This Flock of Drunkards

Cast: date: 'November 2nd, 2012'
place: 'The Barmy Badger'
participants: 'Cedric, Jack, Mattie, Teresa, Yuki'
synopsis: 'Post work pub time'
log: "\nThe Barmy Badger is hardly a posh pub, but it boasts cheap prices and is close to the college, which makes it popular enough among students and locals; being hidden from the main streets and squished between a laundry mat and a butcher means no tourists find their way there, either. The booths are comfortable enough and it has the quintessential dive bar decor of a thousand eclectic signs, posters, photographs and odds and ends, so that you might find yourself seated beneath a cricket bat, a photo of the pope waving from his pope-mobile, a pair of ice skates, and a neon Guinness sign. \n\nThe corner booth is taken; a pitcher of beer and a plate full of pub grub style appetizers take up space on the table. Even in the dim light, it's easy for someone to spy Mattie as the Guinness light above her head illuminates her shock of hair. She is sitting in her usual \"combat seating\" spot where she can see all the exits as she speaks to her two seat mates. \n\n\"I'm sure I got the lowest score on that test. They must be on to me now,\" she tells Teresa with a grimace and swallows a gulp of beer before raising her glass. \"A toast to failure.\"\n\n\"I for once, managed to do middling. Take heart, soon, it'll be placements and you won't need to go to school day in day out\" Teresa points out as she too hefts her glass to mediocrity at it's finest. \"At least you're learning some top notch first aid\" A couple months has mellowed the blonde out toward Jack and Mattie, to the point that, if Teresa's at the same table, at least she's not spitting fire at him. \n\nLiterally.\n\nThe tab tonight, given that she has disposable income and no shop to look after or have to cart her ass to Hilary's for her extra credit. \"What about you Jack?\" Focus swivels to the only englishman at the table.\n\n\"Lowest grade of the term buys Christmas Party drinks.\" That's probably a bad bed for Jack, given his awful grades thus far but perhaps Mattie's downturn and his current collection of empties are prompting him to brave wagers. Come exam time, given that he'll likely not be able to read his own notes, it should be a steal for the other two. Still, he clinks his Carling into the toast, failure being a close friend and study-ground partner where school is concerned.\n\nNot being on fire is an enjoyable state of existence, as it would certainly harsh the mellow. The weather outside may be frightful, but the pub's heating is most delightful and he looks mostly at ease. Teresa is talking to him, so he's obviously not said anything too obnoxious. Yet. \"Bloody reading is cutting in to my work time.\" Real work that is, running his own business. \"An' then every time I go to try and take some relaxation time it ends up going to shit. Playin' doctor, or being attacked by them while wearing a suit for the first time in a long while.\"\n\nYuki walks in while reading a book, or at least seeming to be reading. Despite what she appears to be doing, she makes no discernible effort in avoiding the odd drunk or so on his way out, until someone finally stops her. She puts down the book, a thick piece that she likely has no way of really comprehending even if she can read the words, making a small bit of friendly chatter with the server before being lead back to a table. Weather outside is frightful? It's hard to tell by looking at Yuki. Underdressed for the weather as always, and perfectly fine with that.\n\n\"Mad man,\" Mattie tells Jack, looking at Teresa conspiratorially. \"I'll take that bet.\" \n\nShe clinks her glasses against the others, then lets her eyes slide to the newcomer walking their way. She raises a hand, the one recently stitched up by Jack with his own set of mad first-aid skills, and flutters her fingers in a wave to the other agent. She doesn't bother telling Teresa the other woman is Watch; she knows Teresa can tell the other is Touched at a quick glance. \n\n\"Well, I hope it won't matter that I don't actually pass this term. I guess we can consider my tuition a charitable contribution to the school or something.\" She makes another face — she's clearly not a fan of being bad at something.\n\n\"They should have installed you in the cafeteria or something. Instead of making you take a class\" Teresa clinks too to that bet, likely to come out on top that time around. There's the flutter of hands and she pops a head out of the booth to see who Mattie is waving to. \"That, is a walking case of pneumonia\" She observes, popping her head back in, looking less like a member of the scooby gang. \"Next time, call me to do the stitching? Who knows what I might be able to bring to the party\"\n\n\"Installed us? Like some kind of part for the tea machine?