What Not To Do

Cast: date: 'August 29, 2012'
place: 'Club Berlin, Lambeth'
participants: 'David, Sandraudiga, Teresa, Vasya'
synopsis: 'A surveillance mission goes wrong quick.'
log: "Club Berlin has a reputation for being one of Lambeth's glitzier hotspots, which makes it a popular destination for young women looking to experience London's nightlife without gutting their bank accounts, but the neighborhood where the club is situated is also one of the worst in the district; this might be bad for business if there wasn't a certain sort of allure attached it to it, attracting the city's youth and their romanticized ideas of danger. \n\nThe club itself is small and cramped with a long line outside that stretches around the curb for half a block. Concrete floors and steel beams give its interior an industrial feel. Iron steps lead up from the dance floor to a platform where the bar is, providing an excellent vantage point for club-goers to look for anyone they might know - or want to get to know. \n\nAt this bar, a young woman with vibrant red hair has her hands cupped over her mouth and strains to be heard over the music by one of the tenders on duty. Arielle is a little drunk, but not as drunk as she's aiming to get her companion for the evening. She drapes one arm around Teresa's shoulders and hugs the other girl close. \"Two more shots of tequila for mi amiga!\"\n\nIt started with one drink. Then it was another and that might be why Teresa is tolerating the whole arm draped around her shoulders and the smile that's actually on her face. The booze her classmate has consumed might also explain why they're not unconsciously easing away from her. \"I shouldn't!\" She yells over the music, a low red top that shows a considerable amount of cleavage, tight jeans and tall shoes. Two of these clothing items don't belong to her, odds are the jeans do. \"I shouldn't drink so much Arielle!\" Her american accent negated by the noise and has been a magnet for more than a few men at the bar.\n\n\"I've had enough\" She protests weakly. 'We have a test tomorrow! I'll be lucky if I don't fail, much less wake up!\" because she's anticipating that they'll be wanting to stay late. Yet… when the shots are placed in front of them, filled up, salt and lemon included, there's a sigh and she's partaking measure for measure with Arielle. Somewhere in her, there's happiness. This all, it feels like before.\n\nSandy was accompanying David, her attire possibly finally fitting into the club scene, though her eyes are hidden behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses, all part of the party goer attire, the only thing out of place is the heavy cane she has, black with a metal claw on the end for a handhold. She even has a practiced swagger with it, though any one close enough can occasionally hear a hiss of pain if she has to twist to much. \"Are we even allowed to drink?\" She'll ask of her male companion, throwing her free arm over his shoulder as they go.. friends? No. So she doesn't lose him, or get lost her self.\n\nDavid moves into the club with Sandy, dressed in whatever he was wearing throughout the day. He didn't feel like dressing up or anything. As he moves through the crowd to find an out of the way position where they can keep an eye on the woman without drawing undue attention to them. He shakes his head at Sandy's question, leaning close to her as he speaks so she can hear him over the music. \"No. We need to keep our heads clear. Order some water or something non-alcoholic. If we drink on the job, we run a risk of losing her or worse.\"\n\n\"One more drink,\" Arielle pleads, her lower lip stuck out in a pout, \"then one more song and I'll call you a cab. Besides-\" She steers the tip of her finger toward Teresa's nose, intending to beep it, but misses and ends up pinching her cheek instead. \"You haven't even danced with anybody!\" \n\nThe shots arrive and Arielle tips the bartender handsomely, flirting with her eyes: a skill that she's spent her first year at the college perfecting, not only at clubs, but from across the classroom as well. \"Well?\" she asks Teresa in a singsong voice, holding her nose as she prepares to throw back her drink. \"See someone you fancy~?\"\n\n\"There's a guy\" Teresa confesses, shifting her gaze pointedly to a few seats down the bar where there's a man. \"But doubtful that he fancies me, accent or not\" But alcohol makes her a bit bold and she's snapping a finger for the bartender before leaning over. There's a request for a trio of shots, one for her, Arielle and… the gentleman a few seats down.