! Run!\" He just giggled! \"We should get home. Got an Old Lady waitin' for some Christianlovin'. Brownchickenbrowncow.\" BROW WAGGLE. Oh man, there are just some things a man doesn't say to his -mother-. \"Mebbe makeyas'moregrandbebes. Awwww yeeaaaaaah.\" …and some things that really do not fit this particular situation. It's not just the babbling that's bad, words all tumbling overtop one another… He -can't- stand still. Christian is pacing around the mouth of the alley, his hands are twitching spastically like they have no idea where they should be. \"Man, burned bug -stinks-.\" It's as if that stench just hit him. Christian turns away from everyone and hurls. It's quick, but it's messy and anyone within a five foot radius might catch splatter from it. Over almost as soon as it begins and he wipes is mouth on the back of his glove. Gwyneth is one lucky woman! SMOOOOCH! Mummy Dearest gets a bit old loud, smacking smooch on the cheek. \"LoveyoutooMum.\" Oh man, something is not right. \"We should bail 'forethecoppersget here. C'mon!\" He reaches out to snag a Bonniehand to drag her along with him. RUN!\n"

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