\" Jack's probably picturing taking out the guts and sticking him into the vending cabinet, a smiling face beaming out and providing warm beverages and cold comfort. Mattie gets a sidelong look for taking the bet; Teresa may be borderline drop out, but she's still ahead of the game so it's win win for her but the redhead he's got a slim chance of beating.\n\nTilting his head, he looks over to Yuki's arrival, offering her a brief smile before making some serious progress on his pint. \"Anyway. I don't reackon I'd look all that good in those pyjama things they wear. Think nurses looked better when they had proper uniforms and didn't look like they'd just got out of bed and slipped into some bleedin' crocs.\"\n\nYuki looks fit to pass them right up when she spots Mattie and Jack waving. She smiles, stopping and raising a hand to wave as well, prompting the server to pause and observe before looking at Yuki.\n\n\"Would you like this table right here?\" she offers Yuki, indicating one near to the other three.\n\nYuki looks back at Mattie and Jack, and Teresa too, smiling at them before looking back at the server and nodding, \"Sure,\" she says, approaching the table and pulling out a seat for her book on the end further away, \"I'll 'ave a cranberry juice, please…an' a fish an' chips?\" Could've probably got that any restaurant, but Yuki's figured lately that pubs tend to do things a bit better. Might as well see if this one holds up to that reputation or not.\n\nFriday evenings find all sorts of people in a pub, whether it's a posh high-end one, a university hangout, or a waterfront dive. Off in another corner of the place, there's a bunch of college-age and twenty-something guys - and a few girls - who seem to be most thoroughly absorbed in a football match on the television on the other side of the bar. When Cedric strides in, a little stiffly, it's to this group that he makes his way; he doesn't seem to have seen any of his fellow Watch members yet. The smell of cigarette smoke lingers around him, as if he'd just got done having a smoke before coming in, and both hands are shoved in his pockets as he takes up a spot at the bar not far away. \"'Lo,\" he tells the girls there quietly as he slips out of the jacket and lays it over the bar stool, but seems content to keep to himself and watch the television with everyone else for the moment. Some might note the absence of the splint on his right hand.\n\n\"One of ours. She doesn't really feel the cold much, likes it chilly,\" Mattie tells the other American, before snorting at Jack's description of nurses. \"Thanks. You willing to do that for any of ours that need it, in a pinch?\" Her brows rise with the query to Teresa, then nods over to Cedric, glancing at Jack. \"A regular Watch party suddenly.\" Pun intended. \n\n\"Oh, don't knock the crocs. They're a far sight more comfortable than Uggs\" Teresa defends, waggling her drink at Jack. \"I happen to like my crocs very much. Like walking on resin clouds of bliss. But, proper uniform. Those little white dresses with the little funny hats. You must love halloween, what with all the slutty nurses abounding\" \n\nMatties query garners a shrug of her shoulders and then a nod. \"Stuff like your hand, yeah. Stuff like, oh look, his spleen needs to be removed, and his leg got amputated well… I'm probably not who you want to go to\" Though there's a pause. \"Unless you need it cauterized\" Then, then she's your gal Friday. It is indeed turning into a big ol watch party, as Teresa gesture to where Cedric has settled himself apart from the group that he's seemingly a part of. The others that is, not Mattie et al.\n\n\"Watch party? Is that like a car key party?\" Jack asks, smirking slightly at Mattie before looking back to his rapidly diminishing pint. It's tempting to finish it up, but that will mean going to the bar and buying the next round. Choices choices. Soon, given the small sip quickly becomes a gulp and then it's gone. \"Eh. I'd take a classy nurse over a slutty one. Who knows where they've been?\" More likely, Jack did nothing for Halloween but work in the shop, trying to catch up. \"Wotcha.\" A nod of greeting to Yuki.\n\n\"I didn't do a bad job though, to be fair. Ain't been bothering you, has it?\" A closer look at the hand, and then a shoulder bump to red, \"Another drink?\" the query extended to Teresa too with a look.