\n\nSandy makes a noticable scowl before deciding to begin scanning the club for..you know, Touched, or Others. She's good at that, spotting trouble before it becomes trouble, or at least, she likes to think she is. \"Sure Boss, take the fun out of babysitting, should I get a colouring book and bunny PJs too so we can look candidly boring?\" She asks as she flickers her eyes between groups of bodies, returning frequently to their mark. \"Oh I know! We can tell her all about how there is no monsters under her bed, and read some fairy tales!\"\n\nDavid keeps his eyes on Teresa as he watches her and her friends, not looking to Sandy as she makes her comments. \"Sure or I can make you go stand in the corner with no crayons. Take your pick.\" He says to her as he makes himself comfortable in case they're in for a long wait. When a server comes by to take drink orders, he orders himself an orange juice to use as a screwdriver.\n\n\"Mmm,\" says Arielle, head tipped to one side as she leans forward, elbow on the edge of the bar, to squint at the stranger Teresa singled out. It's dark, but not so dark that she feels bad about giving him a nod of approval. \"He's cute,\" or she thinks so, anyway. \"You'd better not pussy out if he comes over here.\" \n\nNo sooner has she spoken does the bartender quietly alert him to the drink Teresa has purchased for him, pointing at the girls so he doesn't mistake another blonde for the one who ordered him a shot. Arielle, meanwhile, struggles to act nonchalant and muffles her drunken laughter behind the back of her hand. \"He's looking over here,\" she tells her friend in case Teresa lacks the courage to look. \"Oh, oh- now he's getting up!\" \n\nAnd get up he does… putting himself square in the middle of Sandy's radar.\n\nShit. Shit. Teresa is licking her lips suddenly feeling out of her element. Long ago this was so not a problem, but not. It's like learning to ride a bicycle right? There's a lick of salt, she tosses the shot back and it's followed by the lemon in an attempt to screw up courage before turning to face the guy approaching. \"Hey\" Painting herself as red, white and blue with stars as opposed to just lines. \"Alone?\"\n\nSandy was about to order, when she pushes past the server towards Teresa's date with out explanation. \"Oi! Yae Fuck! I heard what you said about the Highland Guards last night!\" She says, holding the cane with her off hand as she closes in, right hand coming up to deck the man, she's slurring her speech intentionally to hide the fact she's an American, but she looks very much the pissed off soldier. \"My Fucking Father bought it with them in The Falkans!\" She howls in the most drunken slur she can make up, going for a good jaw punch once she closes. Hopefully, people just clear away to let them duke it out.\n\nDavid starts to return to looking at Teresa when Sandy pushes her way past the server. He has a look of confusion on his face until he sees her hit the man. \"Fuck.\" He says as he climbs up from his seat and moves towards Sandy. \"What the fuck is she doing?\" He says to himself as he moves through the crowd, trying to reach her before she gets them both kicked out of the club.\n\n\"Not anymore,\" says the stranger, and like Teresa he has an accent, although it isn't American. There are no more seats on either side of Teresa or Arielle, so he opts to stand, towering over them both. While he might not be conventionally handsome, he has Arielle blushing too - or maybe that's because she's holding her breath in an attempt to keep from making any more noise. \n\nIt's at that moment that Sandy inserts herself into the situation, taking both Arielle and Teresa's potential dance partner by surprise. \"The what-\" he starts, but that's as far as he gets. Her fist connects with his jaw and sends him slumping backwards. His hand goes out, catching the edge of the bar at the last possible second. \n\n\"What the hell do you think you're doing, you crazy bitch!\" This, from Arielle, who is already up on her feet. She slams both her hands into Sandy's chest and uses all her might to shove her down the platform steps, cane and all. Who's a crazy bitch now?\n\nSandry is there, and then Arielle is doing the wing chick thing and while Teresa see's this going down, the blonde is letting her friend care for the cane bearing woman - and thus David isn't yet seen. She's focused on the the stranger, hands going out to make sure that he doesn't fall back and hurt himself despite catching his hand on the bar. \"Jesus, I'm sorry, I have no clue who she is. A..a..are you okay?\" Teresa looks over her shoulder at Arielle and Sandra then back to the stranger. \"Can we get some ice, and that woman tossed please?