Two Times Is a Co-incidence

Cast: date: 'August 30 2012'
place: 'Prufrock Coffee'
participants: 'Cedric, Gideon, Teresa'
synopsis: 'Two times is a co-incidence, but three times is on purpose. Thank god it''s just the second time when Teresa spills coffee again. '
log: "large sunglasses. The hallmark signature of a late night and an excess of alcohol. Sometimes accompanied by the clothes that were worn the day before. Not Teresa, who is slinking into the shop, pale blue scrubs in anticipation of class today and the aforementioned test today. She's in dire need of something caffeinated. She is however, sans laptop and everything else this time, but is smelling a little of smoke. Ahhh the morning after. Haven't we all been there?\n\nIf Gideon's been there, he's not telling. Certainly, it doesn't look like he was there, last night, as the slim, blond man looks considerably more put-together than the slinking Theresa. He's settled in one of the plush chair in the coffee shop's lounging area, a ceramic mug cradled in his hands, still steaming. He's watching the windows, and so the street, pale gaze following the girl in scrubs as she comes through the door and inside.\n\n Smelling much more of cigarette smoke and just tucking a lighter and pack back into the pocket of his hoodie, Cedric strides in out of the drizzle and blinks sharply at the coffee shop. Sharp eyes might have spotted him standing under the awning smoke just before coming inside, his back to the coffee shop window. He looks the part of a typical IT professional - dark blue polo, khaki slacks, loafers, iPad tucked into the back of his trousers - but no cellphone on his hip. \n\n Right. Caffeine. Moving quickly, he joins the now-small line at the counter, placing his order in a rough baritone without really looking at the people there - yet.\n\nIt's a big yawn, no attempt to even hide it behind the back of her hand, and Teresa is picking up her coffee, a shuffle over to the condiment counter to dose it all up and make it drinkable to the blonde. There's a pause at the recognition of Cedric behind her, nod her head and a 'Hey' for him. \n\nit's deja vu all over again when not paying attention when ambling off to find a seat of her own means she's tripping over Gideon's feet and there's a coffee cup making a high velocity trip to the floor, the blonde in it's wake. \n\nIt's becoming almost a tradition.\n\n\"Christ!\" the blond man yelps as his feet become obstacles that send a woman and her coffee spilling to the ground. His jeans and sneakers don't quite survive the encounter, getting spattered, but he does manage to jerk forward and grab hold of Theresa before she properly face-plants. \"Steady on, miss. Are you all right?\"\n\n Seems like every time Cedric goes to buy coffee, someone's shoes become a caffeine casualty. This time, though, he's much too far away to do anything about it, and distracted by placing his order, so there's not a thing he can do about the girl's stumble. He does look up, though, from where he's standing over by the counter. Wait … is that the same bird who got him the other day? It certainly is, and he turns back to the counter with a chuckle. \"Reckon you'll need someone to tidy up again there,\" he tells the barista at the counter, who just laughs. \"We waste far too much coffee that way,\" she tells him, handing him a large cup of something steaming in exchange for several coins. With an answering laugh, he takes and pockets his change and carries his gains over to the sugar station for doctoring.\n\n\"Jesus where is my head\" Teresa mutters as she clings to Gideon, her uniform coated too, sunglasses half off. \"God damnit that's hot, I'm so sorry\" Cedric has heard it before and as she's steadied, there's a his ass as realization hits that there's piping hot coffee soaking fabric and touching skin. \"Shit, shit, shit\" Pulling the fabric away and aloft from her skin. \"Just what I need. I'm like some damned clutz in this place. I'm sorry\" She's backing up now, towards Cedric - obliviously. Incoming!\n\n\"It's all right, I'm fine, I think you got the worst of it,\" Gideon assures as Teresa gets up and begins backing away. And towards Cedric and another coffee-filled collision. \"Miss, you might… Miss. Miss! You're about to clock another one, stop moving.\"\n\n Fortunately for Teresa, Cedric's already set his coffee down and is in the process of tearing open several Splenda packets when she staggers back towards his direction. Warned by both voices, he looks up in time to hold up a hand stop her and protect his own drink, the hand held out in a way that will stop her, steady her, or both. \"Steady on there, miss,\" he echoes with a smile. \n\nFreeze in spot. From both Cedrics hand and gideons words. A held breath as she looks over her shoulder, face coloring with embarrassment since Cedrics been there and done that. \"I swear, I am not this clutzy. Really. Two times, isn't clutzy, just a coincidence. Right? Shit this stuff is hot\"\n\nGideon stands, heading over to the sugar station to try and collect some napkins and see about cleaning off his clothes a bit. \"Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a habit, so I suppose you've one more chance to save face,\" he says, flashing Teresa a quick smile. He grabs up another handful of napkins, offering them over to the girl. \"Will say, though. That was a better wake up than the coffee would have done.\"\n\n If you say so. Cedric simply eyes the obvious Yank as she tries to clean herself up, and not so casually moving his own coffee well out of her reach before it becomes a casualty. \"You didn't burn yourself, did you?\" There's concern in the rough tones. As Gideon comes over. \"She got you too?\" There are several people now looking at the little scene with interest, but he now eyes Teresa with some exasperation. \n\n\"You don't have a hangover, and a test in an hour\" Teresa laments, looking at cedric with a shake of her head. \"I'll be fine. Don't worry, sorry. That's twice and just-\" Perfect. Really. What with the look that has her feeling even more self conscious. \"Yeah. I got him too. Stupid clumsy American, I'm going to just go shrivel up in the bathroom and you can both just … lament my stupidity here at the condiment corner.