\n\n\"'Ello,\" Yuki returns to Jack, though she's not turning to the table proper. They seem to be talking about things she has no part of anyways. Nor has she spotted Cedric herself, so she pulls her book back over, opening it up again and starting to read through it as her cranberry juice is delivered. Stephen King's The Stand, completely unabridged, hardcover. Certainly explains how thick it is.\n\nCedric seems comfortable enough where he's settled, and before long there's a water in front of him. Although he exchanges pleasantries with those near him and around him, he doesn't seem to be particularly seeking company, and indeed, he seems more interested in watching those around him than in watching the telly. His expression is perhaps just a little withdrawn, and as the little group explodes in cheers, he doesn't join in, at least not as enthusiastically as the others.\n\nThe appetizer plate is scrutinized before Mattie picks up one of the Scotch eggs, opening her other hand so Jack can look at his handiwork. \"Not bad. And good to know,\" she nods to the other woman. \"We could use all the help we can get.\" \n\nShe glances over to Yuki. \"You can join us if you like, Yuki,\" she tells the other woman, before nodding to Jack regarding the drinks. \"New pitcher. My round.\" She pulls a note from her pocket to press into his hand. A slight nod of head is given toward Cedric's corner of the bar.\n\"Like I told Tucker. Not joining the whole lot of you\" She draws a circle in the air in the general direction of everyone Watch who's in the bar. \"But, if you need a little heat, or the like. Seems only fair since I'm being involuntarily babysat\" Involuntary on Mattie and Jacks behalf. \n\nBut there's Yuki and Teresa is offering her hand out. \"Teresa. Yuki?\"\n\"You get paid, mind.\" Jack points out as he takes money from Mattie. \"Ain't all bad. Plus there's free psych evals.\" This appears to be some kind of inside joke, given the smirk and the roll of the eyes in Mattie's direction. He certainly doesn't look like the type to relish the possibility of such an evaluation so perhaps it's a sore point. By sore, meaning, one he's going to neglect to take advantage of.\n\nStill. Drinks. Moving through the crowd, he sets up a propped position against the counter to wait for service, catching sight of Cedric. \"Alright, mate. Table over there if you want to join.\"\n\nYuki watches Jack up and off, before looking back to Teresa, smiling. She folds the book and tucks it under her left arm, holding her glass of juice in her left hand as her right reaches out, taking Teresa's, \"Yuki, pleasure t' meet you, Teresa,\" she says warmly enough. Definitely much warmer than her hand. While her touch isn't quite freezing, it's definitely a touch or so south of 'chilly,' no real warmth about it.\n\n\"Think I'll take that offer, Mattie,\" she says, sliding into a seat once she's able, tucking her book out of the way and watching for the server. No need in getting her fish and chips at the wrong table after all. \"So, ah…\" she looks back between Mattie and Teresa while Jack's still gone, \"…Fancy meetin' th' lot of you 'ere, huh? Small world, an' all that.\"\n\nThe greeting from a different, but familiar, voice draws Cedric's attention away from the telly. It is indeed football that they're watching, one of the lower leagues, but he doesn't seem to be all that interested. Instead, he looks up and nods. \"Wotcha.\" At the mention of the table, he raises an eyebrow and cranes his neck to see who is there, but frowns as he catches sight of Teresa and returns to his former sitting position. \"You've got the Yank with you?\" He sounds skeptical at this. \"Sure she won't roast me for saying hello?\"\n\n\n\"It tends to be for us, in my experience. I think it's just part of the gig. Maybe normal people run into each other all the time but just don't notice,\" Mattie says with a smile and a shrug. She's waxing philosophical tonight it seems. \"Teresa's the one we go to school with,\" is a polite way of saying the fire girl is one of the current assignments. \n\nShe finally bites into the Scotch egg, a bit skeptically at first, then chews and leans back. \"That might be the most amazing thing I've ever tasted,\" she decides, staring down at the uneaten half in her hand.\n\n\"It's like meatloaf with an egg in the middle\" Teresa peers at the scotch egg, her hand having been taken back. \"I hate them\" The Scotch Eggs that is. \"Well, I don't much care for Meatloaf either\" Which means that particular part of the meal is left to Mattie as she finishes the rest of her drink, assent for a new one having been given to Jack. One more, she'll allow herself. She scoots over, making room for Yuki. \"It's feels nice. To not sit alone at a table. With others. Mind you, I think we give the waitress the heebie jeebies, all grouped up and that gloom around us.