\" To the bartender. \"Sorry\" As if she were to blame for it all.\n\nSandy recovers part way through the stumble, suddenly her entire body shifting subtly, the movements rehearsed, and not drunken at all. \"I see you!\" She says cryptically to the stranger as she shifts the cane, to be more guarded, the weight of it suddenly a real thing, knuckles whitening with their grasp, expecting more troubles, behind her glasses, she has an intense gaze, dancing with barely contained anger, seething rage as she waits for David to catch up, and she'll move in his direction to speak more clearly to him. \"One of them!\" She says, as if that explains it all, if he even heard her over the club, she's waiting for further developments, on her precarious perch of stairs, watching the man closely, balatantly making it clear, Arielle doesn't rank as a threat on her radar.\n\nDavid finally reaches the group, moving to stand between Sandy and the man he hit. He looks at her with a look that shows that he's not happy with her. Whither or not he heard what she said, he doesn't acknowledge it. \"Stand back.\" He says firmly to her before he looks to the man she hit. \"I'm sorry, mate. She's had a little too much to drink and she's not thinking straight.\" He says to him before he turns to the bartender. \"I'd like to pay for their drinks and their next round.\" He offers before he looks to the girls. \"Are you girls alright?\" He's trying to defuse the situation without them having to be kicked out of the place and blowing the whole operation.\n\nAlthough the music hasn't stopped, the crowd on the dance floor is parting to make way for the club's security. Arielle stands at the top of the stairs, feeling triumphant until one of the bouncers is mounting the steps to take her by the arm. \"Hey!\" she bleats and bats at his hand. \"She started it! Look what she did to that guy!\" \n\nThe stranger touches the tips of his fingers to his mouth and is unsurprised to see that they come away bloody. He runs his tongue over the wound. \"Nothing to worry,\" he says, straightening, and he must have heard Sandy's vague threats because his back is abruptly stiff. The look he turns on David is dark, almost murderous, but he's quick to temper it. \"Your friend,\" he adds to Teresa, lifting his chin and pointing his eyes at Arielle, who is in the process of being wrestled toward the exit by the bouncer. But before he loses her: \"What's your name?\" \n\nThe bouncer who doesn't have his hands full with the redhead approaches David. \"Sorry, man,\" he says, sounding genuinely apologetic, and maybe he is. David hasn't done anything. \"Gonna have to ask you and the lady to leave.\"\n\nShit. Arielle's being bounced. \"Teresa, Teresa Murdoch\" Though the last syllable is fading away as she recognizes David. The stranger isn't the only one who's back goes stiff as she recognizes him. \"Meet us out front, if you like. I should go make sure she makes it to a cab\" She offers, low enough that if david strains he might hear it but likely not. she can pass her phone number to him there at least. But with that, she's easing away, following in Arielle's wake, distancing herself as much as she can from David and Sandra.\n\nSandy moves to dip her cane down when bouncers show up, beginning to limp a bit, it looks natural, probably because she's only had several surgeries to her back and knows all to well what it's really like. \"I'm going to limp my happy ass outside for a smoke, and probably questions.\" She comments towards David, moving along towards an exit, to doggedly keep an eye on Teresa outside, she suspects David will be along shortly, hopefully, she can just find her bike in short order and trail Teresa that way!\n\nDavid watches as Teresa's friend gets taken outside by the bouncer before he turns to the other one who addresses him. He nods his head once in understanding. \"Of course. I do apologize for her behavior. May I pay for their drinks before I go? It's the least I could do.\" He says before he looks to the bartender to get the bill's total so he can take care of it. Once it's taken care of he looks back to the bartender. \"I apologize again and hope the rest of the night is less eventful.\" He offers before he turns and follows the others out of the club.\n\nThe stranger does not join Teresa on the curb while she's loading Arielle into the cab. Sandy's proximity dissuades him — she sees him, she says — but it's David that he reaches out to as the senior operative is smoothing things over. \n\nIf she interferes again, says an inhuman voice in David's head, I'll kill her. Tell that to your people."

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