\" There's a flick of her forefinger off of her temple in a salute of sorts before Teresa is making a beeline for the bathroom.\n\n\"Bit more of a pity party than is strictly warranted, I think,\" Gideon says as Teresa lists off her faults and blunders. He does step aside to let the coffee-saturated yank make her way to the bathroom and clean off as best she can. He watches her leave before glancing back at Cedric. \"Those were scrubs,\" he points out. \"Think she's studying to be a doctor? Sort of a terrifying thought.\"\n\n The American terms make Cedric blink for a moment, but only a moment. He looks after Teresa as she makes her way to the bathroom, but waits until she is gone to finish doctoring his coffee and bin the stirrer he was using. \"Not the sort I'd want looking after me, if she got pissed the night before exams.\" he answers Gideon. \"Hope she isn't the sort that does that on purpose just to talk to people.\"\n\n\"Less worried about the pissed before exams than I would be the tripping and falling while she's holding onto a piece of me in the operating room,\" Gideon muses, scratching idly at his jaw. \"Still, she's a student so it's early days. Maybe she'll get better.\"\n\n Cedric chuckles at that, snapping the lid onto his coffee and watching as one of the staff comes out with a mop and bucket to attend to the mess on the floor. He makes quick work of it and sets out a Wet Floor sign before taking his tools back to the back of the coffee shop. \"I suppose you're right.\"\n\n Caffeine acquired, he moves as quickly as he dares towards the tables, then stops after about half a step and looks around. Gideon's table is about the only one with a seat free. \"Do you mind if I take your spare seat?\" he asks of Gideon. \"Assuming it isn't covered in coffee, of course.\"\n\n\n\"No, no, the coffee soaked conveniently into me and her. Spared the seats entirely,\" Gideon assures with a quick smirk. \"Go ahead.\" He gives his jeans a couple more daubs with the napkins, but really, there's only so much that will do. He cedes the fight to the coffee for now and makes his way back to the lounge area. He opts to sit on the couch this time.\n\nIt's as they're taking a seat, that Teresa is emerging from the bathroom, scrub top gone, just the white shirt underneath - the blue top rolled up - and is easing back into line with a sigh. Attempt number two and with hope, a speedy non coffee drenched exit. There's a glance to Gideon and Cedric then back to the barista counter. Face still thoroughly red.\n\n Taking the unoccupied and uncoffee-fied chair, Cedric seats himself and takes a long, fast drink of his coffee before setting it on the table in front of him. He seems content to work in silence now, closed in on himself, pulling the iPad from the back of his pants and swiping at it quickly. He squints at it, blinks a couple of times, then settles, although his foot on the floor starts tapping as he returns to his perusal.\n\n\nGideon looks over at Cedric and then towards the bathroom as Teresa emerges and gets back in line. He considers a moment before he stands and walks over to her where she waits, reaching for his wallet to fish out a couple bills. \"Allow me, miss,\" he offers. \"My legs caused the whole debacle, after all.\"\n\n'No, it's okay. This isn't the first time it happened here. I nailed that guy last time. But it's very kind of you\" Teresa waves off the offer of payment, sliding her own bills home across the counter. 'Next time. When you spill stuff on me.\" If there's a next time. She's betting there likely won't. As it is, she's collecting her drink and slinking to the stand to re-doctor her drink with a glance to Cedric behind her shades.\n\n Cedric doesn't answer; he now appears to be reading something on the iPad, one foot still furiously tapping, the other hand resting on his leg. \n\n\n\"You mean the only way I can look forward to speaking to you again is if I tip scalding coffee onto you first? That doesn't quite seem right,\" Gideon replies, brows lifting a little. \"We can exchange names at least, can't we? Like amiable folk?\"\n\n'Teresa. Murdoch\" She offers up, collecting her coffee and heading to the door. \"Murdoch's in Lambert\" Figuring that he can find out from there thanks to the internet and all that. \"Take care\" This tossed off to Cedric and Gideon both. \"Enjoy your trip free coffee\" There's another salute and she's exiting the door with far less tripping and spilling.\n\n Something about what she said makes Cedric look up sharply, but he says nothing beyond, \"Luck on your exams,\" and goes back to his iPad. More tapping and less reading, this time; he's doing something a little different.\n\n\n\"Please to meet you, I'm…\" but Teresa's already halfway to the door, and Gideon blinks, tucking the bills that never got used back into his pocket, \"…well, then.\" He tsks softly and shakes his head. \"Can't charm them all, I suppose.\"\n\n This time, when Cedric looks up, it's less sharp and hurried and more speculative, and he studies the door only for a moment before offering Gideon a shrug. \"She's a strange one, right enough, but she's in here all the time. Reckon if you come here often enough, you'll get your chance.\" A couple final taps on the device, and he pulls the cover back over it and tucks it back into the back of his trousers. \"Hope she's all right,\" he adds. \"She looked shattered, honestly.\"\n\n\"Mmm,\" Gideon agrees thoughtfully, \"maybe so. Best wear clothes I don't like, though. Just in case.\" He considers for a quiet moment before he murmurs, \"Murdoch's in Lambert.\" Then he nods to Cedric. \"I bet she's all right. Just too much fun before a long day of schooling. Shatters most people. Well.\" Coffee finished, clothes in need of changing, he lifts his hands in a wave farewell towards Cedric as he heads for the door. \"See you. Have a good one.\"\n\n \"Cheers.\" Cedric's response is absent as he picks up his coffee and takes another drink from it. He still studies the door speculatively, his foot still tapping restlessly. "

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