\" perils of being who you are.\n\nYuki eyes the egg Mattie's eating, \"W'at's that? I'll 'ave t' try one next time I order somethin' t' eat,\" she says. Not going to ask for a portion, of course. She has a full meal coming. She looks at Teresa then, and back to the egg, then to Teresa, \"Looks more like sausage t' me. Not that I eat a lot of sausage. Bangers run a touch scarce in th' bins,\" she comments, not clarifying anything, instead raising her glass to take a sip.\n\n\"Ah, Mattie's not so bad, mate once you get to know her.\" Jack seemingly deliberate in his choice of Yank to persecute. \"Pitcher of Carling please, darlin'.\" he asks of the barmaid, sliding across the bill to pay the tab before turning to lean against the counter and glance back at the table. \"I've called her plenty of things and I've still got all my hair. She did throw a tray at me once though.\" Funny story that.\n\n\"Up to you, mate. Beats watching bloody Port Vale, ain't even football.\" There's the drink and he flashes one of his better smiles to the woman on the other side of the bar before moseying back over, leaving it open for Cedric to join or not, as he wills.\n\nAfter a moment, Cedric sighs and stands, a sort of silent agreement on the matter of the football match. He does look a little bored. \"Right. She gets shirty with me, I'll know who to blame.\" Picking up his water in one hand and his jacket under the other arm, he trails Jack back to the table, with a last glance at the telly on the way out. \n\nOnce at the table, he nods to those present, although Teresa gets a wary look. \"'Lo,\" he greets quietly.\n\n\"Help yourself,\" Mattie says, tapping the plate in the middle with other food on it. \"They can suck it up,\" is about all the worry she's going to give the servers. \n\nAs the men folk come over, Mattie shuffles more to the far end of her bench to let people sit. \"'Sup, Ced,\" she says, with no real question in the question, and a nod at the man; she finishes her pint in order to offer Jack her empty for refilling.\n\"hey\" Tossed back to the man that frankly, Teresa hasn't seen in months. \"Fill me up Jack. Taking a cab home, so I can get a wee bit tipsy\" The food is communal, so there's no objection to sharing with Yuki if she wants to try some of the food there. \"What was the score?\"\nReclaiming his seat, Jack is quick to refill his pint but graciously provides for Mattie first. \"Well, this is cosy.\" he suggests, mustering a broad smile to throw out there at everyone in order to be some kind of source for social lubrication. Teresa's drink gets done next, leaving a solitary pint remaining in the pitcher for whoever finishes first.\n\n\"Friday night's the night for getting drunk, not tipsy.\" In his books, anyway. Clearly he's making good progress. Leaning back in the chair he lifts a shoulder, ignorant of the low-quality football and leaving Cedric to field that question.\n\nYuki casts a glance to the egg on the appetizer plate, but shakes her head, \"Thanks, but I won' even be able t' finish my own meal as it is,\" she explains, before looking up to where the attention is suddenly cast, grinning as she spots another familiar face, \"Well, 'ello Cedric! W'at's th' good word?\" she greets, It's not a minute later that the server finally brings over Yuki's order. Steaming hot, of course, meaning she's not immediately digging into it.\n\n\"One-nil, twenty-second minute.\" Cedric's one-shouldered shrug sounds positively bored as he slides into the booth with the others, laying the jacket across his lap. He's still moving a little stiffly, but makes no comment on it as he sips at his water. \"Bit dull, really. Can't stand all the diving and whining.\" A flash of a rather tense smile at Yuki, one that doesn't quite reach his eyes. \"The good word? Friday night. How're you?\"\n\n\"Everyone knows each other I think?\" Mattie says, looking between Cedric and Teresa and then apparently remembering they don't need introduction. \"Friday night would be a good cause for celebration if we all worked regular jobs.\" No doubt she'll be out patrolling tonight, because she makes it part of her routine, and she'll be at work early in the morning to serve a Full English to the diners at the Regency in the morning. She takes a hearty swallow of beer — for now it's not a worry, and it's beer, so she'll be sober quickly enough.\n\"Oh, but alas, Tipsy for me. Drunk and I don't mix very well. last time I got drunk, I lost a dresser and a nice pair of bed sheets. I like this current set, so tipsy is perfect for me. We're celebrating mediocrity and our mid-terms\" There's a large guzzle of her drink before it's put down, so that she can smile at Yuki. \"You should probably wear a jacket. So that folks don't outright stare at you and ask questions. It's nippy outside\"\n\n\"Hey, some of us do work regular jobs.\" And go to school, and patrol, and do other Watch related shitwork. Jack, for one, is not getting up any time in the morning, unless it's to go somewhere where someone else will cook his breakfast and counter the hangover that's likely to rear its ugly head. Teresa's comment gets a raised brow, trying to discern meaning out of that.\n\nMaking solid progress already on this new pint, \"Anyone hear what happened with cleanup at the ball, for halloween? Fucking bonkers. A lot of rich folk, seeing monsters and tripping balls. We should ask that new science bloke to make us some of them flashers like whats in that Men In Black movie.\"\n\nYuki takes a nice minute to hover her hands around her meal, moving them a bit as the steam gets to her, but slowly the steam vanishes, succumbing to Yuki's cooling presence, and she takes a fry and bites into it. She chews as she listens to Jack, raising eyebrows, swallowing her bit of food, \"W'at? W'at 'appened? Some fancy to-do get crashed?\" she asks, before picking at her fish, peeling a little bit off, \"An' w'at's a movie like, an'ways?\" she asks, seeing if she can find something nifty out, before looking over at Teresa and smiling, \"Don' worry 'bout me. I save jackets an' such for summer. That's w'en I really need 'em.\"\n\nThe mention of the ball abruptly has Cedric's attention, and both eyebrows go into his hairline. \"Wait. Something happened at the masquerade?\" He seems to know exactly what that is. Concern's written loudly across his face. \"Hadn't heard. Anyone hurt?\" The question is asked in a low, quiet voice, and he takes another good swallow of his water.\n\n\"Ahhhh\" Teresa nods. \"Opposite for me. Feels like I can't ever get warm this time of the year. Love the summer though\" She doesn't voice anything further, looking between the other three and the mention of some ball. \"More vampires?\" Questioned quietly.\n\n\"Like TV, but bigger,\" Mattie says to Yuki and a nod to the television Cedric had been watching. \"And the movie he's talking about, there were these little things that flashed and made people forget what they'd seen, to keep them from knowing that there were aliens and such. Would be pretty useful. We can ask him if he can work on it, but I'm not volunteering for guinea pig duty on that one. My brain's been screwed up enough as it is, and I might end up even a bigger bitch than I already am.\" \n\nThere's a slight smile at that, but there's enough self-deprecation in the tone that's genuine. \n\nShe looks to Jack to answer Cedric's question, since he was at the event.\n\nA snort of amusement at Mattie's comment, \"Levi's goon will sort you out, darlin. No time at all.\" Then addressing the queries from all the others, there's less amusement and more drink called for ahead of time. \"Bunch of Others, they was all leading people out of the ball an' then putting them all into some kind of coma or some shit.\"\n\nA pause for more drink, yellow eyed gaze moving between the others, more serious now. \"There were a bunch of Touched there too, although not watch. Kicked off the fire alarm, but some folk noticed there was something wrong when people started getting tore up. Dunno what happened with clean up, or who knows what. But a bunch of people must've been taken over to the other side before anyone noticed. We kicked off, took down a bunch of them and some geezer ate the remains. The rest all fucked off right sharpish.\"\n\n\"If anyone does somethin' like that, let me know. Plenty I'd like t' forget,\" Yuki says to Mattie before turning to listen to Jack, brow furrowing a little in thought, \"Tha's 'orrible,\" she comments. But what more can she say? She wasn't there, couldn't have been really. Instead she places her bit of fish in her mouth, chewing as she looks over at Teresa, smiling, then swallowing, \"Yeah, well…I kinda don't want t' warm up. I burn easy, let's jus' say.\"\n\n\"/Fuck./\" Cedric's tone is low, but the beginnings of a snarl manifest beneath the rough-edged baritone, and he fairly slams his glass down on the table. \"I know that dance. Family goes every year. Been loads of times myself.\" Water splashes over his hand, but he just looks down at it. \"Can't go anymore, I'm supposed to be dead.\" Which means he can't find out whether they were among the normals grabbed, and although he doesn't say that, the thought fairly hangs in his silence as he stares at his water glass. \"Glad someone was there to sort the mess,\" he says finally.\n\n\"You could go in a mask and not be seen f you want to check up on them next year,\" Mattie suggests to Cedric, but her voice is soft and eyes sympathetic as he obviously worries for his family. \"I think they're probably fine. I didn't get any missing people notices for people who were supposed to be at the event when I did my rounds this week. That would have been at the top of the priority list, being a big charity thing, rich people, and all, as opposed to hookers or homeless people. You want me to call on 'em tomorrow and check all's well? I'll go undercover as a meter reader or something,\" she offers.\n\"Also the newspapers. They tend to spout off the names of people in situations like that\" Teresa offers up as another alternative. \"Case your old home and the like\" All good solutions, or at least in her mind. But She's not watch and so Teresa falls back to silence burying her nose in her own pint glass, nursing the last half.\n\n\"We stopped 'em from taking a bunch, so maybe the others scarpered without their prizes too. The rozzer was right outside, so I didn't hang about to discuss it.\" Notoriously distrustful of the police, it's likely not surprising that Jack wouldn't want to have a sit down with them. Cedric's glass slamming gets a slight lift of the brow at first, since it's the kind of thing that draws attention but the tale that follows brings out a look of sympathy for a moment or two. Then that also is lost to the drink as he finishes first and claims the last pint in the pitcher. \"I only went because some old biddy gave me a ticket.\" The perils of obligation. It's clear from the tone that even without the Other incident, he'd have been more comfortable somewhere that didn't involve a suit and fancy folk.\n\nYuki stays quiet, paying attention but averting her eyes, looking to her meal as she picks at a bit more fish. Not much she can say, really. It's not a topic she can actually even relate to, all things considered.\n\n\"Let's hope you're right.\" Cedric still looks troubled, but the offer to check in on them and the suggestions seem to help, at least enough that the snarl subsides. \"D'you mind?\" he asks Mattie. \"I can give you the address. They won't be about during the day, they both work…has anyone got a pen?\" He looks around, quickly, standing up briefly to nick a pub napkin from the bar. \"Thanks for this.\" \n\nMattie offers a half smile, sympathetic and a little awkward, to Cedric. She shrugs one shoulder, then reaches into her trench coat's pocket for a pen to hand to him. \"It's not a problem,\" she says quietly and simply. It's not a secret, even if she rarely speaks about it, that she lost her entire family to the Gloom. \n\nShe drains the rest of her drink and pulls out her knit cap from the other coat pocket, apparently ready to call it a night as soon as Cedric's through writing.\n\nTeresa too is ready to call it a night it seems, reaching down to drag her purse up from where it's been parked at her feet. \"I. Have a shop to open for my parents in the morning, so, I will see you two come Monday\" This to Jack and Mattie. \"Nice to meet you Yuki. Cedric\" She remembers his name at least. This means that Yuki will have to move so that she can get out, but that's the price one pays for sitting on the end. \"Safe night to you all\" She's got a cab to call.\n\nA lazy salute is offered for those leaving. It means the round is over and there's no more larger left on the table. Likely a good time to move to an establishment closer to home, so that stumbling to bed can be made easier. \"Hope they're alright mate. We done what we could.\" That they did, on a day that he wasn't even working. Jack gets out of the booth to make room for people leaving, eyeing the door and looking as though he might join the exodus now.\n\nYuki moves for Teresa, smiling at her, \"Was a pleasure meeting you,\" she offers her before sitting back down, nodding to Mattie and Jack, \"Wonderful to see the both of you too…\" she says. Seems she's going to at least finish her meal, or wait for a box to take it home in. No sense wasting it, though.\n\n\"Thanks.\" Cedric's lips quirk up in half a smile, and he nicks a pen from the bar as well, using it to quickly scribble down an address in one of the posher areas of London and then push the napkin towards the exiting Mattie. The appreciation in his tone is quiet but genuine nonetheless. \"Here's hoping they're alright. Take it easy,\" he adds in a farewell to those leaving. \n"

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